Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro – Review w/ Sony A6700 [ E-mount ]

Are you in search of a high-quality and versatile lens for your Sony A6700 camera? Look no further than the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens. This compact and lightweight lens is perfect for capturing stunning images in low light conditions or achieving beautiful bokeh effects with its fast aperture of f/1.2. In this blog post, we will delve into a detailed review of the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens when paired with the Sony A6700 camera, showcasing its performance, features, and overall value for photographers looking to enhance their photography game. Let’s dive in!

Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro – Review w/ Sony A6700 [ E-mount ]

Hello my friends, in today’s video we will take a look at the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 Pro E for Sony E-mount. I have already tested the X-mount version, so it is no secret that this is one of the best APS-C lenses that I’ve ever reviewed. The version for Sony E-mount is now available as well, and it is very welcome since the APS-C mount is making a comeback of sorts. In this video, we will take a look at how it works with a 26-megapixel sensor in Sony A6700, the autofocus, and other features specific to the E-mount version, as well as the general performance of this lens.

Focal Length and Aperture

The 27mm on APS-C translates to a 41mm full-frame equivalent, which is, in my opinion, a very useful focal length. In comparison to 35mm, it puts a little bit more emphasis on the subject and is significantly more versatile than a 50mm focal length. It can be used for landscapes, cities, portraits, and even product photography. The unique characteristic of this lens is that it combines the 27mm focal length and F1.2 aperture, allowing you to separate the subject and letting in a lot of light. This is the first lens of this type for the E-mount.

Build and Design

The lens is 9.2cm long and weighs 565g in the E-mount version. It is not particularly light, but considering the F1.2 aperture and optical performance, the weight is justified. The build quality is great, with a completely metal construction, including the focusing ring. The lens is weather-sealed, with a 67mm filter thread, making it easy to find filters for. A lens hood is included in the box, and control elements include the focusing ring and aperture ring.

Image Quality and Performance

Tested with a 26-megapixel sensor in the Sony A6700, the central sharpness of this lens is excellent from F1.2. There is no chromatic aberration, and the contrast remains consistent until F5.6. The corner sharpness is also excellent from F1.2, with minor diffraction visible at smaller apertures. The lens takes beautiful real-world pictures and videos, with micro contrast and character.

The autofocus is fast and accurate, with smooth transitions and almost silent operation. The Bokeh is exceptional, with 11 aperture blades creating smooth background rendering. While the lens exhibits focus breathing, it is not a major concern for most users. The lens is not stabilized, but the A6700’s in-body stabilization compensates well.


In conclusion, the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 Pro E is an outstanding lens that performs extremely well with the Sony A6700. The optical qualities are top-notch, and the focal length and aperture combination offer versatility and great subject separation. The Bokeh is outstanding, and the autofocus performance is on par with first-party Sony lenses. Overall, this lens is a great addition to the E-mount lineup and a solid choice for APS-C photographers.


What is the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens?

The Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens is a high-quality prime lens designed for use with Sony E-mount cameras, such as the Sony A6700. It offers a fast maximum aperture of F1.2, allowing for excellent low-light performance and the ability to achieve a shallow depth of field.

How does the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens perform on the Sony A6700?

The Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens performs exceptionally well on the Sony A6700, providing sharp images with beautiful bokeh. The autofocus is fast and accurate, making it great for both photo and video applications. Overall, it is a fantastic lens for portrait, street, and low-light photography.

Is the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens worth the investment?

Yes, the Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 E Pro lens is definitely worth the investment for Sony A6700 users who are looking for a high-quality prime lens with a fast aperture. It offers great image quality, smooth autofocus, and a durable build, making it a versatile and reliable lens for various shooting scenarios.

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