Underwater product photography is a unique and challenging art form that requires skill, creativity, and attention to detail. Capturing the beauty and intricacies of products submerged in water can create stunning and visually captivating images that highlight their features in a whole new way. From jewelry and cosmetics to electronics and fashion accessories, underwater photography offers a fresh perspective on showcasing products in a mesmerizing aquatic setting. In this blog, we will explore the techniques, equipment, and tips for mastering the art of underwater product photography, as well as showcase some of the most breathtaking underwater product shots from talented photographers around the world. Dive in and discover the beauty of underwater product photography!

Underwater Product Photography

Whose spooky BAM! What’s up everybody, Peter MacKinnon here. Welcome back to yet another video where we will be discussing some creative photography techniques. Today, we will focus on how to shoot some amazing underwater photos of products without the need for an expensive housing. By spending only around fifty dollars on a fish tank, you can capture some unique and out of the ordinary shots.

The Set-Up

About seven years ago, I was tasked with photographing decks of cards for a job. One of the decks had a water theme, and I wanted to capture photos that involved splashing into water. However, I did not have access to a pool or an underwater housing. To overcome this challenge, I purchased a fish tank from a local pet store for fifty dollars.

I set up two strobes on either side of the fish tank to provide lighting. Using a wireless trigger on my camera, I was able to remotely fire the flashes. This setup allowed me to capture the desired shots without the need for expensive equipment.

Creative Lighting

For the underwater product photography, I positioned the fish tank to ensure the waterline was visible. Placing the tank against a black background, I wanted to create a straight black backdrop for the shots. To light the scene, I used video lights and a powerful 300D Mark I mounted above the tank.

The goal was to have a larger depth of field to ensure that the subject would be in focus regardless of where it was placed in the tank. By opening up the aperture and letting in more light, I could achieve this effect. For those without video lights, positioning the tank close to a window on a bright day can also provide adequate lighting for the shots.

Camera Settings

To capture objects falling into the water, I needed to use a fast shutter speed. Initially shooting at 1/125th of a second resulted in blurry images, so I increased the shutter speed to 1/8000th of a second. This adjustment allowed me to freeze the action of the falling objects and capture clear, detailed shots.

Using a high frame rate and continuous shooting mode, I was able to capture the objects as they fell into the water with precision. In some instances, manually timing the shots may be necessary, but utilizing a high frame rate can increase the chances of capturing the perfect moment effortlessly.


Underwater product photography can yield stunning and unique results without the need for expensive equipment. By utilizing simple tools such as a fish tank and creative lighting techniques, you can capture captivating images of products in water. Whether using video lights or natural light, the key is to experiment and adapt the setup to achieve the desired effect.

Don’t let the lack of specialized equipment deter you from exploring underwater photography. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can create your own stunning underwater product shots that showcase your unique style and vision. So grab a fish tank, set up your lighting, and start capturing some extraordinary images today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Underwater Product Photography

  1. Can any camera be used for underwater product photography?
    While many cameras have waterproof cases available for purchase, it is recommended to use a specialized underwater camera for the best results.
  2. Are there any specific settings I should use for underwater product photography?
    It is important to adjust the white balance and exposure settings according to the lighting conditions underwater. Experimenting with different settings is key to achieving the desired results.
  3. How can I prevent water droplets from ruining my underwater product photos?
    A good quality anti-fog solution can be applied to the inside of the waterproof case to prevent water droplets from appearing on the lens.
  4. What are some tips for composing underwater product photos?
    Utilize natural light whenever possible, keep the background simple to make the product stand out, and experiment with different angles to find the best shot.
  5. Is underwater product photography difficult to master?
    Like any form of photography, underwater product photography requires practice and patience. With time and experience, you can improve your skills and capture stunning underwater product images.

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