Tips to Quickly IMPROVE your Photography

Are you looking to take your photography skills to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, there’s always room for improvement. The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you quickly improve your photography. In this blog, we’ll explore some simple yet effective techniques to enhance your photos, from mastering composition and lighting to utilizing the right equipment and post-processing tools. With these tips, you’ll be able to capture stunning, professional-quality images in no time. So grab your camera and get ready to take your photography game to new heights!

Tips to Quickly IMPROVE your Photography

Hey everyone in today’s video i want to share with you some mistakes that i used to make as a portrait photographer and my top five tips that you can start doing today to improve your photography so you don’t make the same mistakes that i did i also want to say a huge thank You to canva for sponsoring today’s video so while i’m a portrait photographer a lot of these tips will be to do with portrait photography but they do also apply to all kinds of photography so i hope you guys enjoy

Mistake 1: Not Getting Close Enough

So one of the mistakes i see a lot of Beginner photographers make is that they don’t get close enough to their subjects so my first tip is to be mindful of space and distance when you’re taking photos when i first started photography early on someone gave me advice that if the framing wasn’t working and the photo didn’t feel quite right then you’re Probably not close enough and it’s true a lot of my shoots from when i started had the majority of photos shot from pretty much the same distance and framing the entire time i had a light bulb moment from that and when i started implementing that advice to my work i Saw a huge improvement in my photography so back when i started i used to be a little bit afraid to get up close to my subject so nowadays something i always strive for is to capture stunning close ups during each of my portrait sessions i also think distance can be used in Different ways i try to make sure that during a photography session i have a variety of photos from the day i like to get my close-up photos but then i also want mid-length photos that look more cinematic i also like full body shots to show off the outfit and then even wider Full body shots that give you a better understanding of the location and add some story into the set of photos so instead of having a set of photos to deliver to your clients that look like this these photos all have very similar framing and a shot from the same Distance to each other and the set of photos just looks a little bit flat overall when you add in the extra photos taken from different distances you have a much stronger set of photos that looks more dynamic and tells a story

Mistake 2: Lack of Communication

Another tip that really helped improve my photography is working on my Communication so learning how to share with the team what i want before a shoot and how to direct my subjects while taking photos this is something that i think is really hard to just learn overnight you might be a natural ladder but some of us including me are Introverted so don’t get frustrated if you find giving directions to your subject difficult i think it’s important to just practice and improve a little bit at a time at every single shoot that you do eventually it will feel like second nature and it will be a lot Easier for you to do so here are some things that you can start doing today or at your very next photo shoot the oldest trick in the book is to have a mood board but don’t just show them the mood board or the inspiration images what i Find is way more helpful is to specifically point out the aspects of those photos that you like so you could say i like how she’s spinning and you can see movement in her hair or dress or i love how strong his facial expression is or i like how this person’s looking Away from the camera and this will help your subject remember that you like movement that you like strong or happy or soft facial expressions but you also like casual photos that are looking away from the camera doing this is really going to help set the tone for your Photo shoot i like to keep that communication going while we’re taking photos as well you see me doing this all the time in my photoshoot behind the scene videos here on youtube and i know it can be hard to concentrate on a lot of things at once when i was first Starting out i used to think a lot about my camera settings composition lighting and then forget to give enough feedback to the person i was taking a photo of i know how it is so here are some easy things that you can start off with the first one is to give positive feedback This one is super easy and i feel like you don’t even really need to think about it while you’re shooting so just letting your client or your subject…

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FAQ – Tips to Quickly IMPROVE your Photography

What are some quick tips to improve my photography skills?

Some quick tips to improve your photography skills include practicing regularly, experimenting with different angles and compositions, studying the work of other photographers, and seeking feedback from peers.

How can I make the most of natural light in my photos?

To make the most of natural light in your photos, try shooting during the “golden hour” (shortly after sunrise or before sunset), use reflectors to bounce light onto your subject, and look for interesting shadows and textures.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in photography?

Some common mistakes to avoid in photography include overexposing or underexposing your photos, failing to frame your subject properly, and neglecting to check your camera settings before shooting.

How can I develop my own unique photography style?

To develop your own unique photography style, try experimenting with different editing techniques, focusing on subjects and themes that resonate with you personally, and putting your own creative spin on traditional photography concepts.

What gear do I need to improve my photography skills?

To improve your photography skills, it’s important to have a good quality camera, lenses for different types of photography, a tripod for stability, and editing software to enhance your photos.

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