UPDATES on the Sony 2024 roadmap: ZV-E10II, 85mm f/1.4 GM, A1II, new FX, fast zooms and more!

Are you a Sony camera enthusiast eagerly awaiting the latest updates on their 2024 roadmap? Look no further! Sony has been busy developing new and exciting products to add to their already impressive lineup. From the highly anticipated ZV-E10II to the powerful A1II, and a range of new fast zoom lenses, there is plenty to be excited about. In this blog, we will dive into the latest news and updates on Sony’s 2024 roadmap, including the 85mm f/1.4 GM and new FX cameras. Stay tuned to learn more about what Sony has in store for the future of photography and videography.

Updates on the Sony 2024 Roadmap

Hi folks, in some of my previous videos I talked you about the possible new announcement of new cameras and lenses from Sony and in the meantime I got some additional feedback from sources and I wanted to give you an overview of what to expect within the next couple of months. There are some very reliable rumors and some rumors that I still am working on and where I’m sure I will kick off with a very reliable rumors first of all a ton of trusted sources confirmed that ZB 102 is coming so probably between now and may I don’t have the exact date and Not the specs yet but if you are looking to buy a zb1 and you can wait definitely wait this camera should have a better sens on U AI features uh it will cost more than the currently available zv1 so um keep that in mind too but definitely This camera is coming and this should be probably the first Alpha announcement of the year.

Expected Cameras and Lenses

The second camera that is definitely coming is a new FX camera mod model and here I have an update because every rumor that I got now from reliable sources is pointing out into a new Direction where uh the FX Camera is not going to be a success of any existing model so not FX 32 or fx6 something this would be something new and I will make a separate video about this camera pretty soon but this camera is definitely coming the third reliable rumor is now That we are definitely getting the 85 mm G M2 other sources confirmed this lens is coming and one of the trusted sources told me it’s definitely going to be 1.4 so 85 1.4 gm2 an updated version of the currently available and 8-year old GM lens the lens will be more Compact and Optic Superior definitely a hot seller an excellent lens so I’m really looking forward to it then we will move on to rumors that still have to be confirmed let’s kick off with the the 24 to 50 mm 2.8g I leaked the image of the lens a month ago so I do believe this Lens is real but I don’t know when it will be announced I do believe this lens will be announced pretty soon first of all because I got an image of it so I don’t think it shouldn’t be far out and the second reason is that actually some influencer by mistake shortly talked About those lenses there actually two zoom lenses coming and so I think the announcement might be happening before the CP Plus show which kicks off end of February the second G lens is the 1625 G 2.8 I don’t have an image here but uh I have some uh indication that this would This is a lens that is coming soon but also in that case no confirmed um um info about this lens from dusted Source yet now let’s move on to the a12 here I have some trusted sources that clearly told me this camera is not coming anytime soon at best we Are getting a new a12 in November of 2024 so still 10 months from now so a long time and um yeah we are getting a firmware update for the A1 likely already in February and not in March as previously it is which is good news and this will keep the A1 still interesting In terms of sales for Sony for the next six seven eight months therefore don’t expect a12 if you’re waiting for that camera forget it uh it will take a long time and I my guess it’s is that it’s coming not even November 2024 but probably early 2025 but this also depends from the Competition and other factures and usually Sony has an announcement window of three four months so like they had with the a93 where the announcement window was between January and sorry November and January and it’s the same for the a12 so Sony will decide only in a couple of months from now when exactly The a12 will be announced.

Future Releases

Moving on to the E7 S4 also in that case I got no info from trusted sources about when to expect this camera I think this will be the camera that is coming after the zv e102 but that’s my guess and my feeling Based on the fact that this is the oldest Alpha camera in the lineup so it would make sense to get this one around mid of the year now about even more unconfirmed rumors at 24 to 200 mm 2.8 4.0 I only had one new source talking About this lens in the meantime no other source gave me some feedback so um no idea if this is going to be true or not true the next announcement that could be coming but where I didn’t get some confirmation is about the new RX1 fullframe fix lens camera a trusted Source a couple of months ago told me that Sony already made an official research there’s surely some thinking at Sony if they should do it or not so um that will be interesting to see what they will decide I don’t know if if they decided that yes it’s worth if the Camera will still be coming 2024 more likely 2025 but uh for sure they saw the success of the laku tree which is selling like hot cake even if it’s super expensive but of course like is like and you know uh it’s like Porsche if people are willing to spend more for the name Sony doesn’t have that kind of luxury buffer but uh let’s see I hope that the next months I will get some feedback about that because I would love to get a RX1 fullframe Camera.

Upcoming Lenses and Accessories

Moving on we can talk about a ton of new Chinese emount lenses are coming most of them are even Out of focus uh but I’m not going to make a recap of all of them the three lenses I more interested are from whe Tru because whe Tru um has proven that they can do high quality affordable autofocus lenses I do own the 60 mm lens Which I’m using right now now to make this video but there will be many more lenses coming soon the 40 mm 2.5 the 56 mm 1.7 the 135 mm 1.8 and now let’s end this video with something that I’m really looking forward to which is the New Sigma and Tamron ount lenses and I believe this will be one of the true highlights of the year the reason is that I saw the last patterns from Sigma and Tamron I talked about those patterns on my channel and uh Sigma and Tamron confirmed they’re working on some Unique Kind of lenses so some of this lenses are 2.0 fullframe zooms some are crazy telephoto primes some are very fast 1.2 or faster autofocus lenses and I do believe that some of those lenses are coming 2024 that’s just for now a guess so I didn’t get a confirmation but I Think it’s a very good guess I can see why this isn’t going to happen and now I want to send you a couple of small teases about the rumors that I’m working aside of all those rumors I talked about the first thing you have to know is that There is more there is more coming there’s obviously more coming than the gear I mentioned today that’s something you can trust me on I’m sure about that but I have to work on it before I can share it um among that new gear there’s also two um exciting news the first one Is a smaller exciting news that will make every Sony camera owner happy if it’s coming in 2024 and the second is a crazy thing I already teased you about a possibility of Sony uh launching some new kind…


What is the Sony 2024 roadmap?

The Sony 2024 roadmap outlines the upcoming releases and updates for Sony’s camera and lens lineup.


What are the updates included in the Sony 2024 roadmap?

The updates included in the Sony 2024 roadmap are the ZV-E10II, 85mm f/1.4 GM, A1II, new FX, fast zooms, and more.


What is the ZV-E10II?

The ZV-E10II is an updated version of Sony’s popular ZV-E10 camera, featuring enhanced features and functionalities for content creators and vloggers.


What is the 85mm f/1.4 GM?

The 85mm f/1.4 GM is a new addition to Sony’s G Master series of lenses, offering a fast aperture and high-quality optics for portrait and low-light photography.


What is the A1II?

The A1II is the successor to Sony’s flagship A1 camera, expected to bring even more advanced features and improved performance.


What are the new FX and fast zooms mentioned in the roadmap?

The new FX and fast zooms refer to upcoming full-frame mirrorless cameras and high-performance zoom lenses that are expected to be released as part of Sony’s 2024 lineup.


Where can I find more information about these updates?

For more information about the updates included in the Sony 2024 roadmap, you can visit Sony’s official website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest announcements and product releases.

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