Trail Camera: Chris and Jordan Photograph Idaho

How can you capture stunning wildlife photos without disturbing the natural habitat? The answer lies in trail cameras. These high-tech devices are designed to capture images and videos of wildlife without human intervention. Whether you’re an avid nature photographer, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply want to keep an eye on your property, trail cameras are an invaluable tool. In this blog, we will follow Chris and Jordan as they explore the wilderness of Idaho, armed with trail cameras to capture the elusive creatures that call this beautiful landscape home. Join us as we uncover the magic of trail cameras and the stunning wildlife they capture.

Trail Camera: Chris and Jordan Photograph Idaho

Exploring Idaho with Chris and Jordan

You know I don’t like surprises I pack all of this stuff where are we going are we going to like BC for this road trip or what no no so even better we’re going to Idaho yeah I’ve never been to what what is an Idaho oh like the Fall colors Would be amazing there’s M there’s like interesting people we’re going to meet and then maybe like some world class fish there it [Applause]

Reconnecting with Friends

Is Michael what’s up Jordan too long go Chris it’s been like 6 years yeah I mean it’s crazy you’re just like straight south from us in Alberta and we never like thought to visit you and I’ve never seen Idaho and I want to check out Idaho It’s weird this is great yeah this is fantastic and like we want to take pictures we want to get video uh you know meet some interesting people so what have you got planned for us here we got lots of time to explore the state um So I’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned but I don’t want to ruin the surprises so I’m not going to tell you I like to know what’s happening I like I don’t care I’m not going to tell you a single thing okay but even more importantly even more importantly a lot Michael Idaho is a fly fishing Mecca get worse do I do I get to Fish we have got so much time for fishing you’re going to be in heaven and there will be things for me that I will enjoy as well filming him Fish so like I love the idea of surprises and everything like that I do kind of wish I knew where we were going but we’ll just follow Michael to God knows where he hasn’t like secretly let me in on anything I don’t know where we’re going at all yeah yeah our grand Tour of Idaho would take us from the Canadian border down south through the western part of the state we were immediately struck by just how beautiful the forest and ners were and I just had to get the tripod out and start taking some long Exposures What would your first photography instructor say about this I failed my University classes for photography so he would have said that makes sense I always thought so it was hard to tear myself away from the streams but we had to get to our accommodations in the gorgeous Lake Country around s Point Idaho there was just enough time to enjoy the lake and even make a new four-legged friend I can’t help but feel good I can’t help but feel fine everything is in its place and everything is mine I can’t help but feel good I can’t help but feel fine Everything is in its place and all of it is mine all right come here Daisy come here good girl come on Jordan we got to go take photos now no more play okay sure come here come here Jordan I’m coming come here Jordan I don’t like When you do that that’s a good boy that’s a good boy don’t like it all right good girl come on Daisy come on we didn’t just come to Idaho to take pictures but also to meet with the amazing people that live here our first stop was an award-winning restaurant Called candle in the woods nestled in the small town of athel the owner David Adler provides a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else hey Dave thanks so much for wel welcome to the candle this is beautiful it smells great we always tell people before you guess Your expectations too high I was a gymnastics coach for 40 years so we have no culinary training our modotto is we just our motto is we just make sh up and wait is that true no it’s completely true as I understand it this is a very different dining experience right I mean It’s not something where you come for an hour and a half right okay we only do one one sitting a night right so we don’t start till everybody gets here and you’re were saying about the interesting different dining experience so ours is uh what we call priest fix so it’s 13 Courses 14 courses all with wine pairings one menu then you don’t get a choice you just sit down eat what we give you so know one thing I noticed right off the bat coming in here your staff you have a lot of young staff we do and then you got Andy And then we got Andy where do where does everybody get their culinary training is this all done they get their culinary train Marcus where did you get your culinary training here every single person started as a dishwasher we don’t care whether you know anything we’re going to Teach you our way and it may not be the right way like if like real chefs came in right they’d probably oh you can’t do that it works for us what kind of foods do you like to pull from the local area there are some people that make great Stuff like we use Yak from a ranch that’s 4 miles down the road right uh we have a young man in town that raises quail and he brings us quail eggs but we try to use as much local stuff as we can and uh I think the guests appreciate it Too yeah we’ve had opportunities to open restaurants all over like Hawaii and this and that we’re an assle and there’s a reason I mean we we love it here we love just being part of Idaho Idaho’s home for us now and you start going you could Vacation the rest of your life and never leave the state do you have a guilty pleasure though is there like a food you just slum it you’re like you know what oh yeah the two tacos from Jack In The Box oh yeah I don’t know what he in Those tacos I don’t care they deep fry the entire thing including the lettuce I don’t care it was time for dinner so our crew scrambled to dress appropriately for the fine dining experience that we were about to have So this is a Chipotle infused marshmallow and of course watch some more would be complete without a piece of perfectly cooked fillet Min cousins the food looked as amazing as it tasted every course was expertly plated and looked like a work of art so I got to practice my food photography skills too I’m going to have Chris come up and uh well we’re going to make some ice cream well we’re going to go and plate this up with any luck at all this one won’t Suck note how he closes his eyes in order to activate all of his other senses and heighten them in order to enjoy the experience even further that’s almost good now he’s going to a Transcendent place he is breaking the bonds of reality I like lamb he is uh a Sojourner through the cosmos of taste and just this is very good lamb okay all right boys lovely sauce lamb is my favorite thing and this is my favorite Lamb Yeah it’s Good now only in Idaho can you go from world-renowned fine dining in the evening to Back Country ATV trails the next day so we traded our dress shoes for boots and jeans and hit the dusty trails in the Hills above the town of Mall hurry hurry hurry hurry fast fast fast Go go go go this is what we call an Idaho traffic Jam [Applause] Fun what this is fun and I know it’s fun oh I’m glad you’re having fun yeah bringing up my Royal side yeah I never thought passenger I never thought I’d see a goggles like that you were just fast they were included free with the rental…

Frequently Asked Questions about Trail Cameras

What are trail cameras?

Trail cameras are motion-activated cameras that are used to capture photos and videos of wildlife and nature.

How do trail cameras work?

Trail cameras are typically set up in outdoor locations and are triggered by motion and heat. When an animal or person passes by, the camera is activated and captures the image or video.

What are the uses of trail cameras?

Trail cameras are used for wildlife monitoring, hunting, security, and nature photography. They can capture images of animals in their natural habitat without human intervention.

How can I set up a trail camera?

Trail cameras are usually mounted on trees or other objects using straps or mounts. They are then aimed at the desired area and set to the appropriate settings for your specific needs.

Where can I buy a trail camera?

Trail cameras can be purchased at outdoor retailers, sporting goods stores, and online. It’s important to consider the specific features and capabilities you need before making a purchase.

Are trail cameras legal to use?

It’s important to check the local laws and regulations regarding the use of trail cameras in your area. Different locations may have restrictions on the use of trail cameras for hunting or other purposes.

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