TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple ft. Julia Trotti!

Are you curious to see how two different photographers can capture the same couple in unique ways? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating collaboration between two talented photographers, featuring the lovely Julia Trotti and her stunning subjects. By witnessing their individual approaches and techniques, we not only gain insight into their creative processes but also appreciate how a single couple can be portrayed through different artistic lenses. Prepare to be mesmerized as we delve into the world of photography and witness the magic unfold as Julia Trotti and her counterpart showcase their superb skills in capturing the essence of this captivating couple.

TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple ft. Julia Trotti!


Hey guys, it’s Mitch here. Today, I’m with Julia Trotti, a renowned portrait photographer with a YouTube channel dedicated to photography. In this video, we have the pleasure of shooting the same couple, Liliana and Jared, in a beautiful location.

Equipment Used

For this shoot, I will be using the Canon EOS R with the Tamron 35 millimeter 1.4 lens, while Julia will be using the Sony A73 with the Zeiss 35 millimeter 1.4 lens. Make sure to check out Part Two on Julia’s channel, where she will cover more locations, poses, and setups.

Location and Posing

We begin the shoot with Liliana and Jared positioned between two columns. Mitch suggests placing them slightly away from the fence to create a blurred background. He instructs them to face each other, with Jared lowering himself slightly. Lily is asked to bring her hand closer to Mitch’s chest. The couple’s faces are brought close together, creating an intimate moment. Mitch captures a shot of Lily looking at the camera while Jared gently kisses her forehead. The couple then shifts slightly to create a more dynamic composition.

Mitch then suggests they link fingers and cuddle while looking at each other. They intertwine their fingers and adjust their arms for variety. Lily is then seated on the top step, while Jared sits one step below. Their faces are brought close together, capturing their affection for each other.

Movement and Interaction

Mitch explores movement by having Liliana and Jared hold hands and walk away from each other before bumping back into each other. This diagonal movement adds depth to the shots. They repeat the movement to capture different angles.

Creative Composition

Mitch finds a wet spot with the best background and poses the couple there. He instructs them to touch noses and tilt their heads for a more interesting shot. Their bodies are positioned to create a natural and intimate pose. Liliana is then asked to sit on Jared’s lap, with her knee raised. They share a passionate gaze as Mitch captures their connection.

Another setup involves Liliana giving Jared a kiss while he leans against a post. They maintain eye contact, showcasing their love for each other. Mitch also experiments with different compositions, having Jared and Liliana hold hands on opposite sides of a post.


In conclusion, Mitch and Julia had a fantastic time shooting the same couple, Liliana and Jared. They were impressed by each other’s creativity and unique perspectives. Liliana and Jared were amazing throughout the shoot, and special thanks were given to TK, the cameraperson. Both photographers are excited to compare and edit their photos side by side. Stay tuned for more exciting videos!

FAQ: TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple ft. Julia Trotti!

1. Who is Julia Trotti?

Julia Trotti is a renowned photographer with a successful career in fashion, lifestyle, and portrait photography.

2. What is “TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple”?

“TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple” is a collaboration video series by Julia Trotti, where she teams up with another photographer to shoot the same couple simultaneously. It allows viewers to observe and compare the shooting styles, techniques, and creative choices of two photographers.

3. How does the series work?

In the series, Julia Trotti and the guest photographer choose a couple as their subjects. They then spend a day shooting together, capturing various poses, locations, and scenarios. The footage is edited into a video that showcases the differences and similarities between their approaches.

4. What is the purpose of the series?

The purpose of the series is to provide insight into the creative process of professional photographers and demonstrate how different photographers can have unique perspectives and methods while working with the same subjects. It offers educational value to photographers and inspires viewers with fresh ideas for their own shoots.

5. Can I learn from watching “TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple”?

Absolutely! The series offers a great opportunity to learn from two experienced photographers. By observing their techniques, compositions, and interactions with the couple, you can gain insights into posing, lighting, location scouting, and overall creative direction. It’s a valuable resource for photographers looking to enhance their skills.

6. How often are new episodes released?

New episodes of “TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple” are released periodically, showcasing different guest photographers and couples. Subscribe to Julia Trotti’s YouTube channel and follow her on social media to stay updated on upcoming episodes.

7. Can I suggest couples or guest photographers for the series?

While specific guidelines for suggestions may vary, Julia Trotti often welcomes recommendations from her audience. Keep an eye on her social media platforms and website for any specific requests regarding future episodes or collaborations.

8. Where can I watch “TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple”?

You can watch all the episodes of “TWO Photographers Shoot The SAME Couple” on Julia Trotti’s YouTube channel. You may also find additional behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, and photography tips on her website or social media accounts.

Remember to explore the series and enjoy the wealth of knowledge and inspiration it offers to photography enthusiasts!

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