This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS!

Are you tired of recording videos with poor quality audio? Have you been struggling to find an affordable solution to improve the audio on your camera? Look no further. The $50 camera microphone we’re about to introduce to you is an absolute game-changer. Whether you’re a vlogger, content creator, or amateur filmmaker, this microphone will instantly elevate the quality of your videos. Say goodbye to muffled and distant sound, and hello to crystal clear audio that will captivate your audience. Keep reading to find out why this microphone is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their video production.

This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS!

This is the brand new deity d4 shotgun microphone and has a price tag of 50 sounds great has a built-in splitter for using two microphones at once with your camera and in this video i’ll share why it has dethroned the famous rode videomicro as my number one recommended Budget mic.

Design Similarities

When you look at these microphones you’ll notice right away that they are almost identical. The size is about the same with the deity being slightly skinnier they both have a super compact little rycote mount and both come with a 3.5 millimeter coiled cable that said deity also includes a special trrs cable for use with smartphones and it is yellow instead of red.

Sound Quality Test

For sound quality, let’s do a side-by-side comparison and a vlogging test to really see which microphone stands out.

Audio Comparison

Right now I have both microphones mounted above me where I would normally have my shotgun microphone just out of frame and we’re going to go back and forth cutting between the two microphones so you can hear the differences when it comes to dialogue in a pretty treated space my name is caleb pike and this is an audio test testing One two three testing one two three four my name is caleb pike and this is an audio test testing one two three testing one two three four so now we’re going to do a quick vlogging audio test i have both microphones connected to my sony a7s3 they’re in the same position so I’ll grab it here and we’ll see what it sounds like at arm’s length we’re actually a little further than arm’s length because i’m using the switch pod which is amazing and everyone should check out so now you’re listening to the microphones I’m going to be switching back and forth and i’ll also repeat the same line and we’ll hear the exact same thing twice one on each microphone so my name is caleb pike and this is an audio test my name is caleb pike and this is an audio test so what do i think of Those audio recordings well i have to hand it to the rode i do think it sounds better it has a little more full sound there’s a lot more going on on the low end it just sounds a little more deep than the deity d4 meanwhile the deity had more of a flat response or kind of overall neutral sound unfortunately for the rode video micro that’s where the good news ends from here on out it’s all points for the deity.

Sound Level and Noise

The dd was significantly louder than the rode video micro and overall I’ve noticed just in general dd’s microphones are just more sensitive or they’re louder than rode and other manufacturers. They both picked up around the same amount of sound from the front and the sides and the rear so not a huge difference there. But going back to audio levels, since this microphone the d80d4 is much louder than the rode videomicro that means noise is going to be reduced so here’s a room tone test with both of these microphones and I had to raise the micro up about 5 db to match the levels that I needed to get for my voice with both of these microphones so as you can hear the rode video micro is going to be noisier because it’s a quieter microphone we have to turn that puppy up to get the level we need. This means that pretty much overall you’re Going to get cleaner sound on the dd compared to the micro.

Additional Features

There’s a feature that is invisible to the eye that the d4 has that the road does not and that is rf shielding so this microphone can be used with things like the rode wireless go and you’re not going to get any strange artifacts here’s a test with the rode wireless go connected to the rode videomicro and here’s a test with the same world wireless go connected to the deity d4. This opens you up to so many different cool setups you could have a wire lob going into the d4 be able to record its internal shotgun as well as that lav mic you could connect a rode wireless go receiver to That input plug it into your camera and now you have a wireless microphone and an on-camera microphone with both of those audio channels separated in camera. Finally, Because this thing has rf shielding you can take a rode wireless go transmitter and simply clip it to the actual microphone plug it in and now you have a super tiny adorable little wireless microphone that you could put on the end of a boom pole or do really anything Else, with. The price of just 50 bucks for a microphone a win screen for outdoor use which works great as well as another cable if you need to connect it to a smartphone or tablet.

At the end of the day, for 10 less you get a microphone that has rf shielding is louder with less noise than the rode video micro and you have the ability to connect other microphones to it and get dual channel recordings in your camera.


What is This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS!?

This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! is a budget-friendly microphone designed to enhance the audio quality of videos recorded on cameras or smartphones.

How much does This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! cost?

This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! is priced at $50, making it an affordable option for those looking to improve their video audio quality.

What makes This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! stand out?

This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! stands out due to its low cost, ease of use, and high-quality audio recording capabilities, making it a popular choice among content creators and videographers.

Is This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! compatible with all cameras and smartphones?

This $50 Camera Microphone ROCKS! is compatible with most cameras and smartphones, but it’s always best to check the compatibility with the specific make and model of your device.

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