Tripods: Some better uses…

Do you find yourself struggling to get steady shots when using your camera or phone for photography or videography? Tripods are a versatile tool that can help improve the quality of your shots by providing stability and reducing camera shake. In this blog, we will explore some of the better uses of tripods beyond just holding your camera steady. From capturing timelapse videos to shooting long exposures, tripods can greatly enhance the creative possibilities for your photography and videography projects. Join us as we dive into the world of tripods and discover how they can take your work to the next level.

Tripods: Some better uses…

Morning everybody your afternoon or evening I guess and welcome to a video sponsored by lumix and to a wet rainy horrible grim peak district here in England yes obviously I’m not in Italy anymore or Sylvania those videos have to come to tusla many videos but today I Want to talk about something that’s very close to my heart very very close to my heart in fact tripods now let’s get a shock some of you I imagine because if you follow this channel for a while you’ll know that I I use limits cameras and one of the reasons I use limits Cameras is some stabilization I love stabilization and then because I hate tripods hate them and yet pretty much every time I upload a video people will say to me James if you hate tripods so much what is your your video camera standing on where you’re talking to Camera and it’s a every video I get comments like that is so funny cut its tripod tripods what my my camera’s standing on I tolerate them I don’t I don’t like them yet despite the fact that I hate tripods I have to take one with me pretty much everywhere because I Make youtube videos and because of that over the years to try and justify it to myself a little bit more I’ve I’ve tried to come up with some other uses for tripods and well I found a handful that that I think really worked Now if you’re anything like me them on a on a rainy horrible day like this you’ll you’ll like to find ways to stay dry now wearing a coat is fine but but what if you want to sit down and and keep more of your body dry well no problem at all If you’ve got a tripod because it makes for a terrific shelter let me demonstrate now the beauty of this of course is that you can sit and you can sit now sitting under one of these is great if you like abdominal workouts and if you just want To keep sort of your front dry it doesn’t really keep your backside dry really but you know even even so I sometimes sit under here for minutes at a time I know you thinking James how is that any better than wearing a coat but like all good things it’s best to try For yourself and I think you’ll find that it’s better than just wearing a coat in pretty much every way except for being colder and wetter now when I went to youtube school one of the most important days I had of teaching was the importance of including coffee in your Videos particularly if you’re a millennial is really importantly include lots of coffee you show how much you enjoy coffee show b-roll of you making coffee you talk about coffee all the time you talk about the importance of good roasting good grind all the nonsense about coffee you talk about That a lot and so obviously today like a good millennial I’ve bought my arrow press out so that I could enjoy a nice fresh coffee while I’m making a video now don’t you think can you think of James what on earth that’s not gonna fit What on earth does that got to do with a tripod well since I’m a millennial I I’m a bit silly and yeah a bit forgetful and not particularly responsible and as such today I forgot to bring with me a spoon I was busy thinking about snapchat filters and protection of ducks stuff Like that and it’s no problem really because that looks disgusting because I can just use my tripod and that will be a perfect spoon yes look at that that looks like gravy actually to be honest And at this point you may be thinking yourself where is that all that tripods have to offer as far as energy goes and the answer is now it’s like a good millennial when it comes to lunchtime III try to avoid bread I basically look at bread as a a microaggression on the World so typically what I like to do is look east for my my cuisine in the middle of the day and well I present to you ladies and gentlemen the try drop the stick which think of that [Applause] rooo Liam you know I have to say that Despite the tripod being incredible as a spoon and a chopstick I still think one of the best uses of a tripod is to increase the chances of your gear being stolen you know I think one of the biggest things for photographers when they’re buying a new camera bag and Correct me if I’m wrong but one of the biggest things well the most important thing seems to be that it doesn’t look like a camera bag and therefore doesn’t look like it’s got thousands of pounds worth of equipment in it and the number of times other photographers say to me Jones I found this great new bag doesn’t look anything like a camera bag is brilliant and then they go and strap a tripod to it and then they like check out my new bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag who carries a tripod without also having loads of expensive camera Equipment with them what still against the good thing about a tripod is that when you are accosted by someone trying to steal your gear because they’ve seen you’ve got a tripod you can sort of use it as a weapon I mean to be honest for me in places like this um I’m unlikely To be accosted by a human it’s more likely to be cuddled or a sheep but I can just prod never had that issue I do I do tend to get on with sheep so I’d have loved one of these when I was little bring carnage also and I mean this one As a genuine point they are quite good as I’m sure many of you have found before as walking-sticks do this up that treacherous ground you know just they sort of thank IMing you not to use a walking stick there there are quite good as there I have also Found they’re not quite as good as a seat also I did just mean that as a bit of fun like I’d if you genuinely enjoy using a tripod I’m not trying to take a stab at you it’s just that I I really don’t like it I’ve talked at length Before really about how how I don’t like using them or why I don’t like using them but basically it boils down to the fact that I like to pursue photography as very much like a secondary thing to experience and the primary thing to experience for me is when I’m outside in There the outdoors is just experiencing the outdoors and photography is just a way for me to document that and I’ve found in the past that if I try and use a tripod then more often than not photography ends up becoming the primary thing because it takes so long to get The tripod out and to set up a shot and to compose and to recompose whereas when I’m just walking around with a camera in my hand I’m able to just sort of move around quite quickly and a lot of people I think misunderstand that for kind of a spray-and-pray technique and that’s it’s Not really the case I’m still being considered I’m just doing so with my feet in my hands rather than a tripod which let’s be honest is quite a rudimentary invention when you consider all the technology that goes into modern cameras and the ergonomics and modern cameras and a stabilisation and all the Stuff like that and yet we still in some cases rely on one of these a three-legged bit of metal but I think also as I’ve spoke about in this channel before I am…

FAQ About Tripods: Some Better Uses…

1. Can tripods be used for anything other than holding cameras?

Yes, tripods can be used for a variety of purposes besides holding cameras. They can also be used for holding smartphones, microphones, lights, and even for mounting items like tablets or laptops.

2. Are tripods helpful for shooting videos?

Absolutely! Tripods are essential for shooting stable and professional-looking videos. They help eliminate shaky footage and allow for smooth panning and tilting movements.

3. Can tripods be used for outdoor activities?

Yes, tripods are versatile tools that can be used for outdoor activities like birdwatching, stargazing, or even for capturing time-lapse images of landscapes. They provide stability and help ensure clear and crisp images.

4. Are tripods just for photographers?

No, tripods are not just for photographers. They can be beneficial for anyone who wants to capture stable images or videos, whether for personal or professional use. They are a valuable tool for content creators, vloggers, and hobbyists alike.

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