Viltrox 75mm F1.2 Street Photography POV with Sony A6400

Are you a street photographer looking to level up your gear for capturing stunning urban scenes? The Viltrox 75mm F1.2 lens may be the answer to your needs. This versatile lens is perfect for street photography, providing a narrow depth of field and beautiful bokeh to make your subjects pop. When paired with the Sony A6400, you’ll have a powerful combination that allows you to capture sharp, high-quality images in a wide range of lighting conditions. In this blog, we’ll explore the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 Street Photography POV with the Sony A6400 and how it can elevate your street photography game.

Viltrox 75mm F1.2 Street Photography POV with Sony A6400

Viltrox 75mm F1.2 Street Photography POV with Sony A6400

What’s good guys today you join me in the beautiful Seaside town of Whitby and I’ve got right here the Sony a6400 and the viltrox 75 F12 this is the first time that I’m going to get out and shoot with this lens and I can’t wait to See what it’s all about so we’re going to get onto the streets do a little POV and see what kind of results we can get from this thing all right we’ve got a real nice shot right here got some foreground at the bottom of the frame and we’ve got the lighthouse right there That looks pretty spectacular right there oh this is another good one here right there let’s get this in landscape actually oh that’s nice that is very nice this is also quite nice up here this is a really good viewing spot we got this boat down here that looks kind Of nice then we got the ABY right there okay this is absolutely brilliant all right let’s get a center focusing point right there keep it F12 for this shot that’s a little bit tasty me so following that frame there we’ve now got this one which which is also brilliant Because we’ve got this tree here and we can use that as a bit of a foreground so I’m in the center focusing Point keeping the bridge in the middle this is really good actually in landscape and there’s actually a boat coming through so I just Give it a moment I’ll be able to get that right in the middle of the frame as well and there we go we got it the boat right in the middle of the frame oh that that frame just speaks for itself that is brilliant I haven’t done Photography In a couple of weeks and I’m just getting warmed up back into the groove of things but this lens is making it incredibly easy I’m lost I’m going to go that way now I’m going to go that way this is a real nice frame right here these two People just chilling out oh that’s really cool in landscape look at that another great landscape shot right here these two people just looking out at the view oh these are the kind of frames I like that is stunning that is really nice going to keep walking keep Shooting get these two people right here with the background face Focus picked up and that right there is Top Notch we got some real nice framing on this shot here shooting at F28 1,000 a second ISO 100 that is that is exquisite I spotted a real nice composition right here so I’m going to try and get it really quickly I’m going to keep this lovely couple to the right of frame the beautiful background right there is one of my favorite photographs today look at that that is true love right there that’s so sweet so now I’m in the prime Territory to do some street photography what I’m going to do is just walk slow walk around whip B maybe do a couple of circuits and just keep my eyes peeled for interesting subjects try and spot different Composites and just take a nice slow approach of it no point of Rushing things just take your time we go a photograph for this gentleman right here let’s see if the focus will pick up oh I’m getting eye Focus I’m all the way back here that’s kind of impressive you know I’m going to add some warmer tones I think to that photograph in post but I do like the framing on that oh we’re going to get a photograph of the gentleman again this time keeping it to the right of frame but we have some foreground in play with all his merchandise interesting face a lot of expression kind of like It I think I nailed that photograph of the gentleman skimming Stones it don’t matter how old you are skimming Stones is always a lot of fun and I think that photograph just shows that um speaking of a nice photograph down here we got this boot right let’s Get the foot of the boat and there’s my foot of the boat I completely forgot to elaborate on the filter dilemma that I’ve got with the VT trucks so as this is an F12 lens this lets in a lot of light so if you’re at F12 14,000 of a Second shut speed and the lowest ISO 100 in direct sunlight all your photographs are going to be Overexposed because it lets it in that much light so you’re going to have to potentially put an ND filter on the front which is why I’m glad it’s overcast today cuz I’m getting Away with it in a lot of situations but I haven’t got a step down ring to 77 mil because I’ve left it at home so that’s why I’m glad it’s cloudy because I could still take photographs at F12 just that’s such an interesting position to be in with all your settings at the Maximum minimum sometimes your photograph is still going to be over exposed that’s how Bonkers this lens is really cool boat here and I think if I bring the camera a little bit higher or keep the boat to the lower part of the frame I’ll be able to get a real nice Shot might Val it o that look look a little bit nice I just got a really lovely photograph of a family there I’ve got the two parents on the left and the right the harbor in the background the boat on the right and then I’ve got the Child running in the middle of his parents with a blue shirt on really nice vibrant color and that is just a perect perfect frame I love that frame oh I love that the color contrast I absolutely love this Frame here so what we’re going to do is we’re Going to focus on the red building keeping it on the left part of the frame and then we’re just going to let the leading lines do the rest tap on screen to focus on the red building and then we’ve got that shot like oh look how Good that looks come on that looks so good look at all the boat out there look at that ooh that makes for a nice landscape shot surprisingly that looks pretty cool wait there’s people underneath there look can you actually get underneath there oh that’s how people do it I’ve Always want to get a photo from down there right bear that in mind we’re going to do that soon get a photograph this woman here who is dressed up up as a witch got the pointy hats I think she’s dressed up as a witch I hopefully I haven’t just insulted her fashion Choice to the day I’m going to try and get a photograph this gentleman who has an amazing beard and got the focus F12 going to get a photograph this gentleman right here who is just leaning up against whatever that building thing and I think I got a couple of good photographs at F12 one thing I’ve got to say about this lens it is sharp it is incredibly sharp I I’m amazed quick can jump in here get a photo of the gentleman there oh that was a quick grab and go when I grabbed it brilliant shot right here this Gentleman f124 a second ISO 100 then what I’m going to do is take it again but this time landscape keeping into the left of frame look what it does to the background like that is actually Bonkers what the background is doing it is just gone Oh I think I nailed that shot of that gentleman right there I was just being super quiet pretending I was taking a photo of the background and he I just smiled as him as he walked past…

FAQ – Viltrox 75mm F1.2 Street Photography POV with Sony A6400

Q: What is the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 lens?

A: The Viltrox 75mm F1.2 lens is a manual focus prime lens designed for Sony E-mount cameras. It offers a fast maximum aperture of F1.2, making it ideal for low-light situations and creating a shallow depth of field for stunning bokeh effects.

Q: Can the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 be used for street photography?

A: Yes, the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 can be used for street photography. Its focal length allows for a slightly compressed perspective, making it suitable for capturing candid shots of people and everyday scenes on the street.

Q: Is the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 compatible with the Sony A6400?

A: Yes, the Viltrox 75mm F1.2 is compatible with the Sony A6400 and other Sony E-mount APS-C cameras. However, as it is a manual focus lens, users will need to set the camera to manual focus mode and adjust the focus ring on the lens to achieve sharp images.

Q: What are the advantages of using a F1.2 lens for street photography?

A: The F1.2 aperture of the Viltrox 75mm lens allows for excellent low-light performance, making it suitable for capturing street scenes in dimly lit environments. Additionally, the wide aperture creates a very shallow depth of field, allowing photographers to isolate their subjects and create a beautiful background blur.

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