Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge | VR180

Welcome to our blog, where we explore the world of photography and push creative boundaries. In this post, we dive into the exciting realm of ugly location portrait photography with a male model challenge, all captured in immersive VR180. While traditional portraits often focus on capturing the subject’s beauty in stunning landscapes, we take a unique approach by embracing unconventional and aesthetically challenging locations. By incorporating a male model into the mix, we aim to challenge societal norms and redefine the definition of beauty. Join us on this visual journey as we traverse through gritty back alleys, run-down buildings, and unexpected spaces, capturing captivating shots that evoke emotions and provoke thought.

Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge | VR180

Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge | VR180


Today we’re doing an ugly location challenge. This video isn’t in VR180, so if you are watching on your phone, you can move your phone around and see more of a viewing angle. If you’re watching on a computer, you can click your mouse and drag around the screen to see more. And if you’re watching on TV, you’re probably my mom.

The Challenge

We’re with our model, A Theory, and the goal here is to challenge each other with ideal locations. Since “ugly” is kind of a subjective word, we’re picking locations that we wouldn’t normally choose as portrait backdrops. They’re not ideal for a variety of reasons and pretty much as ugly as we can find.

Location 1

I chose this location for Rachel. There is trash everywhere, overgrown weeds, and stickers all over everything. It’s just not a spot I’d normally choose for a photoshoot.

Photoshoot at Location 1


Rachel started shooting at an angle from this location.

Location 2

Daniel didn’t like how easy the last location was, so now we’re going to use an even uglier location. This location has iron bars, graffiti, and a view of a construction site.

Photoshoot at Location 2

Daniel switched to the 85mm lens to pull the model away from the background. He tried to hide the ugliness of the location by focusing more on the model.

Location 3

I picked this location because it seemed really ugly. There is a falling banner, trash on the sign, and overall a decrepit look to it.

Photoshoot at Location 3

Rachel started shooting at this location. She chose the 35mm lens to capture more of the ugly location in the frame.

Location 4

We chose this abandoned cold storage facility for our final location. There are vines, barbed wire, and old school buses.

Photoshoot at Location 4

Daniel used a prism to add a unique effect to the photos. He switched between the 24mm and 85mm lenses for different focal lengths and background blur.


We think the challenge went well and our model did a great job. Check out his Instagram to see more of his work. Let us know who you think did the best job and which location was your favorite. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! We appreciate nice comments only.

Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge | VR180 – FAQ

FAQ – Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge | VR180

What is the Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge?

The Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge is a unique photography challenge that focuses on capturing unconventional and unattractive locations along with a male model, using VR180 technology.

What is VR180 technology?

VR180 is a virtual reality technology that allows for the capturing and viewing of 180-degree panoramic content. It provides an immersive experience when viewed using VR headsets or compatible devices.

How can I participate in the challenge?

To participate in the Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge, you need to have access to VR180 equipment, such as a VR camera or a smartphone with VR180 capabilities. Capture a portrait of a male model in an unattractive or unconventional setting and share it on social media using the designated challenge hashtags.

What are the challenge hashtags?

The challenge hashtags are #UglyLocationPortraitChallenge and #MaleModelVR180. Make sure to include these hashtags in your social media posts to join the challenge and allow others to find your work.

Is there a prize for the challenge?

Yes, there is a prize for the Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge. The winner will receive a VR180 camera kit, consisting of a high-quality VR camera and accessories to enhance their future photography endeavors.

How will the winner be selected?

The winner will be chosen based on the creativity, originality, and overall impact of their ugly location portrait with a male model. A panel of expert judges will evaluate the submissions and select the most impressive entry as the winner.

When is the deadline for the challenge?

The deadline for the Ugly Location Portrait w/ a MALE MODEL Challenge is [insert date here]. Make sure to submit your entry before this deadline to be eligible for the prize.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, participants are allowed to submit multiple entries to the challenge. Feel free to capture and share different ugly location portraits with male models to increase your chances of winning.

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