Ultimate Documentary Setup: Full Breakdown

Welcome to our blog where we’ll be diving into the ultimate documentary setup. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a beginner looking to break into the world of documentary production, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be providing a full breakdown of the equipment, techniques, and best practices for creating a top-notch documentary. From cameras and audio equipment to lighting and editing software, we’ll explore everything you need to know to capture compelling and engaging footage. Get ready to take your documentary production to the next level with our in-depth insights and tips for a successful and professional setup.

The Ultimate Documentary Setup: Full Breakdown

We’re going to talk about the ultimate doc camera setup before we do this i’m going to have to build the camera because before you go away on a trip you need to test pack everything yeah you got to make sure that it actually can close. This is the best view it’s so wide makes my nose look even bigger than anyways here we are this is my favorite documentary setup that i have built today and we’re going to go over each piece of gear and i’m going to tell you Why and i know a lot of people are going to get all up in the comments saying i’d rather use the black magic or the canon c70 whatever camera you’re using is the right one because it means you’re actually making your film don’t get caught up in the cameras get caught up In making films now you might be saying this is really expensive and you’re right depending your budget this could be out of your price range the main thing you’re looking for a documentary setup is good audio and good dynamic range and familiarity if you’re going to Be in the field running around you need to know your camera well so why do i like this for documentaries the first thing is that there is four tracks of audio being recorded at all times with this and how i’m able to do that is i Have the shotgun up here this is the mke 600 by sennheiser i also then have their avx mic this is the transmitter and it has its own dedicated battery pack and it syncs up with the other transmitter it’s really great huge range and i like this thing because it’s so tiny it’s not A giant mic pack you barely see it barely adds weight then what’s great with the sony’s is there is a hot shoe up here so i’ve added in their uwp unit which fits into the hot shoe and i can get a third track of audio on here the Fx6 records internal audio as well in case all the mics die i still have a microphone going so i have four tracks of audio which is fantastic because in the case of this tornado film i’m going to have two main subjects who i want to have laughs on them at all times. Actually i haven’t even told you about this film i’m doing a film with ricky forbes we’re chasing tornadoes down the states it’s going to be another new documentary i’m doing very excited we just put a tornado vortex signature on our storm right there in the notch which is over those trees now well They’re moving so we got to get moving okay next i have a 24 to 70. i usually shoot prime lenses but when i did the film rescate i shot that entire thing on a canon 24-70 and it worked really well in chaotic situations in this scenario where i’m running around i don’t know What we’re going to be getting into going back to the old faithful 24 to 70. and in this case i also have the 2 to 5 nd miss filter from folder pro next i have the small hd cine 7 probably could go with a smaller monitor but the 7 Inches is amazing i really know what i’m going to be getting in the edit really love this monitor and then i have my mb sony cineolettes on there can flick them on and off and i feel like i can see the final edit already because it’s practically graded right here this is The wooden camera cheese plate and i have the wooden camera v-mount set up why would i add a whole v-mount to a camera that’s tiny making it bigger there’s a few reasons one the way i hold this is up against my chest here the monitor is far enough away from Me that i don’t have to adjust my eyes to focus on it it’s pushed right up against my chest it’s not adding a ton more weight but these batteries can last hours i can go like six hours off one of these batteries with the monitor powering also my mic Packs i rather not have to think about swapping batteries or if the charge is dying i like going for long takes because this documentary could be crazy we might be stuck in a car for 10 hours if there’s tornadoes around i can’t be worried about battery power oh unreal Oh i’m forgetting about the ultra light arm up here uh wooden camera sells kind of similar things but i love this bracket it’s fantastic for monitors because you can put the monitor in every which way this to me is the perfect documentary setup i wish i had this for So many years when i was on the fs7 for films like riscotte we would have to use metabones adapter to get full frame but now with cameras like the fx6 you’re shooting frame 4k true dci 4k not the uhd stuff so you’re not missing any pixels and then what i like About this camera much more than the fx9 is when i hit s and q it stays in 4k where the you got to go through like three menus you have a film that doesn’t need slow motion then the fx9 is great but they’ve improved the computations in the Fx6 over the fx9 so that slow and quick button you don’t have to go through any menus to get over to 60 frames in 4k this for me for documentary i couldn’t ask for more it’s perfection but let’s quickly talk about what other gear i’ve brought i’m always preaching simplicity when you’re Shooting a documentary so this is my lowepro bag pro roller x 200 aw love this thing because it’s so tiny and you can see i’m not packing much gear i have one other lens here you guessed it it’s my helios lens it says 35 in the background it’s not it’s a 58mm lens Weird carry sync earbud headphones so you gotta monitor audio that’s a gopro nine i went and bought it today i actually don’t own any gopros but this shoot with tornadoes is gonna need one backup monitor for sony i have the other v mounts and then just A few odds and ends memory cards this is called fashion tape it’s really great for when you’re trying to mic people up i have extra cables in here here’s all my mic accessories this is actually taking up a lot of space because good sound is just as important as good Visuals and that’s it i do have a drone that i’m throwing in my checked luggage but it’s not much else i’m really trying to go for simplicity these days i think i’m going to try and shoot the entire thing on that 24 to 70. and i’m bringing My buddy zac random along he might bring a few other pieces of gear but this is about simplicity i’m not even going to do any sit-down interviews for this film i just want to follow ricky and i want to challenge myself to see if i can make An entire film that is completely verite i’ll put all the links below so that you can understand the camera the last thing is that i’m using hdmi which is unique for me i’m always using sdi but i brought a backup sdi cable but hdmi is cheaper so probably destroy the hdmi so Starting with hdmi keep locked to this channel over the next few months i’ll be showing you everything to do with this tornado film and as well my film okay is going to be screening in new zealand and a few other countries coming up oh man that gives me the heebie jeebies that sound Day one of the books with the ultimate dock set up and i love this this was great the audio was…

Ultimate Documentary Setup: Full Breakdown

What equipment do I need for the ultimate documentary setup?

For the ultimate documentary setup, you will need a high-quality video camera, a sturdy tripod, professional microphones, lighting equipment, and a reliable laptop for editing.

What are the best video cameras for documentary filmmaking?

The best video cameras for documentary filmmaking are typically high-resolution DSLR or mirrorless cameras with the ability to capture in 4K or higher resolution.

What types of microphones are essential for documentary filmmaking?

For documentary filmmaking, you will need both shotgun and lavalier microphones to capture clear and professional audio in various filming situations.

Do I need special lighting equipment for documentary filmmaking?

Yes, professional lighting equipment is essential for achieving high-quality and properly lit shots in documentary filmmaking. LED lights and diffusers are commonly used for this purpose.

What software is best for editing documentary footage?

Professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro are commonly used for editing documentary footage due to their comprehensive editing tools and capabilities.

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