This Is Why I’m Switching (BACK) To Adobe Lightroom from Capture One.

After years of using Capture One as my go-to photo editing software, I have recently made the decision to switch back to Adobe Lightroom. While Capture One has its strengths, I found myself missing certain features and tools that I had grown accustomed to in Lightroom. In this blog, I will discuss the reasons behind my decision to make the switch and why I believe Lightroom is the best fit for my photo editing needs. From its user-friendly interface to its seamless integration with other Adobe products, Lightroom offers a comprehensive and intuitive editing experience that I am excited to return to. Join me as I delve into the reasons why I have chosen to make the shift back to Adobe Lightroom.

Why I’m Switching (BACK) To Adobe Lightroom from Capture One


Three years ago, I switched my main photo editing software from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One. Now, I’m making the switch back to Lightroom. Many new developments have occurred in both software over the past three years. In this article, I’ll discuss seven reasons for my switch back to Lightroom, as well as some features that I will miss about Capture One.

Masking Capabilities

Lightroom has made advancements in its masking capabilities, with AI people selection for automatic detection of subjects, better automatic detection and masking, as well as endless masking capabilities with the ability to select objects with either the Marquee or the brush tool, add or subtract any kind of mask, and intersect masks with the current mask.

Copy, Paste, and Syncing of Edits

Lightroom offers the advantage of being able to copy and paste edits to multiple photos, with automatic recalculation of masks for each individual photo. This feature is superior to Capture One, which only pastes over the placement of masks in the first photo as if the subject or the composition hasn’t moved at all.

AI Noise Feature

The AI noise reduction feature in Lightroom eliminates the need to use third-party tools for noise reduction. It works seamlessly with the photo enhance section and creates a DNG file that retains all editing capabilities of the original, allowing for reset or minor adjustments to edits.

Calibration Tools

The calibration tools in Lightroom allow for adjustments of hue and saturation on the base red, green, and blue of the actual pixels. This unique color editing tool is not available in Capture One and adds a new dimension to photo editing.


The availability of widely used presets in Lightroom makes the preset workflow smooth and simple, unlike the styles in Capture One, which never felt as enticing or easy to use. The diversity and ease of use of presets in Lightroom add value to the editing process.

User Interface and Functionality

Lightroom’s user interface and functionality make it straightforward and easy to use. The layout is intuitive, and the editing tools function as expected. This simplicity and functionality are unmatched in Capture One.

In conclusion, while both Adobe Lightroom and Capture One have their strengths and weaknesses, the recent developments and improvements in Lightroom have made it the preferred choice for my photo editing needs. Although there are features in Capture One that I will miss, the overall advantages of Lightroom have convinced me to make the switch back. If you’re considering photo editing software, I encourage you to evaluate your specific needs and consider both options before making a decision.

FAQ – Switching to Adobe Lightroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you switching back to Adobe Lightroom from Capture One?

There are several reasons for my decision to switch back to Adobe Lightroom from Capture One. Firstly, I find Lightroom’s user interface to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. Secondly, Lightroom’s integration with other Adobe products such as Photoshop and Lightroom Mobile is seamless and convenient for my workflow. Lastly, I have found Lightroom’s cataloging and organizing features to be superior to Capture One’s.

Will I lose any edits or adjustments when switching back to Lightroom?

No, you will not lose any edits or adjustments when switching back to Lightroom. Lightroom’s import feature allows you to transfer your catalog and images from Capture One without any loss of edits or adjustments.

What about the image quality and processing capabilities of Lightroom compared to Capture One?

I have found that Lightroom’s image quality and processing capabilities are on par with, if not better than, those of Capture One. I have been able to achieve the same level of detail and color accuracy in my images using Lightroom’s powerful editing tools.

Can I still use my existing presets and profiles in Lightroom?

Yes, you can continue to use your existing presets and profiles in Lightroom. Lightroom allows for easy import and management of presets and profiles, making the transition from Capture One seamless.

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