TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 for Nikon Z Mount: The Competition is Stiff

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for a versatile lens that delivers top-notch image quality and outstanding autofocus performance? Look no further than the TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 for Nikon Z Mount. With its sleek design and incredible capabilities, this lens has been making quite a splash in the photography community. In a market saturated with options, the competition is undeniably stiff. However, the TT Artisan lens stands out from the crowd, offering a unique combination of features that make it a worthy competitor. In this blog, we will delve into the details of this lens, exploring its superior autofocus technology and how it stacks up against its competitors. Get ready to be amazed by the TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 for Nikon Z Mount!

TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 for Nikon Z Mount: The Competition is Stiff

Hey everybody, I’m Hugh Brownstone for Three Blind Men and an Elephant, and today I want to talk briefly about TT Artisan’s sub $200 auto focusing 32mm f/2.8 lens in Nikon Z mount.

Introducing TT Artisan’s First Autofocusing Lens

TT Artisan, an interesting young company, has ventured into the realm of autofocus lenses for the first time with their 32mm f/2.8 lens. What’s notable about the autofocus is its unnoticeable performance. It simply works well for Claudia’s street photography, allowing her to capture lovely images with ease on her Z72.

Claudia appreciates the lens’s diminutive size and lightweight design, and she was pleasantly surprised by its performance when reviewing the images on her camera’s screen in the field. However, a closer examination of the images on a larger screen and comparison with test images shot in the studio revealed some shortcomings.

Comparing with Nikon Z Mount Lenses

Comparing a sub $200 lens to a lens that costs more than 10 times its price may seem unfair, but it was necessary to fully leverage the image quality of the Z72. Claudia’s go-to lens, the Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8, which costs over 10 times as much as the TT Artisan lens, outperforms it in every category, from image quality to build quality to autofocus performance.

This highlights the importance of investing in high-quality glass for your camera unless you stumble upon an extraordinary bargain. In the case of the TT Artisan lens, its performance is in line with its price range, but it falls short when compared to more expensive options. It does, however, hold its ground against the Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 when shot at narrower apertures.

Comparing with Other Inexpensive Lenses

To provide a more interesting comparison, we also tested the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 against the Canon Nifty Fifty EF 50mm f/1.8 II, mounted on a Sony A7IV via an adapter. Despite differences in sensor resolution and autofocus performance between the bodies, the TT Artisan lens still offers superior autofocus and sharpness from f/3.5 onwards.

However, the TT Artisan lens is marred by excessive lateral chromatic aberration, which is absent in the older Canon lens. A similar comparison can be made with Nikon’s 10-year-old AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, which can be found used for a similar price as the TT Artisan lens, albeit with the need for an adapter.

The Right Lens for Your Z Mount Camera

For a full-frame Nikon Z shooter looking for a first prime lens, it is difficult to recommend the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8. It offers sharpness but is challenged by chromatic aberration. Instead, it is advisable to invest in higher-quality options, such as Nikon’s Z-mount primes.

If budget is a concern, Nikon’s more affordably priced Z40mm f/2 or Z28mm f/2.8 lenses may be worth considering. These lenses, although not personally tested, have promising MTF charts and benefit from Nikon’s expertise in lens design and performance.

Considering Chromatic Aberration and Other Factors

It’s important to note that chromatic aberration can be corrected in post-processing for still images, but it becomes more challenging when shooting video. Additionally, the TT Artisan lens may not be suitable for photographers who heavily crop their images or frequently print them at larger sizes or view them up close.

In conclusion, while the TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 lens has its merits, it is recommended to invest in higher-quality lenses for optimal performance and image quality. But if you don’t mind the limitations and are on a tight budget, it may still be a viable option.

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FAQ about TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 for Nikon Z Mount: The Competition is Stiff

1. What is the TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 lens?

The TT Artisan AUTOFOCUSING 32mm f/2.8 lens is a prime lens specifically designed for Nikon Z mount cameras. It offers autofocus capabilities and has a focal length of 32mm with a maximum aperture of f/2.8.

2. Which cameras are compatible with the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens?

This lens is specifically designed for Nikon Z mount cameras, making it compatible with various Nikon Z mirrorless camera models like Nikon Z6, Z7, and future Nikon Z series cameras.

3. What is the autofocus performance like for this lens?

The TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens offers autofocus capabilities, providing fast and accurate focusing on subjects. With its autofocus motor, it ensures smooth and quiet autofocus operation, allowing you to capture sharp and well-focused images.

4. Is the aperture fixed at f/2.8 on this lens?

Yes, the maximum aperture of the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens is fixed at f/2.8. This aperture setting allows for great low-light performance and depth-of-field control, resulting in beautiful bokeh effects.

5. How does the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens compare to other similar lenses?

The competition is stiff in the market for Nikon Z mount lenses in this focal length range. However, the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens stands out with its autofocus capabilities and excellent build quality. It offers photographers a compact and lightweight option with impressive image quality.

6. Does this lens have any special features?

While the TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens mainly focuses on delivering high-quality images and reliable autofocus, it also features a durable metal construction, a smooth manual focus ring, and a compact design that appeals to photographers seeking both performance and portability.

7. Can I use this lens for both photo and video shooting?

Absolutely! The TT Artisan 32mm f/2.8 lens is versatile and suitable for both photography and video shooting. Its autofocus capabilities and silent operation make it a great choice for capturing moving subjects, while its wide aperture allows for creative video shots with shallow depth of field.

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