Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year!

Are you looking to upgrade your video gear in 2022 but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, having the right video gear can make a world of difference in the quality of your productions. From cameras and lenses to microphones and tripods, there are so many options to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 video gear picks of the year. These products have been carefully selected based on their performance, features, and user reviews. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best video gear options available in 2022!

Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year!

Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year!

Hey guys caleb here and in this video we’re going to talk about my favorite video gear of 2020. now this list isn’t going to be the best gear that came out this year but rather a list of gear that just you know gave me joy this year Either things that made my life easier when it comes to filming videos here in the studio or stuff that just made me happy and i really enjoyed so i’m going to have everything down in the description if you want to look at pricing and other information and let’s Kick things off by talking about two different tripods that really really helped me out this year the first is right behind me and it is the gh06 from e-image this is a great tripod if you need something a little more beefy but you don’t want to move up to Kind of an expensive option i believe you can get the head and a nice set of sticks for around 600 so it’s a great kind of middle of the road tripod and i’ve been using several of them here in the studio and just really really dig Them the next tripod is one that you guys ask about constantly especially this year and that is going to be this smaller tabletop tripod now i have a different head on this particular tripod but this is from ifootage and actually works with their entire monopod kit so I’ve got one over here holding up a camera that we’ll talk about in a little bit and here’s a second one and what i love about them is how beefy they are it’s really hard to show you in a video but these things can hold a ton of weight they also have Kind of a ball mount that’s really dampened so you can use it at the bottom of a monopod or use it like this with a tripod head and there’s quick release systems so you can very quickly swap out you know a different head a different you know light i’ve used these for Lights if you want a really nice kind of little boy setup and then the legs are locking with ratchet so you can go ahead and customize you know the positioning of the leg so just so all around really really solid heavy duty tabletop tripod i use it a lot for stuff Like this where i want to show off a camera and have it on the desk as well as getting really nice low shots and of course you can pair it with monopod accessories from ifootage now let’s talk about two cameras that i really dug this year the first is the a7 S3 it’s probably no surprise that it’s on this list it came out this year it’s incredible it isn’t quite the perfect camera at least in my opinion but it is really darn close and at 3 500 considering all you get it’s not bad so i’ve been using this almost exclusively For b-roll in the last couple of months but it’s still not my main camera which is believe it or not the panasonic s1 which most people just don’t care about but it’s what i’m using right now and the reason i use it is it is full frame and something about v-log on these Cameras is just my favorite the color looks great there’s no blotchiness which i’ve talked about a ton when it comes to sony cameras this camera the a7s iii still has some weird stuff going on when you’re working with log not the case on panasonic’s cameras now If i was buying a camera today i would use the panasonic s5 which i’ve done a video on and it’s amazing really like that camera but i own the s1 and it doesn’t really make sense to sell it when i’m just gonna use it you know on a Set of sticks like this yes the autofocus sucks but for color and just if you want a really great log image on a full frame camera right now for me the panasonic s1 and s5 are still phenomenal a bonus camera pick is going to be this The sony f3 cinema camera i did a video on this bad boy and how you can get one for around 800 bucks it only does 1080p but just something about this camera speaks to me and i’ve had so much fun shooting with it so it doesn’t get a lot Of use here in the studio so if you want something that’s just a ton of fun to shoot on and really really powerful check out the video i did talking about the f3 next up we’re going to talk about a filter that i used a ton this year and Really enjoyed and that is the black pro miss filters now these have been around forever i just started really using them a lot this year i’m using one right now and what these filters do is they take highlights like my forehead that light in the background and they soften them So here is a shot with the filter and here’s a shot without you can clearly see it is a pretty big difference there’s multiple strengths of these i have found for me personally i really like the 1 8. one quarter is a little too strong and if you’re out in a bright scenario It’s going to be definitely very bloomy but i really really dig 1 8 promise filters they’re solid they’ve been around for a long time and they just really kind of add some cinematic qualities and texture to your footage next on the list isn’t here on the desk But it is giant soft boxes so a lot of people use something like the aputure light dome which is fine but in my opinion that’s really designed for kind of a tight tight shot and i have found just using larger soft boxes does wonders for your lighting so right now I’m actually using a 60 inch parabolic soft box with multiple layers of diffusion this one’s from ifootage it’s awesome it’s huge and then another one i’ve been using exclusively for my b-roll setup is a glow softbox which is also 60 inches and that one’s just your traditional octagon these are all bowen Mounts so they work great with your aperture lights other brands that use a bowen’s mount and i just really like them it’s amazing the difference going from a light dome size soft box to a 60 inch softbox larger your source the more wrap you’re going to get and i just really really Prefer larger soft boxes another item from the lighting department is going to be mirrors which i’ve just done a video on so you can check that out here on the channel i’ll put a card somewhere but really digging using mirrors both small and large to add some really interesting texture to My lighting so i’m actually using one right now to fake this window light uh on that lamp back there while there are a lot of lights that i used and enjoyed this year the number one is the aputure mc i have been using the snot out of these little things i’ve purchased Several more because i just keep using them so we’ve got one actually in that lamp right now facing up and i just love them you can stick them anywhere they have magnets on them you can link them together aperture even cells kit like this which has wireless charging built in it’s just phenomenal So if you’re looking for a small light these are hard to beat for around 100 bucks they do a lot they’re really bright and again i just keep sticking them in all these different places and finding more uses for them so aputure mc really dig them something that i used a Lot this year purchased three of and just can’t rave about enough…

FAQ: Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year

What is the Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year list?

The Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year list is a curated selection of the best video equipment and accessories released in the current year, as chosen by industry experts and professionals.

Who compiles the Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year list?

The list is compiled by a team of videographers, filmmakers, and tech experts who thoroughly review and test various video gear throughout the year to determine the top picks.

How are the video gear picks selected?

The video gear picks are selected based on a combination of factors including performance, quality, innovation, ease of use, and value for money. Each item on the list has been rigorously assessed and compared to other similar products on the market.

Is the list updated annually?

Yes, the list is updated every year to reflect the latest advancements and releases in the video equipment industry.

Where can I find the Top 20 Video Gear Picks of the Year list?

The list is typically published on industry-leading websites, blogs, and tech publications. It is also often featured in video gear manufacturers’ websites and social media channels.

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