Video Monitor, Recorder and Switcher IN ONE CASE!

Are you tired of lugging around multiple pieces of equipment for your video production needs? Look no further! Introducing the Video Monitor, Recorder, and Switcher all in one compact and convenient case. This all-in-one solution is designed to streamline your videography setup, making it easier than ever to capture and switch between different camera angles, record high-quality footage, and monitor your shots in real-time. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple devices and hello to the simplicity and efficiency of the Video Monitor, Recorder, and Switcher in one case. Keep reading to learn more about this game-changing product.

Video Monitor, Recorder and Switcher IN ONE CASE

Building the A10 Mini Jacket

This is the a10 mini jacket, a custom case built for the blackmagic a10 mini switcher. It is a mini multicam studio packed into a tiny case with everything needed to stream, switch, and record videos. The case is incredibly functional with a monitor, on/off switches, and a single power input for use on desks, stands, or on the go with battery power.

Why Build a Mini Jacket?

The blackmagic a10 Mini is one of the best video switchers available right now, allowing users to switch, stream, and in some cases record up to four different cameras over HDMI. However, the mess of cables required to set everything up, lack of a monitor, and absence of a power on/off switch can be quite problematic. The a10 mini jacket serves to solve these issues.

Features of the A10 Mini Jacket

The entire project was built inside a Pelican 1170 case, perfectly fitting the a10 mini monitor and electronics. Key features include a mounted a10 mini switcher, a seven-inch camera monitor built into the lid, HDMI pass-through, power jacks, on/off switches, and a cheese plate for accessories.

Functional Design

The a10 Mini Jacket is designed for ease of use. It allows for single power supply to everything inside the case, making it possible to run the entire setup off a single power cable or battery. The presence of switches for the a10 mini and monitor separately provides flexibility.

Cost and Materials

The entire project and all of the parts set back the creator approximately $375, excluding the a10 mini. However, the cost can be lowered by excluding a few features based on personal preferences and requirements.

Building the Case

The project starts by building a frame that fits inside the Pelican case and supports the a10 mini. 3D printed parts are used, but alternatives such as wood or PVC can also be employed. The frame is connected using M4 bolts, and brass inserts are added to strengthen the parts.

Cutouts and Hole Drilling

After assembling the frame, cutouts and drilling of holes are done for the back of the case, switches, power jack, and headphone jack. Test fits are carried out to ensure everything fits perfectly.

If concerned about airflow, additional holes can be added for ventilation purposes, but is not necessary in most cases.

For a detailed guide on how to build the case, check out this blog post for step-by-step instructions and all necessary information.

FAQ About Video Monitor, Recorder and Switcher in One Case

Q: What is a video monitor, recorder, and switcher in one case?

A: This is a professional-grade device that combines the functionality of a video monitor, recorder, and switcher into a single, compact unit. It is designed for use in live production and broadcast settings.

Q: What are the benefits of using a video monitor, recorder, and switcher in one case?

A: By consolidating multiple functions into one device, it streamlines the production workflow and saves space. It also reduces the need for additional equipment and cables, making setup and operation more efficient.

Q: What types of video inputs and outputs are available on these devices?

A: Video monitor, recorder, and switcher cases typically feature a variety of input and output options, including SDI, HDMI, and VGA. This allows for compatibility with an array of video sources and display devices.

Q: Can these devices be controlled remotely?

A: Yes, many video monitor, recorder, and switcher cases can be controlled remotely via a dedicated hardware controller or software interface. This allows for easy operation and adjustment of settings during a live production.

Q: What are some common applications for video monitor, recorder, and switcher cases?

A: These devices are commonly used in live events, concerts, conferences, and television broadcasts. They are also popular in studio environments for multi-camera productions and video editing.

Q: Are there any additional features or capabilities to look for when choosing a video monitor, recorder, and switcher case?

A: Some advanced models may offer features such as multi-view display, built-in recording and playback, and support for live streaming. It is important to consider the specific needs of your production when selecting a device.

For more information, please consult with a professional video production equipment provider.

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