Use Instagram in 2020 to Become a Better Photographer: ENGAGE!

Are you looking to improve your photography skills in 2020? Want to learn new techniques and get inspired by other photographers? Look no further than Instagram! With its vast community of photographers and endless stream of stunning imagery, Instagram is the perfect platform to grow and learn as a photographer. By engaging with other photographers, seeking out inspiration, and showcasing your own work, you can take your photography to the next level in 2020. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use Instagram to become a better photographer and make the most of this powerful social media platform. Let’s dive in!

The Real Value of Instagram for Photographers

Instagram can be a powerful tool for photographers, not just in terms of marketing and business growth, but also in terms of personal and artistic development. In this article, we will explore how you can use Instagram in 2020 to become a better photographer and engage with a broader community.

Instantaneous Feedback Loop

What is most extraordinary about Instagram is that it completes the round trip in digital workflow, providing an instantaneous and free feedback loop. From capture through curation, editing, and publishing, the latency is almost zero. This allows you to iterate and refine your work rapidly, learning from the feedback you receive from your audience.

Cost of Shooting and Editing

The cost of shooting and editing on Instagram is virtually zero, except for the value of your time. This means you can shoot, edit, and curate without racking up additional expenses, which can be incredibly liberating and powerful for photographers looking to hone their skills.

Supportive Creative Community

Instagram provides you with a supportive creative community where you can give and receive feedback on your work. Engaging with other photographers can help you grow as an artist and refine your artistic voice and vision. Critiquing others’ work can also make it easier to critique your own, leading to personal and artistic growth.

Real-time Image Editing

With Instagram’s rich set of image editing tools, you can quickly edit and share your work on the go, allowing you to experiment with different looks and refine your creative vision. The instant nature of this process can help you learn and adapt in real-time, enhancing your skills as a photographer.

Value of Curation

Curating your own images on Instagram is a valuable skill that can help you identify and showcase your best work. Learning to cull through a sea of images to find the few that truly reflect your talent and vision is an essential part of the creative process.

Remaining in the Moment

Instagram also encourages you to remain present in the moment and capture the real shot as it unfolds. This can help you appreciate the value of staying in the present and applying those lessons to your work.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Overall, Instagram can serve as a platform for continuous learning and growth as a photographer. Engaging with the community, iterating on your work, and refining your creative vision can all contribute to your development as an artist and a human being.

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Why should I use Instagram to become a better photographer?

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing and discovering photography. By engaging with other photographers and receiving feedback on your work, you can improve your skills and expand your knowledge of photography.

How can I use Instagram to connect with other photographers?

You can use Instagram’s search and explore features to find and follow other photographers. You can also join photography-related groups and communities, use relevant hashtags, and participate in photography challenges to connect with like-minded individuals.

What are some tips for engaging with other photographers on Instagram?

Interact with other photographers by commenting on their posts, asking for feedback on your own work, and participating in conversations on photography-related topics. This will help you build a network of peers who can provide valuable insights and support.

How can I use Instagram to showcase my photography skills?

Post your best work on your Instagram profile and use captions and hashtags to provide context and attract an audience. You can also use Instagram’s stories and IGTV features to share behind-the-scenes content and tutorials to demonstrate your skills as a photographer.

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