Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount Review | The Best of Both Worlds?

Are you tired of compromising between sharpness and depth of field in your photography? Look no further because we have found the perfect lens that offers the best of both worlds – the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount. In this review, we will delve into the features and capabilities of this lens and explore how it strikes a perfect balance between sharpness and bokeh in a compact and lightweight design. Get ready to capture stunning images with this versatile lens that brings together the convenience of autofocus and the creative versatility of a wide aperture. Join us as we uncover whether the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount truly delivers a remarkable photographic experience.

Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount Review | The Best of Both Worlds?

Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount Review | The Best of Both Worlds?


Hi, I’m Dustin Abbott and I’m here today to give you my definitive video review of the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2. This lens is designed for the Fuji X-mount, but we can expect to see it for other APS-C mounts in the future, including Sony E-mount and Nikon Z-mount. When the 75mm F1.2 was released, it brought a new level of lens development to Viltrox, and I was excited to see more lenses in the series follow.


The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 is essentially a 40.5mm equivalent on Fuji’s 1.5x APS-C crop factor. It falls between a 35mm and 50mm focal length, making it a versatile lens that is great for family occasions and capturing life’s moments. As we’ll see in this review, this lens is a bit larger and heavier than some of its counterparts, but it offers a perfect compromise between Fuji’s 23mm and 33mm lenses.

Build and Handling

The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 is smaller than its predecessor, the 75mm lens. It has a diameter of 82mm (3.22 inches) and an overall length of 92mm (3.62 inches), making it slightly smaller in size. It weighs 560 grams (20 ounces), which is 110 grams less than the 75mm lens. However, compared to Fuji’s 23mm and 33mm lenses, it is wider, longer, and about 200 grams heavier.

The fit of the lens will depend on the size of the camera you’re using and your tolerance for larger and heavier lenses. It’s a great fit for larger bodies like the XH2, but it may feel front-heavy on compact cameras. The build quality of the lens is exceptional, and it includes a lens hood and a lens pouch. The lens hood could have a tighter tolerance, as it can easily become dislodged.


The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 includes an aperture ring that allows for one-third stop to tenths adjustments. It also has an automatic mode for those who prefer not to use the aperture ring. However, it lacks features like an aperture lock or the ability to de-click the aperture, which is unique to Fuji lenses. Other mounts, like Sony E-mount, offer more feature-rich versions of this lens.


The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 is a lens that offers the best of both worlds. It combines the qualities of Fuji’s 23mm and 33mm lenses in a larger and heavier package. Despite its size, it is a versatile lens that produces engaging images. The build quality is excellent, although some features are lacking compared to other mounts. Overall, it is a worthy addition to Viltrox’s Pro Series.


FAQ: Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount Review | The Best of Both Worlds?

Q: What is the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens?

A: The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens is a prime lens designed for X-Mount mirrorless cameras by Viltrox, a popular brand known for its camera accessories.

Q: What is the focal length and aperture of this lens?

A: The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens has a fixed focal length of 27mm, making it great for street photography, travel, and everyday use. It features a wide maximum aperture of F1.2, allowing for excellent low-light performance and beautiful bokeh.

Q: Is this lens compatible with my camera?

A: This lens is specifically designed for X-Mount mirrorless cameras, including models from Fujifilm and other compatible brands. Please check the compatibility of your camera before purchasing.

Q: What makes the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens special?

A: This lens offers a perfect balance between portability and excellent optical performance. It is known for its stunning image quality, sharpness, and color reproduction. With its wide maximum aperture, it allows for creative depth of field effects and low-light shooting capabilities.

Q: Does this lens support autofocus?

A: Yes, the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens features autofocus capabilities thanks to its built-in autofocus motor. It provides fast, accurate, and silent autofocus performance, making it highly suitable for various shooting situations.

Q: Can I use this lens for video recording?

A: Absolutely! The Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens is well-suited for video recording thanks to its smooth autofocus, large aperture, and versatile focal length. It allows you to capture cinematic shots with beautiful background blur.

Q: Does this lens have any drawbacks?

A: While the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens offers exceptional performance, it might be considered slightly bulky compared to other prime lenses. However, the trade-off is justified by its impressive optics and wider aperture.

Q: Is it worth investing in the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens?

A: The value of this lens depends on your specific needs and preferences as a photographer. If you prioritize image quality, low-light capabilities, and versatility in a compact package, then the Viltrox Pro AF 27mm F1.2 X-Mount lens is definitely worth considering.

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