Using Old VHS Cameras in 2020!

Are you a fan of vintage technology and looking for a creative way to capture memories in 2020? While the popularity of VHS cameras may have declined with the rise of digital and smartphone technology, there is still a unique charm in using these old devices to record videos. With the right techniques and equipment, you can bring new life to your old VHS camera and create stunning, nostalgic footage that stands out in a sea of digital content. In this blog, we will explore the world of using old VHS cameras in 2020 and provide tips and tricks for getting the best results. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a hobbyist, or simply curious about vintage technology, this blog is for you. So, dust off your old VHS camera and let’s get started on a journey through time!

Using Old VHS Cameras in 2020

This is the panasonic m5 vhs camera it was the first camera i ever used and a big part of my history with video making and in this video we’re going to see how this camera from 1987 has held up over the last 30 years we’ll talk about what You need to shoot vhs in 2020 and beyond and we’ll even take a look at adding some modern accessories to this camera to make things more interesting now i know i know this is an old pretty much obsolete camera so why does this video exist in the first place a big part of It is nostalgia as many of us grew up viewing the world and memories through cameras like this one but i also thought it’d be kind of fun to put some of these old cameras back to work take a trip down memory lane and maybe even use these for some family vacation videos or For capturing some retro looking shots or sequences to get up and running with vhs video there are really only three things you’re going to need first you’re going to need a working vhs camera one or more vhs tapes and finally some way to power your camera let’s go ahead and Start by talking about the camera itself now before you start jumping on ebay trying to find one of these i definitely recommend checking with friends and family to see if one of these is lurking down in their basement in a box somewhere also keep in mind there are Several different types of tape based cameras out there including good old-fashioned vhs vhsc or compact vhs high 8 and finally the more modern mini dv speaking of high eight as i was writing this video i noticed that potato jet recently did a video covering going over some of his old tapes with his Camera so definitely check that out if you haven’t already it’s worth a watch just like every other video he makes but in this video i’ll be talking about vhs because come on guys bigger older cameras equal a more rad experience there’s obviously a lot of these old Cameras floating around but i do have a few recommendations when you’re shopping first try to get a camera from the mid to late 80s all the way up to the 90s and personally i really don’t care for cameras newer than kind of the mid 90s because they just make me sad if you Don’t want to spend a ton of time searching for different brands and models i found the panasonic omni movie cameras to be solid and plentiful but there are a ton of options out there so go nuts checking them out another pro tip is that when you’re buying online be Sure to ask the seller if the camera actually works most of the time the battery will be completely dead which is fine but you can ask them to plug the camera into an outlet and see if it powers up and can eject tapes also have them check the eyepiece to make sure the Bulb lights up in the viewfinder you’ll also want to make sure the camera comes with the accessory cables that it was sold with as this helps you charge new batteries connect your camera to monitors and other gear next we’re going to need a tape to record to any Full-size vhs tape will work including old movie and show tapes just don’t record over anything legendary as that would be absolutely tragic some tapes actually have a right protection slot that prevents you from recording over the original media but you can simply tape a few layers of thick paper over The slot to hack the tape into being used in a camera or vcr so that takes care of our camera and our tapes now let’s talk about powering your camera hopefully your camera came with the power cable and charger and you can use this to get up and running but to go Mobile we’re going to need a battery my camera came with several dead batteries but after a quick google search i was able to find a brand new replacement from on that website i was able to buy a battery for 30 dollars and it worked with a charger that came with My camera so i was back in business with everything collected we can insert our battery and vhs tape into our camera turn it on and shoot now let’s talk about actually filming with these bad boys most vhs cameras will have essentially two modes a recording to tape mode and a Playback from tape mode my camera has a switch and button cover on the top that lets me switch to playback mode with all my buttons or return to record mode unlike modern cameras most of these camcorders just have a black and white viewfinder for monitoring my panasonic M5 has a flip up eyepiece which sort of gives me a monitor to work with white balance focus and zoom on my camera can be controlled automatically or manually and for the age of this camera i was actually pretty impressed with the auto focus performance and man you just gotta Love these old-school ergonomics everything just works is super comfortable i’ve got an adjustable viewfinder and when it comes to consumer cameras you just don’t see this kind of thing anymore so what i’m going to do right now is switch from my panasonic s1 which is a brand new mirrorless camera Here in the 21st century and we’re going to throw this bad boy on my tripod and see what it looks and sounds like so at this point you’re listening and seeing me in vhs or over vhs with this camera and i mean i think it’s pretty awesome so Right now we’re using the built-in microphone that is obviously attached to the camera we’ll be checking out different microphones with this guy here in a little bit but this is just listening to the built-in microphone with the camera pretty fun so now let’s focus on getting our media off of this Camera and into our computer so you can edit it and share it online i found several usb capture adapters for analog video and they seem to work fine with my setup simply connect the camera’s av output to the adapter connect the usb jack to a computer hit play on the Camera and start capturing the footage with whatever software you prefer on my macbook pro i just use quicktime and that seemed to work fine now that we have this big beast up and running let’s have some fun and add some accessories to this camera to bring it a little Closer to the 21st century first let’s address audio the easiest upgrade would be to add a foam wind cover to the microphone as these almost universally disintegrate over time so you probably won’t find a camera that still has the original cover next we can add an external microphone to this camera for Better sound at distances just try different mics and see what works i found microphones that have their own built-in battery work best i also found that most microphones either don’t work or are way too loud since this camera is expecting really low level microphone to fix this i found this 20 dollar cable That will actually attenuate or reduce the signal coming out of the microphone this allows modern microphones to work with this camera and i was able to use my rode videomic ntg and even my rode wireless go kit right now we’re using the built-in microphone that is obviously attached to the camera and This is what it sounds like with the rode videomic ntg connected to that special cable to the camera i think it sounds pretty good compared to the built-in microphone and now you’re listening to me on the rode wireless go connected wirelessly to a 30 plus year old camera which…

Using Old VHS Cameras in 2020 FAQ

Q: Is it still possible to use old VHS cameras in 2020?

A: Yes, it is still possible to use old VHS cameras in 2020, although it may require some additional equipment and know-how.

Q: Can I still find VHS tapes to use with my old camera?

A: Yes, you can still find VHS tapes for your old camera, although they may be harder to come by and more expensive than in the past.

Q: What are some benefits of using old VHS cameras in 2020?

A: One benefit is the nostalgic look and feel of VHS footage. Additionally, VHS cameras can be a more affordable option for those who want to explore analog video recording.

Q: Are there any limitations to using old VHS cameras in 2020?

A: Yes, there are limitations, including lower video quality compared to modern digital cameras, and the need for special equipment to transfer VHS footage to digital formats.

Q: What equipment do I need to use my old VHS camera in 2020?

A: You will need VHS tapes, a VHS player or recorder, and possibly a video capture device and software to transfer your footage to a digital format.

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