This is the BEST Video LED Panel

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect lighting for your YouTube videos or Zoom calls? Look no further! Our Video LED Panel is the ultimate solution for all your lighting needs. This top-of-the-line LED panel provides bright, natural-looking light that will enhance the quality of your videos and make you look your best. Whether you’re a content creator, vlogger, or business professional, this LED panel is a must-have tool for achieving professional-looking lighting at an affordable price. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and dull, washed-out footage, and say hello to the best video LED panel on the market.

Introducing the Aputure P60C: The Ultimate LED Panel

Hey guys, Caleb here and this is the new Aputure P60C and it is the best LED panel right now, period. I’m going to turn it around because it is very, very bright, and I’m not just saying this for clickbait. It really is the best option under 400, it’s actually at 350. There’s really only one reason not to buy this light and we’ll get to that later on in the video but first let’s flip things around and I’m actually going to start by showing you what this light can do in the studio.

Studio Setup

This little setup is just the 60C nothing else. It’s very sad. We’re going to work on that really harsh source. I also have the 60X behind me lighting the background so you can just get a little more exposure back there and see what that looks like. So we’ve got the light. Let’s go ahead and try to solve this nasty harshness.

Soft Lighting Techniques

Now we’ve got the included box attached to the light, still a little harsh for my liking so let’s try something else. Now we have an umbrella attached to the light so we’re getting a much larger softer source which looks pretty good. Let’s take things even further now we’ve got the ultimate soft setup so we’re going from the 60C through the included softbox and bouncing that off of a 4×4 foot foam board that is giving me my key light. I’m actually going to turn off my background light and as you can see it’s got a nice soft light hitting me and the background. This is a kind of a nice one shot one light setup.

Using the P60C as an RGB Background

Let’s talk about using the 60C as an RGB background. I have a key light set up here with a soft box and the light is just behind me. I can go ahead and change colors and get a pretty nice filled out background behind me.

Projection Matching

This last one is going to be a little weird. I’ve got a projected image behind me and I’m going to use my phone to source match that color and try to make my key light look like that. I just grabbed a color off of that without having to tweak colors and mess around with the light. This is just nuts that you can do this with a 350 light.

Features and Specs

Aperture actually has two versions of the P60, the P60C which stands for color and that’s what we’ve been talking about, and the P60X which is slightly smaller but only does bi-color. The P60C has slightly better accuracy than the P60X.

Included Accessories

If you pick one of these lights up in the box, you will find the light itself, a nice bag with little cubbies for everything included, a power supply with a really nice locking connector for both the light and the AC cable, as well as a removable hanger for the power supply. You also get a really nice soft box that pops open and has these little magnetic arms to keep it nice and taut.


The light can be powered with two MPF batteries or the included power supply. The batteries can be charged while on the light, which is really cool. On the back of the light, we have all of our controls and the layout and design is very similar to Aperture’s P300C. There are four different light modes on the P60C: CCT, HSI, RGB, and Effects mode.

Overall, the Aputure P60C is a powerhouse of a LED panel that offers unparalleled versatility and control for its price point. It’s a game-changer for any content creator or studio looking for a professional lighting solution at an affordable cost.

FAQ about the Best Video LED Panel

What is a Video LED Panel?
An LED panel is a flat panel that uses light-emitting diodes as the source of light. A video LED panel is one that specifically is used for displaying video content.
What makes this the best Video LED Panel?
This LED panel is considered the best because of its high resolution, excellent color accuracy, and bright display, making it ideal for professional video production and content creation.
What are the applications of a Video LED Panel?
Video LED panels are commonly used for studio lighting, photography, videography, and live video production. They can also be used for advertising displays in public spaces.
How does this Video LED Panel compare to others on the market?
This LED panel stands out for its durability, versatility, and control options. Its innovative design and advanced features make it a top choice for professionals in the industry.
Can I use this Video LED Panel for outdoor projects?
While some LED panels are designed specifically for outdoor use, this panel is best suited for indoor applications. However, it may still be used outdoors in controlled environments or with appropriate weatherproofing.

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