Top Inspiring Famous Urban Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Looking for inspiration on Instagram? Wondering who the top urban photographers to follow are?

Explore the world of street photography through the lenses of these talented individuals. Get ready to discover a fresh perspective on urban life and cityscapes like never before.

Let’s dive in and explore the vibrant visuals and storytelling these famous urban photographers have to offer!

I remember stumbling upon one of these photographers’ profiles while scrolling through Instagram. Their shots of city life instantly transported me to bustling streets and quiet corners, all through the magic of their lens.

Dive into their feeds today and let their visual stories ignite your sense of wonder and creativity. Happy exploring!

Paola M. Franqui @monaris

With over 2,000.000 followers on Instagram, @monaris (Paola M. Franqui) is a talented New York-based photographer known for her captivating street photography.

  • Paola’s unique style involves creative use of reflections through paddles, mirrors, and glasses.
  • Her compositions play with dimensions and incorporate a ghosting effect, adding intrigue to her photos.
  • Light presets are skillfully utilized by Paola to enhance depth and mood in her urban photography.
  • Through her lens, Paola Franqui brings the streets of New York to life, showcasing moments of beauty and urban charm.

Tip: Experiment with different reflective surfaces to add a unique touch to your street photography.

Joshua K. Jackson @joshjack

Joshua K. Jackson’s Innovative Street Photography

  • Joshua K. Jackson, aka @joshjack on Instagram, draws inspiration from Paola M. Franqui’s creative use of reflections.
  • Based in the UK, Joshua is a talented street photographer known for his vibrant colors and captivating narratives.
  • Signature Style: Joshua often incorporates mirror or glass shots in his work, offering viewers unique perspectives and patterns.
  • Keen Eye for Detail: His colorful street photos showcase chronological patterns and trends, enriching his storytelling.
  • Emotional Impact: Through his engaging street photography on Instagram, Joshua excels in conveying emotions and narratives.

Capturing Vibrant Street Scenes

  • Tip: Experiment with reflections in photography to add depth and interest to your images.

Infusing Narratives with Color

  • Tip: Use vibrant colors to evoke emotions and enhance the storytelling aspect of your photos.

Playing with Perspectives

Anton Kawasaki / @anton_in_nyc

social media handle identification

Anton Kawasaki, known as @anton_in_nyc on Instagram, captures the raw authenticity of New York City’s bustling streets through candid street photography. His work showcases:

  • Couples in intimate moments
  • Police-citizen dialogues
  • Various personalities in spontaneous situations

Tip: When capturing street photography, look for genuine moments that reflect the city’s essence.

Kawasaki’s photography style involves minimal editing, allowing the raw essence of New York’s congested streets and subways to shine through. With a keen eye for urban details, he encapsulates the vibrant and chaotic energy of city life in his images.

Viewers get a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of New York City streets, experiencing the hustle and bustle firsthand. Anton Kawasaki’s street photography truly embodies the spirit and essence of urban life in the Big Apple.

Marina Sersale / @eauditalie

French street photographer Marina Sersale, known as @eauditalie on Instagram, captures urban and natural settings in striking black and white. Her photos skillfully play with detailed shadows, adding depth to each image while respecting the privacy of her subjects. Sersale’s lens focuses on urban environments, enclosed spaces, and beaches, offering a diverse perspective on city life.

  • Emphasizes striking black and white imagery
  • Captures the essence of urban settings and enclosed spaces
  • Respects the privacy of individuals in her photos

Cocu Liu / @cocu_liu

social media username for cocu liu

Capturing the bustling streets of San Francisco with an artistic eye, Cocu Liu, also known as @cocu_liu on Instagram, showcases the dynamic urban landscape through his phone camera. Liu’s phone photography skillfully captures San Francisco’s urban landscapes, emphasizing a unique sense of scale in each shot. Leveraging the capabilities of his phone, he demonstrates that creativity and vision are key in photography, surpassing the need for high-end equipment.

  • Liu’s Instagram account has a strong following, highlighting the growing appreciation for mobile photography.
  • His street photography style has earned recognition in the photography community for conveying the vibrancy of urban environments.

Emphasizing Creativity and Vision

Use your phone’s camera to capture unique perspectives and moments, focusing on creativity rather than equipment.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Share your phone photography on platforms like Instagram to showcase your work and connect with a wider audience.

Experiment with Composition

Play around with angles, framing, and lighting to create visually compelling images with your phone camera.

Engage with the Photography Community

Join photography groups or online forums to receive feedback, tips, and inspiration for improving your mobile photography skills.

Mike Kepka @kepka

Mike Kepka, known as @kepka on Instagram, excels in urban street photography, capturing the essence of city life with precision:

  • Expert in showcasing urban landscapes and city vitality
  • Highlights monumental urban pieces like sculptures and famous buildings
  • Seamlessly blends planned shots with spontaneous urban moments
  • Connects with a broad audience through his captivating urban photography

Tip: When capturing urban scenes, look for unique angles and perspectives to add depth to your photos. Experiment with different lighting conditions to create dynamic compositions.

Matthew Wylie / @m_mateos

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Matthew Wylie, also known as @m_mateos, brings a fresh perspective to street photography with his unique exploration of urban environments. His keen eye for detail allows him to play with light and shadows, creating visually engaging compositions that tell compelling narratives.

  • Captures the essence of urban life
  • Deep understanding of street photography techniques
  • Passion for documenting the urban landscape authentically
  • Skillful ability to weave stories within bustling streets

Highlighting Urban Life

Matthew Wylie’s work showcases his deep understanding of street photography techniques, capturing the essence of urban life authentically.

Playing with Light and Shadows

Wylie’s keen eye for detail allows him to play with light and shadows, creating visually engaging compositions that tell compelling narratives.

Authentic Urban Documentation

Through his photography, Wylie demonstrates a passion for documenting the urban landscape authentically, offering viewers a distinct view of city life.

Jomayra Texeira / @visualmemories

Tips for Street Photography by @visualmemories

Known as @visualmemories on Instagram, Jomayra Texeira excels in capturing raw emotions and showcasing beauty in everyday moments through street photography. Her skillful use of composition creates compelling storytelling that engages viewers on a deep level.

  • Capture raw emotions: Focus on genuine expressions and moments that evoke strong feelings.
  • Highlight beauty in everyday moments: Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary to create impactful images.
  • Engage viewers through storytelling: Use composition and framing to create narratives that draw viewers into your photos.

Elevating Your Street Photography

When capturing street photography, remember to focus on the small details that can often tell a bigger story. Pay attention to the interactions between people, the play of light and shadows, and the unique elements that make each moment special.

Anthony Danielle / @takinyerphoto

photography by anthony danielle

Anthony Danielle, known as @takinyerphoto on Instagram, captures the essence of urban life through authentic street photography in New York City.

  • Specializes in Street Photography.
  • Showcases candid moments in diverse urban settings.
  • Focuses on the human experience in bustling city environments.
  • Tells compelling stories through his photography.
  • Offers a glimpse into the raw beauty of everyday life.

His work resonates with viewers looking for genuine street photography that captures the true spirit of urban living.

Linda Wisdom / @lindawisdomphotography

Capturing the essence of human connection in urban environments, Linda Wisdom, known on Instagram as @lindawisdomphotography, excels at telling captivating stories through her street photography.

Linda Wisdom’s photography skillfully portrays the emotional connections between individuals and their surroundings, creating powerful narratives that draw viewers in. With a keen eye for light and composition, she evokes strong emotions and reflections on everyday moments in her work.

Through her engaging Instagram feed, Linda Wisdom shares thought-provoking stories that deeply resonate with those who appreciate visual storytelling.

  • Talented street photographer with a knack for capturing human connections
  • Creates powerful narratives through skillful use of light and composition
  • Evokes strong emotions and reflections on everyday moments

Luis Cárdenas / @luuuuuuuiiiiiis

social media username details

Luis Cárdenas, aka @luuuuuuuiiiiiis on Instagram, excels at capturing the vibrant urban life through detailed and colorful street photography. His work stands out for:

  • Navigating urban landscapes with skill and precision.
  • Bringing out the beauty of everyday scenes through clever use of colors and textures.
  • Creating visual narratives that immerse viewers in the city’s essence.
  • Offering a fresh perspective on street beauty through richly detailed compositions.
  • Transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary captures with an artistic touch.

Tip: When capturing urban scenes, focus on finding beauty in the ordinary and look for unique angles to tell a compelling story through your photos.

Jorge Lens / @jorgelens

Excelling in urban photography, Jorge Lens, also known as @jorgelens on Instagram, showcases urban scenes with a unique and creative approach.

  • Unique Perspective: Lens brings a fresh and artistic touch to street photography.
  • Urban Essence: Lens captures the urban environment in a captivating way.
  • Light and Shadows: Lens skillfully uses light and shadows to add depth to his photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find Good Photographers on Instagram?

To find good photographers on Instagram, you can start by exploring hashtags, checking out photography communities, and following recommendations from friends. Engage with posts, ask questions, and discover talented artists to inspire your feed.

Who Is the Famous Street Photographer?

Looking for the famous street photographer? Sean Tucker’s thoughtful compositions and play with light and shadows make him a standout. His work immerses you in urban life, inviting you to see the world differently.

Who Is the Best Street Photography?

For the best street photography, check out the works of Paola M. Franqui, Matthew Wylie, Joshua K. Jackson, Anton Kawasaki, and Marina Sersale. Their unique styles and storytelling abilities make them stand out in the urban photography scene.

Can You Post Street Photography on Instagram?

Yes, you can definitely post street photography on Instagram! Share your unique perspective of urban life, capture authentic moments, and connect with a community of enthusiasts. Show your creativity and passion through your lens.


If you’re looking for a source of endless inspiration and captivating urban photography, following these talented urban photographers on Instagram is a must. Their feeds are like portals to vibrant cityscapes and hidden moments, waiting to be explored.

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