Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount Review | Does it Have the Leica Vibe?

Are you a fan of Leica cameras and their signature “vibe” when it comes to photography? If so, you may be interested in the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount lens. This lens is designed to be compatible with Leica M-mount cameras, offering a wide angle and a fast aperture for stunning image quality. But does the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 truly capture the Leica vibe? In this review, we will take a closer look at this lens to see if it lives up to the high standards set by Leica.

When it comes to capturing the essence of a Leica photograph, many photographers are willing to invest in high-quality lenses that can deliver the same level of precision and artistry. The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount lens is designed to offer just that, with its compatibility with Leica M-mount cameras and its impressive wide angle and fast aperture. But does this lens truly capture the Leica vibe that photographers are looking for? In this review, we will delve into the performance, image quality, and overall feel of the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 to see if it lives up to the high standards set by Leica.

Introducing Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount

Hi, I’m Dustin Abbott and I’m here today to give you a look at a brand new lens from a brand new lens maker. The company Thypoch is a new lens maker that is targeting the Leica M Mount Rangefinder crowd with their new Samra lineup of manual lenses. Now, the initial releases are a 28mm and a 35mm f1.4 lenses and they do only come in Leica M mount. The names “Thypoch” which is a combination of two Old English words and then “Samra” which is a Greek word. They focus on individuality and living in the moment. Obviously, that’s completely marketing, but it does reflect the fact that Thypoch is going after that Leica vibe and trying to capture both the aesthetic and the lifestyle and then the overall feel of the lenses in the release of the Samra lineup. The question is, as we look at the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 as the focus of today’s review, have they nailed that Leica feel as a part of their design and the optical performance? Well, let’s dive in and find out!

Build and Design

As you can see, I’m looking at the Silver version of the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4, but both the 28mm and 35mm do come in both black and silver editions. The MSRP for these lenses is $699. The lens is all metal, which includes the caps and the hood. The lens hood is rectangular and made of metal, following the old Rangefinder aesthetic. The lens is very compact, weighing in at 330g or 11.6 ounces. The lens has a manual focus with a nicely executed aperture ring near the front of the lens.


The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 features an optical formula of 11 elements in seven groups, including an ED element, an aspherical element, and three HR or high refractive index elements. Another welcome surprise as a part of the optical design is a floating element that allows you to get better performance up close. The minimum focus distance is 0.4 M or 40 cm, and the magnification is roughly 0.09 times. The lens has a beautifully round 14-bladed aperture iris and also features a unique hyperfocal distance indicator using red dots that fill in as you stop the lens down.

Performance and Image Quality

The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 delivers excellent performance and image quality. The lens is sharp, even wide open at f1.4, and the bokeh is fantastic due to the 14-bladed aperture iris. The colors are accurate and vibrant, and the lens handles chromatic aberration and distortion well. The floating element design allows for sharp images up close, and the minimal focus distance of 0.4 M is not a hindrance due to the lens’s optical performance. Overall, the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 delivers Leica-like image quality at a fraction of the cost.


The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 is a fantastic addition to the Samra lineup. It captures the Leica vibe both in its design and optical performance. The all-metal build, compact size, and excellent image quality make it a compelling option for Leica M Mount Rangefinder users. At $699, the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 offers exceptional value for money, providing a Leica-like experience at a much more affordable price point. If you’re in the market for a high-quality manual lens for your Leica M Mount camera, the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount?

The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount is a manual focus lens designed for M-Mount cameras, offering a wide angle of view and a fast maximum aperture of F1.4.

2. Does the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount have the Leica Vibe?

The Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount has been designed to deliver exceptional image quality and build construction, capturing the essence of the Leica vibe.

3. What cameras are compatible with the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount?

This lens is compatible with M-Mount cameras such as Leica M series, as well as other mirrorless cameras with an appropriate adapter.

4. Is the Thypoch Simera 28mm F1.4 M-Mount suitable for low light photography?

With its fast maximum aperture of F1.4, this lens excels in low light conditions, making it ideal for capturing beautiful images in challenging lighting situations.

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