Viltrox unveils new lens roadmap: 24/35/50/135mm FF E-mount “LAB” professional lenses coming!

Are you a professional photographer looking to upgrade your lens collection? Look no further than Viltrox, the renowned camera lens manufacturer, as they have just unveiled their new lens roadmap. Offering a range of high-quality lenses specifically designed for Sony’s full-frame E-mount cameras, Viltrox’s upcoming “LAB” series includes the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 135mm lenses. These professional-grade lenses are bound to impress with their outstanding image quality, impeccable build, and versatile features. Whether you’re a portrait photographer or a landscape enthusiast, Viltrox’s upcoming lenses are sure to take your photography skills to new heights. Get ready to capture stunning shots with precision and artistic flare.

Viltrox unveils new lens roadmap: 24/35/50/135mm FF E-mount “LAB” professional lenses coming!

Viltrox, a Chinese lens manufacturer, has recently announced their new lens roadmap, revealing several exciting additions to their lineup. Richard Wong, a renowned photographer, recently visited the Viltrox headquarters in China and shared some interesting details about the upcoming lenses. This article will discuss the roadmap and the lenses set to be released.

Quality and Innovation in Viltrox Lenses

Known for their exceptional quality and innovative lens designs, Viltrox has established itself as a prominent player in the mirrorless camera industry. Their lenses are widely recognized for delivering outstanding performance at an affordable price, making them a popular choice among photography enthusiasts.

One standout lens from Viltrox is their 60mm 1.8 full-frame autofocus e-mount lens. With its superb optical performance and remarkable affordability, it has become one of the best lenses available for the E-mount system. This lens exemplifies Viltrox’s commitment to quality and value.

Exciting New Additions to the Viltrox Lens Lineup

During Richard Wong’s visit to the Viltrox headquarters, he had the opportunity to interview the Viltrox manager, who shared some intriguing information about the future lens roadmap. The roadmap includes a range of exciting lenses that are set to be released in the coming months.

Firstly, Viltrox will be introducing three new cine lenses in the autumn. These cine lenses will feature an impressive 10x zoom range and will come in three variations: 22-220mm, 30-300mm, and 42-420mm. While specifics such as aperture, pricing, and mount compatibility have not yet been disclosed, it is expected that these lenses will be compatible with full-frame E-mount cameras.

In addition to the cine lenses, Viltrox is also working on a 20mm 4.5 pancake lens. While the mount compatibility has not been confirmed, it is highly likely that this lens will be available for the E-mount system. This compact and lightweight lens will provide photographers with a versatile wide-angle option for their full-frame cameras.

However, the most exciting announcement is the launch of Viltrox’s new “LAB” series of lenses. Positioned above their pro series, the LAB lenses are expected to deliver exceptional optical quality akin to high-end offerings from leading manufacturers. The first lens to be released in the LAB series will be a 135mm 1.8 full-frame E-mount autofocus lens, set to launch in the autumn. Anticipated to rival the quality of Sony’s GM lenses at a fraction of the price, this lens is highly anticipated by photographers around the world.

In the future, Viltrox also plans to release several more primes in the LAB series. These will include a 24mm 1.4, a 35mm 1.4, and a 50mm 1.4, all of which will be full-frame autofocus lenses for E-mount cameras. While the specific release dates for these lenses have not been confirmed, they are expected to be available sometime in 2024.

Looking Ahead

Photographers and camera enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of Viltrox’s new lenses. The combination of remarkable optical quality, affordability, and the growing selection of lenses makes Viltrox an attractive choice for photographers looking to expand their lens collection.

In conclusion, Viltrox’s lens roadmap showcases their commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality lenses to the market. The upcoming additions to their lineup, including the LAB series and other prime lenses, are sure to excite photographers worldwide. As more information becomes available, it is recommended to stay tuned for updates and announcements from Viltrox.

Viltrox Lens Roadmap FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Viltrox Lens Roadmap

What does Viltrox’s new lens roadmap offer?

Viltrox has announced its new lens roadmap, which includes the production of four high-quality professional lenses. These lenses are designed for Sony E-mount cameras and offer full-frame coverage.

Which focal lengths are included in the Viltrox lens roadmap?

The Viltrox lens roadmap encompasses four focal lengths. These include 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 135mm lenses. Each lens is optimized to provide exceptional image quality and versatility for professional photographers.

What does “FF” mean in the lens roadmap announcement?

“FF” stands for full-frame. The mentioned Viltrox lenses are specifically designed to cover the full-frame sensor size, providing photographers with a wider field of view and enhanced image quality.

What is the significance of the “LAB” designation for these lenses?

The “LAB” designation indicates that these professional lenses have undergone extensive research and development in Viltrox’s laboratories. These lenses are designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals, ensuring exceptional optical performance.

Are the Viltrox lenses compatible with other camera mounts?

No, these lenses are specifically designed for Sony E-mount cameras. They may not be compatible with other camera brands or mounts without the use of appropriate adapters.

When will these lenses be available for purchase?

Viltrox has not provided an exact release date for these lenses. However, based on the lens roadmap announcement, it can be expected that these lenses will be available in the near future. Stay tuned for updates from Viltrox regarding their official release.

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