This anamorphic ZOOM is the future // Sony FX30 & A6700

Have you ever wanted to take your photography and videography to the next level? Are you looking for a new, innovative way to capture stunning, high-quality images? Look no further than the anamorphic ZOOM lens for the Sony FX30 and A6700 cameras. This groundbreaking technology allows for unique perspectives and creative effects that were previously unattainable with traditional lenses. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using anamorphic ZOOM lenses with the Sony FX30 and A6700 cameras, as well as tips and techniques for getting the most out of this cutting-edge equipment. Join us as we delve into the future of photography and videography.

This Anamorphic ZOOM is the Future

Introduction: The Pinnacle of Filmmaking

My name is Victor and today something exciting came up. I’ve had this for a few months now – this right here is the Pinnacle of filmmaking. These two lenses are from Lawa, and why is there a lot of gears involved? Well, it’s an anamorphic Zoom that’s this size, which is tiny. Usually, it’s probably like this big. They’ve done it again with this lens, making small compact anamorphic lenses. We have the 28 to 55 and the 50 to 100, and these are super 35 anamorphic zooms. Let’s dive into the details.

Zoom Consistency: A Game Changer

Let’s talk about the squeeze factor and the consistency while zooming in and out. These two lenses are very consistent when zooming in and out. The performance is top-notch from the wider end to the narrow end, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for filmmakers. This level of consistency is crucial for seamless storytelling.

Focus Ring: The Key to Precision

When using the focus ring, these lenses maintain a high level of squeeze consistency. Unlike other budget anamorphic lenses that show inconsistencies when shifting focus, these lenses deliver a stable performance. The par focal nature of these lenses is a game-changer, ensuring that the squeeze factor remains constant throughout the focus adjustments.

Chromatic Aberration: Adding Character to the Footage

Despite claims of minimal chromatic aberration, the slight presence of this element adds a unique character to the footage. The soft and subtle chromatic aberration enhances the visual appeal, providing a cinematic look to the images. Whether clean or with a hint of aberration, these lenses offer exceptional value for filmmakers.

Distortion and Flare: Embracing Anamorphic Aesthetics

The distortion on these lenses, especially on the wider end of the 28 to 55, adds to the anamorphic aesthetic desired by filmmakers. The 1.5x squeeze factor hits the sweet spot, offering a natural and pleasing look to the footage. Additionally, the flare test demonstrates the unique characteristics of the lenses, with different flare options to enhance visual storytelling.

Full Frame Coverage and Gear Quality

The full-frame coverage of these lenses on mid-range and telephoto ranges makes them versatile for various shooting scenarios. The smooth gears for focus, zoom, and iris control ensure seamless operation, allowing filmmakers to switch lenses easily. With high-quality construction and precision engineering, these lenses offer reliability and performance in professional filmmaking.

Pricing and Verdict

These anamorphic zoom lenses from Lawa, priced at $2,999 for one lens and $5,799 for the set, provide exceptional value for filmmakers looking to elevate their storytelling. With top-notch features, versatility, and consistent performance, these lenses are indeed the future of anamorphic filmmaking. Whether capturing cinematic landscapes or intimate moments, these lenses deliver stunning visuals that will captivate audiences.

FAQ about Anamorphic Zoom with Sony FX30 & A6700

  1. What is an anamorphic zoom?

    An anamorphic zoom is a type of lens that compresses the image horizontally, providing a widescreen aspect ratio when displayed. It is often used in filmmaking to achieve a cinematic look.

  2. How does the Sony FX30 & A6700 support anamorphic zoom?

    The Sony FX30 & A6700 cameras have the capability to work with anamorphic lenses and settings, allowing filmmakers to achieve the desired widescreen effect in their shots.

  3. Why is anamorphic zoom considered the future of filmmaking?

    Anamorphic zooms offer a unique and immersive visual style that is highly sought after in the film industry. The widescreen aspect ratio provides a more cinematic look that enhances storytelling and captivates audiences.

  4. Are there any limitations to using anamorphic zoom with Sony FX30 & A6700?

    While the Sony FX30 & A6700 cameras support anamorphic zoom, it is important to note that not all lenses are compatible with these cameras. Filmmakers should do their research and test different lenses to find the best option for their needs.

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