Thoughts on Panasonic S5 II and 2023 Camera Release Expectations

Question: Are you a photography enthusiast eagerly awaiting the release of Panasonic S5 II in 2023, and wondering what improvements and new features this camera might bring?

Solution: In this blog, we delve into our thoughts on the Panasonic S5 II and explore our expectations for camera releases in 2023. From improved image quality and advanced autofocus capabilities to enhanced video recording options, we anticipate exciting developments that will take photography and filmmaking to new heights. Join us as we dissect the rumors, speculate on potential features, and share our excitement for the future of Panasonic cameras. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply a dedicated hobbyist, this blog will provide you with valuable insights and fuel your anticipation for what’s to come!

Thoughts on Panasonic S5 II and 2023 Camera Release Expectations


What’s up everyone! Vu of envel films back with another video, and today I want to talk about the announcement of the new Panasonic S5 Mark II, or S52, as some Panasonic fans like to call it. As a Sony fanboy who has been filming with Sony cameras since 2014, I have never switched to any other brand. However, the Panasonic S5 Mark II announcement is exciting news for Panasonic users and every other camera brand fanboy out there. The inclusion of phase-detect autofocus on the S5 Mark II is a game-changer for Panasonic, addressing one of the main weaknesses in their cameras. This enhancement offers benefits such as reliable autofocus for run-and-gun filmmaking and ease of use when filming yourself or others. Now let’s take a closer look at the autofocus capabilities and compare them to other camera brands.

Autofocus Performance Comparison

Based on the reviews I have watched, the autofocus on the Panasonic S5 Mark II is incredible. It falls somewhere between Sony and Canon in terms of video autofocus reliability. Sony, in my opinion, still has the most dependable video autofocus system, especially on their newer cameras like the A7S III, FX3, and A7R5. Surprisingly, Canon seems to struggle with video autofocus, especially on their more affordable cameras. Canon’s autofocus appears quirky, unreliable, and struggles in low light conditions. I had always assumed that Canon was on par with Sony until I watched Panasonic S5 Mark II reviews, and I was amazed at Canon’s performance, or rather lack thereof. Panasonic has truly stepped up their game in this regard.

Benefits of Each Camera Brand

It’s important to note that you can’t go wrong with any camera brand these days. Whether you are invested in Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, or Fujifilm, each brand offers excellent cameras with their unique set of features. While specifications may vary from camera to camera, most of the newer models have similar capabilities such as up to 4K 60fps, 10-bit 4:2:2, and reliable autofocusing. Whether you are proficient in manual focusing or not, you can create fantastic films and content with any of these brands.

Switching brands seems to be a common trend among YouTubers, often motivated by boredom or the desire to gain subscribers from different user bases. However, for individuals new to filmmaking or photography seeking to invest in a camera brand for the first time, the current selection offers interesting options.

Choosing the Right Camera Brand

As a Sony user, I can confidently recommend Sony as a great choice. Sony offers impressive specs, image quality, and autofocus performance. They also have an extensive lens collection, making it easy to find the right lens for any situation. However, Panasonic is a strong contender with their S5 series, which now features phase-detect autofocus. The S5 Mark II is comparable to Sony’s A7S III in terms of video specifications, offering a compelling option at a lower price. Panasonic’s L Mount Alliance and availability of affordable lenses, including Sigma lenses, further enhance the brand’s appeal.

On the other hand, Canon falls short in some areas. They have locked off their RF Mount, meaning you must buy Canon lenses to use them with Canon RF Mount cameras. Canon’s image quality and autofocus capabilities are now matched or surpassed by Panasonic, making it a less appealing choice for new videographers.

While Nikon is an option, they have a limited range of video and photo cameras, with only a few exceptional models that are priced higher. For those looking to spend under $3,000, Sony and Panasonic are the top choices. Both brands offer cameras with comparable specifications to any other brand, providing excellent value for money.


In conclusion, the announcement of the Panasonic S5 Mark II and the expectations for 2023 camera releases are exciting developments in the world of photography and filmmaking. Panasonic’s incorporation of phase-detect autofocus addresses a significant weakness and places them on par with other leading camera brands. However, Sony remains a strong contender with its superior autofocus capabilities and lens collection. Ultimately, the choice between Sony and Panasonic comes down to personal preference and individual needs. Regardless of the brand you choose, the current market offers a range of fantastic cameras that can help you create outstanding content.

FAQ – Panasonic S5 II and 2023 Camera Release Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Thoughts on Panasonic S5 II

Q: What are the key features of Panasonic S5 II?

A: The Panasonic S5 II is expected to come with enhanced sensor technology, improved image stabilization, increased video recording capabilities, and advanced autofocus system.

Q: Is the Panasonic S5 II suitable for professional photography?

A: Yes, the Panasonic S5 II is designed to cater to the needs of professional photographers, offering high image quality, versatility, and a wide range of functions suitable for various photography genres.

Q: Will the S5 II support 4K video recording?

A: Yes, the Panasonic S5 II is anticipated to support 4K video recording at higher frame rates, providing videographers with improved options for capturing high-quality videos.

2023 Camera Release Expectations

Q: Are there any rumors about upcoming cameras in 2023?

A: Yes, there are numerous rumors circulating about camera releases in 2023, indicating potential advancements in sensor technology, higher resolution capabilities, improved low-light performance, and enhanced video recording features.

Q: Can we expect any major innovations in camera technology in 2023?

A: It is speculated that camera manufacturers will continue to push the boundaries in terms of technological advancements in 2023, potentially introducing new breakthroughs in AI integration, computational photography, and improved connectivity options.

Q: Will mirrorless cameras dominate the market in 2023?

A: Mirrorless cameras have already gained significant popularity in recent years, and it is expected that their dominance will continue to grow in 2023, potentially surpassing traditional DSLR cameras in terms of market share.

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