THIS is too EASY! Lightroom Masks change everything

Have you ever found yourself struggling with creating precise edits in Lightroom? Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to perfect the smallest details in your photographs? Well, fear not, because we have a solution that will change your editing game forever. Introducing Lightroom Masks! These powerful tools may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand how they work, you’ll wonder how you ever edited without them. With Lightroom Masks, you’ll have the ability to make targeted adjustments with surgical precision, giving your photographs that professional edge they deserve. Trust us, once you try Lightroom Masks, you’ll never go back to your old editing techniques again.

THIS is too EASY! Lightroom Masks change everything

Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE is going to show you how to create a realistic background light and rim light using masks inside of Lightroom in camera raw. In addition, he will also discuss a new course and provide information on getting a discount.

Creating Background Light and Rim Light

To create the desired lighting effects, the first step is to add lights. By going to the mask, you can choose a radio gradient tool and drag it over the left-hand side to mimic a spotlight effect in that area. Adjusting the exposure and temperature can further enhance the desired effect. The same process can be repeated on the opposite side using a linear gradient tool. Increasing the exposure helps in achieving the desired lighting effect.

However, to isolate the lights from the model, the “Subtract, Select Subject” option needs to be chosen. This helps in removing the light effects from the model and focusing solely on the background lights. To add the desired rim light, a new mask is required, and selecting the subject is the preferred option. By using the “Intersect” mode and the brush tool, you can paint around the rim without worrying about going over the edges. This mode ensures that the painting only occurs within the overlapping area of the two masks, making the process more efficient and convenient.

By adjusting the exposure, you can see the beautiful light falling on the model’s shoulder and the other desired areas. The process can be repeated on the other side as well, using a smaller brush to create the desired effect. The intersection feature simplifies the process and allows for easy comparison between the before and after images.

About the Course on Lightroom Masks

Colin Smith has recently launched a new course on masks in Lightroom and camera raw. The course is divided into two parts, with the first part explaining the functionality of each tool, their options, and how they work together. It also covers preferences and the difference between creating a complex mask and using different masks altogether. The second part demonstrates more in-depth projects that showcase the power of combining these tools to achieve incredible results.

To learn more about the course and to avail a 20% launch discount, please check out the provided links. Additionally, further information on masks in Lightroom and camera raw can be found in another video. To stay updated with Colin Smith’s tutorials, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications.

In conclusion, mastering Lightroom masks can truly transform your editing process and help you achieve stunning results. Colin Smith’s course offers comprehensive guidance and valuable insights into harnessing the power of these tools. Take advantage of the launch discount and start unlocking the full potential of Lightroom masks today.

Note: This article was written in the third person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lightroom Masks

What are Lightroom Masks?

Lightroom Masks are a tool in Adobe Lightroom that allow you to selectively apply adjustments to specific areas of an image. They provide greater control over your edits by enabling you to target and modify specific parts of your photo selectively.

How do I create a Mask in Lightroom?

To create a Mask in Lightroom, you can either use the Adjustment Brush or the Graduated Filter tool. With the Adjustment Brush, you can paint the areas you want to modify, while the Graduated Filter allows you to apply adjustments in a linear gradient. Simply select the desired tool, adjust the settings, and start painting or dragging to define your Mask.

What adjustments can I make with Lightroom Masks?

Lightroom Masks allow you to make various adjustments to your images, including exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, noise reduction, and more. You can also apply localized adjustments such as dodge and burn, selective color adjustments, and smoothing effects. The possibilities are endless and depend on your creative vision.

Can I use multiple Masks on a single image?

Absolutely! Lightroom allows you to create multiple Masks on a single image. Each Mask can have different settings, allowing you to apply different adjustments to separate areas. This flexibility enables you to have precise control over different elements in your photo, making it easier to achieve the desired look.

What are the advantages of using Lightroom Masks?

Lightroom Masks can significantly enhance your editing workflow and the final outcome of your images. Some of the advantages include:

  • Precision: Masks help you target specific areas, ensuring precise adjustments only where needed.
  • Non-Destructive: Lightroom’s non-destructive editing process allows you to modify and refine Masks anytime without permanently altering your original image.
  • Efficiency: Masks allow you to save time by avoiding global adjustments and focusing solely on elements that require modification.
  • Creativity: By using Masks, you can unleash your creativity and experiment with different effects, enhancing the overall visual impact of your photographs.

Can Lightroom Masks be used in combination with other editing tools?

Yes, Lightroom Masks can be used in combination with other editing tools available in Adobe Lightroom. You can use them alongside adjustment sliders, cropping tools, spot removal, and other features to achieve your desired effects and further enhance your images.

Are Lightroom Masks available in all versions of Lightroom?

No, Lightroom Masks are not available in all versions of Lightroom. They are primarily available in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, the desktop version of Lightroom. Lightroom CC, the cloud-based version, offers limited masking capabilities primarily focused on selective edits using a simple brush tool.

We hope these FAQs shed light on the concept of Lightroom Masks and their potential to transform your editing workflow. Experiment with Masks, get creative, and take your Lightroom editing to new heights!

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