this lens so big it’s stupid?

Have you ever seen a camera lens so large that it seemed almost comically oversized? Many photographers and enthusiasts may have come across the phenomenon of a “stupidly big” lens at some point in their career. These ginormous lenses not only look impressive, but they also serve a specific purpose in capturing distant or minute details with incredible clarity. While their size may seem excessive, there is no denying the incredible level of detail and range these lenses can capture. In this blog, we will explore the world of “stupidly big” lenses and the unique solutions they offer to photographers.


This Lens is So Big It’s Stupid

There’s a new lens in town, and it’s so big that it’s almost just stupid. At 600 millimeters, this prime lens is causing quite a stir in the photography world. It’s so massive that vlogging with it is practically impossible. With a minimum focus distance of 4.5 meters, it’s not ideal for close-up shots. To put it into perspective, normal conversations with friends are nearly impossible to capture with this lens. Even putting your big camera inside this lens is an option, but be careful not to touch the glass. Oh, and did we mention the price tag? This behemoth comes with a whopping price of thirteen thousand dollars.

Insane Size

One of the most insane lenses to hit the market, this 600mm prime lens is a showstopper. It’s so massive that vlogging is practically impossible. The minimum focus distance of 4.5 meters makes it challenging to capture close-up shots. Comparing the size to everyday objects, it’s evident just how large this lens really is.

Practicality Concerns

Vlogging or capturing up-close shots isn’t feasible with this lens due to its size and minimum focus distance. The sheer bulk of the lens makes it difficult to handle, and the focus distance limits its practicality for everyday use. Additionally, the price of this lens puts it out of reach for many photographers, at a steep thirteen thousand dollars. Although it may appeal to professional photographers, the impracticality of its size and focus distance raises some concerns about its overall usefulness.

Price Tag

This extraordinary lens comes with an extraordinary price tag. At thirteen thousand dollars, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. While it may appeal to professional photographers and enthusiasts with a hefty budget, the price alone may make many reconsider adding it to their gear collection. With such a high cost, it’s essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a purchase.


Overall, the sheer size of this 600mm prime lens makes it an impractical choice for everyday use. The minimum focus distance and hefty price tag further complicate its appeal. While it may capture stunning long-range shots, it’s important to consider the limitations and practicality of this lens. Aspiring photographers and professionals alike should carefully evaluate whether this lens is a worthwhile investment for their needs.

FAQ About “This Lens So Big It’s Stupid”

What is “This Lens So Big It’s Stupid”?

“This Lens So Big It’s Stupid” is a humorous term used to describe an excessively large camera lens.

Why is the lens referred to as “stupid”?

The term is meant to highlight the absurdity of a lens being so large that it becomes impractical or comical in certain situations.

Are there any practical benefits to using such a large lens?

In some cases, a large lens may provide superior image quality, especially for long-distance or low-light photography.

What are the drawbacks of using a very large lens?

Large lenses can be heavy and cumbersome to carry, may attract unwanted attention, and can be expensive to purchase.

Is “This Lens So Big It’s Stupid” a common phrase in the photography world?

No, the phrase is more of a lighthearted way to poke fun at excessively large camera lenses.

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