Ultimate Video Studio Desk Setup!

Are you looking to take your video editing setup to the next level? If so, it’s time to consider the ultimate video studio desk setup. With the right desk and accompanying accessories, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish, allowing you to work efficiently and comfortably for long hours. From the perfect desk to ergonomic chairs and cable management solutions, there are a myriad of options to consider when creating your ultimate video studio desk setup. In this blog, we will explore some of the best desk setups and accessories to help you create the perfect space for your video editing needs.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is what I’m calling the ultimate video desk it is an incredibly functional video recording battle station that is loaded with features to make filming and live streaming fast and easy everything is within arm’s reach everything can be moved to customize your setup and there are way too many cool features to cover in this short introduction so let’s take a tour of this desk setup and then I’ll walk you through each and every part of this mini studio and here is the final setup you’re looking at me through one of three cameras. I also have a camera Behind me showing you kind of the entire desk so let’s kind of break all of this down. We have the desk itself nice big desk with a ton of stuff mounted to it. We’ve got a key light we’ve got monitors that do various cool things which we’re Going to get into here in a second but I want to start by breaking down the different camera angles and of course off to my left, I’ve got the A10 mini pro rocking all these different angles and it’s also recording this video that you’re watching right now. So camera one We’ve got a camera here with a teleprompter so I can view all kinds of different stuff on it I’m going to switch to camera two which is kind of a straight top-down setup autofocus is great as you can see here so a really nice kind of clean top-down option for Switching I’ll now go to camera 3 here which is right over here actually mounted directly to the desk so I can do really nice close-up shots it’s a really wide angle 16 millimeter really love this angle for just getting in there and showing lots of details so that is our Third angle and now let’s talk about the fourth input which I’ll switch to right now and it just looks like my desktop but in reality it is this monitor off to my right. So what I’ve done here is I’ve linked this monitor to my ATEM mini and This might seem kind of silly why would you go through all that hassle why not just share your screen with you know software but the reason is I have this super clean way to see no matter what whatever is on this monitor that’s mapped to input Number four on my ATEM mini this not only gives me a super simple clean way to see what I’m about to switch to on this monitor and it keeps you know people from seeing my dirty desktop whatever notifications I’ve got coming through and all that stuff but it also Allows me to use the picture in picture mode which I’ll turn on now so on the A10 mini I just turn on picture and picture I can switch where the little box with me goes to right now I’ll put it in the lower right corner and this allows me to look Over in real life at this monitor here and on the recording it looks like I’m looking at the same thing you are which is you know this window with my channel on it so let’s say I’m talking about youtube i could pull it up here we both could look at Something great way to pull stuff up on stream um or in a video and it’s always ready to go mapped to the A-10 mini’s fourth input on the wall in the back here I have a 27-inch monitor mounted as you can see I’m able to see and display All the different camera angles as well as my recording my audio levels it’s just awesome to have everything up there I can also solo each angle individually so if I just want to blow up camera one two three or you know my desktop for some reason i Can do that so really really powerful tool um love having that to be able to just get a bird’s eye view of everything with one glance and it’s just awesome to have here’s another angle showing my microphone which is on a mic arm and attached to this crazy stand which we’ll Talk about as well as way up there we’ve got that overhead camera to kind of give you an idea of you know what that looks like now let’s talk about this crazy teleprompter setup instead of using an ipad i actually have a camera monitor inside of the teleprompter so i’m able to display Things like a video call or in this case a fake one that’s just looping and i could look directly into the guess of my live stream and also make eye contact which you’re seeing right now right now I’m looking at the guests you’re seeing me make eye contact with you it’s a great Way to do video conferencing live streaming with guests things like that there’s a couple other cool things i can do and as you can see i could just move that window out of the way and now we have a live stream chat so i could read chat interact with fans all while making Eye contact with them which is pretty awesome get this window out of here and we could of course use this as what it’s designed to be which is a kind of teleprompter setup i’m reading a script yada yada i can do that but that’s not all folks over here i have a remote Which is connected to an hdmi switch that’s connected to this monitor so i can actually go ahead and switch from the camera monitor over to this which is the actual camera feed itself so i can see myself while recording and i’m making eye contact with the lens so if i need to do Something like this or i put something into the shot i can make sure it is indeed in focus and see myself while recording myself it’s really really trippy but really handy if you’re filming youtube videos if i need to jump on a video call or start up a live stream i can switch Things back over to displaying various windows and other information it’s a really really powerful setup especially great if you do live streams with guests but also really good if you just want a super overkill setup for video meetings off to my right I’ve got my laptop mounted with this monitor on this crazy Stand which we’ll get into and everything is connected to my laptop through an external thunderbolt dock so everything is connected the laptops charge i can display all kinds of different software here and just a really really handy overall system to be able to sit down start streaming or recording a youtube video Without any mess without any having to cook things up and turn things on we’re just ready to go so that’s a quick tour of the setup now let’s get into the nitty gritty and start talking about the gear needed to build something like this now i’m going to gloss over a lot in This video for time but everything mentioned in this video including gear diagrams and more can be found in one link in the description so definitely check that out for the build guide everything you need to know about putting everything together and wiring everything up with that said let’s now Dive deeper into the gear and parts used to put this whole thing together starting with the actual desk the desk I’m using is the husky adjustable height work table it comes in different sizes but i went with the monstrous 72 inch model it has a hardwood top wheels for Moving the desk and you can easily adjust the height with a hand crank by far the best thing about this desk is the price at around 280 bucks as you can see i’ve got a lot mounted to this desk and everything feels super strong rigid even with all of this…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ultimate Video Studio Desk Setup FAQ

  1. What features should I look for in a video studio desk?

    Look for a desk with ample space for your monitors, audio equipment, and other accessories. Cable management features, adjustable height options, and a sturdy build are also important.

  2. What are some must-have accessories for a video studio desk setup?

    Some essential accessories include monitor mounts, speaker stands, lighting equipment, and a comfortable chair. A desktop stand for your microphone and a USB hub for easy connectivity can also be useful.

  3. How can I optimize my desk setup for video editing?

    Consider adding a secondary monitor for multitasking, a dedicated keyboard and mouse for editing, and a graphics tablet for precise editing and drawing. A desk with customizable configurations and storage options can also help keep your editing tools organized.

  4. What should I consider when choosing the location for my video studio desk?

    Choose a location with good natural light or invest in proper lighting equipment to avoid glare and shadows. It’s also important to consider the acoustics of the room and minimize background noise for optimal recording and editing conditions.

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