Watch This Before Buying An Expensive Camera For YouTube

Are you considering purchasing an expensive camera for your YouTube channel but unsure if it’s the right investment for you? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which camera will best suit your needs and budget. That’s why we’re here to help! In this blog, we’ll discuss the key factors to consider before splurging on a high-end camera for YouTube. From understanding your filming style to the importance of audio quality, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and tips to ensure you make an informed decision. Stay tuned for our expert advice on choosing the perfect camera for your YouTube content creation journey!

Watch This Before Buying An Expensive Camera For YouTube

Hey hope you’re doing well I certainly am I have been um working my ass off lately on uh the garage some of you have seen it but most of you haven’t because you know it’s not within the camera Niche I upload a couple of videos here on the YouTube channel and they don’t Get that many views but if you’re interested in DIY stuff you should definitely head over and check it out because it’s been a big project and for those of you that are waiting to see how the new studio is going to turn out you’re going to have to wait Approximately a month longer I am having some big plans for it it’s going to look very very good if everything falls into place just with how I want it to look and I’m also starting up a podcast it’s going to be over here so I’m redoing This part of the studio as well which is going to be sick I’m looking forward to everything that is to come this year so much and I’m working my ass off to make it happen I’m also working on a couple of things outside of YouTube and outside of the Studio building process that is you know generating a revenue longterm for my business as well which is very important because this entire YouTube thing is very fluctuating so it comes and goes there’s a lot of you know if I hustle down and make these kind of videos then I make a lot of money over here but then I lose a lot of time with my family and for the last 5 years I have been sacrificing a lot of time with my family and it has generated in something good which is now because now I can spend More time with my family and don’t have to worry about all the other things that I had to worry about back then for example you know the economical stress that I had back then and not having a job all those things now I’m in a much better position so Sacrifice brings Victory no No sacrifice no Victory words from the famous Optimus Prime but I want to talk to you a little bit about uh starting YouTube and what kind of cameras that you you invest in and the entire you know thing that being a Creator is Because I see so many people that are held back by their own limits of knowing what kind of camera that they need so let’s let’s just start with this one this Sony fx6 this is a $7,000 camera like $88,000 camera I think without a lens that’s like it’s a Great camera but it’s a very specific camera for specific needs and not something that I use on a day-to-day basis when I’m making my YouTube videos this is something that I bought to be able to fly on my drone specifically and I made that for the sake of making a YouTube video but I’ve also always wanted to have a camera like this have I felt that I’ve used this camera enough to justify the price honestly no I think that what this camera is is a very good production camera I’m a YouTuber I don’t make Bigger Productions as often as I would Like to when I’m owning a camera like this so is it worth investing in an fx6 if just you know running a YouTube channel I wouldn’t say so I I would probably go for something else and over here we got the Sony A1 this is also incredibly incredibly overkill for Someone that is just doing YouTube videos such as me but it’s also a very good all around camera and very good photography camera and this is not a camera that I am you know regretting that I got because it has served me so well and it still does when it comes to The photography side and having a backup camera in my kit is something that I highly recommend for a lot of people that are you know serious with their photography business these cameras and this entire system system setup that I got here in the studio is something that I have accumulated over the course of several years from the time that I’ve been working as a filmmaker videographer content creator whatever you want to call it if you’re starting out right now and you’re looking at YouTube you can feel a little bit overwhelmed even at my Channel you know when you’re looking at latest greatest couple of wireless microphones or latest lenses or latest cameras that are just released it feels like you have to buy the absolute latest otherwise you’re just going to be you know missing out on the good stuff that Is supposed to come in the next version or something like that I know that I had that feeling when I was starting out YouTube way back 2017 I even started my channel I think it was 2016 with one of those small action cameras and that was cool because I Started to document the process and I actually learned how to edit my videos by using that tiny camera thinking about YouTube you usually think about these well produced high-end videos great image quality fantastic sound a lot of b-roll thrown into the video and I gu it That looks great but it’s a very high standard that you set for yourself if that is where you want to start one of the biggest things and one of the things that a lot of people miss out when it comes to making YouTube videos is the fact that you need to practice sitting In front of the camera talking to the camera just as as if you were talking to a friend of yours or a you know someone some acquaintance that is listening to you blabbering on about the favorite thing that you like to talk about when you’re practicing and making videos in Front of the camera you practice something that I think is very important that is you know be being a public speaker if you may it’s not really the same thing as standing on a big stage with 500,000 people or you know 50 people even or 25 even but it does give you The confidence in a different way than if you don’t practice and I think that when it comes to YouTube one of the things that I like the most when I watch YouTube videos is the the feeling that I feel through the lens so if you’re watching this right now and you feel Like wow really like this dude Peter here then don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and maybe subscribe if you want to see me again but you know that that is the kind of vibe that I want to have with youtubeers that I’m watching and I I don’t really think that The camera matters as much because I don’t really care which kind of camera that the video is shot with as long as it’s looking decent and the audio is good and the person that is in front of the camera conveys their mesh massage in a good way that for me Is something that is very important when it comes to YouTube and the reason that I want to bring this up is because I have been taking a little bit of a break from making YouTube videos since I’ve been working on garage and trying to focus on you know finishing up the house And running my business making sure that I’m moving into the next phase of that starting a new company and so on and so forth there’s a lot of things going on on the side of it but I feel that when you don’t make something for quite some Time you start to forget how it is to actually do the thing that you’re good at even though


1. What exactly should I look for in an expensive camera for YouTube?

When considering purchasing an expensive camera for YouTube, it’s essential to look for features such as high resolution, good low-light performance, external microphone input, and interchangeable lenses.

2. Do I need to buy additional accessories when purchasing an expensive camera for YouTube?

While some cameras come with essential accessories, it’s recommended to invest in accessories like tripods, extra batteries, and lighting equipment to enhance the quality of your videos.

3. Will an expensive camera guarantee better quality videos on YouTube?

While an expensive camera can certainly improve the quality of your videos, the final result ultimately depends on your skills as a videographer. Practice, good lighting, and sound are also crucial factors that can impact video quality.

4. Should I consider buying a used expensive camera for YouTube?

Buying a used camera can be a cost-effective option, but it’s essential to ensure that the camera is in good condition and comes with a warranty to protect your investment.

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