Travelling with a NEW BORN BABY | PART I

Are you a new parent who dreams of exploring the world but is worried about traveling with a newborn? Don’t fret! In this two-part blog series, we will provide you with valuable tips and essential information on how to make your travel adventures with a newborn a pleasant and stress-free experience. In Part I, we will focus on the pre-travel preparations, including important documents, essential items to pack, and necessary vaccinations. So, get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys with your little one, as we guide you through the joys and challenges of traveling with a newborn!

Travelling with a Newborn Baby | PART I


For two million years, the human brain has evolved more than any species in existence. Traveling with a newborn baby is a unique adventure, requiring careful planning and preparation. This article follows the journey of a couple as they embark on a trip with their newborn baby, capturing the challenges and joys of traveling with an infant.

Changing Careers and Filmmaking

The story begins in 2018 when the narrator, a personal trainer for ten years, made a life-altering decision to pursue a career in film. Attending film school, he was tasked with creating a documentary idea from scratch. Through his pitch, he managed to secure the opportunity to write and direct a short film about his wife and her experiences as a paramedic. The film became a success, earning an award and showcasing stunning footage captured in snowy mountainous peaks of New Zealand.

The Idea and Waiting for the Baby

One day, while cooking and cleaning at home, the idea of making a travel film about journeying with a baby struck the narrator. However, there was one dilemma – he and his wife didn’t have a baby yet. So, the journey of creating a travel film about traveling with a newborn baby had to wait until they received the news of their pregnancy.

Choosing the Destination and Packing

Once the news arrived, the couple began planning their trip. New Zealand seemed like an obvious choice, but they decided on Tasmania instead. A destination that offered challenges without being overly daunting. The couple packed essentials not only for themselves but also for the baby. The airline they were flying with allowed them to bring a stroller, car seat, portable highchair, and a portable cot with bedding.

The Itinerary

Their itinerary included three nights in Hobart, three nights in Strahan on the west coast, and a visit to the renowned Cradle Mountain for one night. They would then spend one night in Stanley before heading east to Launceston for another night. The second-last destination was Beaconsfield for two nights, and they would return to Hobart for their last night before flying back to Brisbane.


This article has introduced the first part of a travel film documenting the journey of a couple travelling with their newborn baby. The challenges and triumphs of traveling with an infant will be uncovered in part two. Can it be done? Stay tuned to find out!

Frequently Asked Questions – Travelling with a Newborn Baby | Part I

1. What age is it safe to start travelling with a newborn baby?

It is generally recommended to wait until your baby is at least two weeks old before embarking on any non-essential travel. This allows the baby time to adjust to its new environment and for the parents to establish feeding and sleeping routines.

2. Do I need to carry any special documents while travelling with a newborn?

Yes, it is essential to carry the baby’s birth certificate or a certified copy as proof of their age during travel. Additionally, it is advisable to have a letter from the baby’s pediatrician stating that they are fit for travel.

3. How do I ensure my baby’s safety during the journey?

When travelling, prioritize your baby’s safety by ensuring they are seated in a properly installed car seat or a rear-facing infant carrier in a car. Also, make sure to pack all essential items, such as diapers, wipes, blankets, and extra clothing, to cater to their needs throughout the journey.

4. Are there any immunizations required before travelling with a newborn?

Some destinations may have specific immunization requirements for infants. It is crucial to consult your pediatrician regarding any necessary vaccinations for your baby before embarking on your trip.

5. Can I breastfeed my baby during the journey?

Absolutely! Breastfeeding is highly encouraged during travel with a newborn. It helps in soothing the baby, provides nourishment, and helps reduce their discomfort during takeoff and landing. Be sure to dress comfortably and discreetly for easy breastfeeding.

6. How do I handle the baby’s sleep routine while travelling?

Try to maintain your baby’s regular sleep routine as much as possible. Carry familiar items such as their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to help them feel secure and comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Creating a quiet and dimly lit sleeping area can also encourage better sleep.

7. What safety measures should I take in public spaces?

When in public spaces, make sure to sanitize your hands before touching or picking up your baby to prevent the spread of germs. Also, avoid crowded areas as much as possible, and politely request others to keep a safe distance, especially if your baby is young.

8. How can I manage my baby’s feeding routine while travelling?

If you are breastfeeding, try to maintain your usual nursing schedule. For formula-fed babies, carry pre-measured portions of formula and pack enough sterilized bottles and bottle-cleaning supplies. Additionally, bringing healthy snacks for any older siblings can also be helpful.

We hope these FAQs have provided helpful insights for your upcoming travels with your newborn baby. Stay tuned for Part II, where we will address more commonly asked questions!

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