The WORST Camera Gear We’ve Ever Reviewed!

Have you ever purchased camera gear that turned out to be a complete disappointment? Maybe it was a flimsy tripod that couldn’t hold your camera steady, or a lens that produced fuzzy, out-of-focus photos. We’ve all been there, but fear not! In this blog, we are going to uncover the absolute worst camera gear we’ve ever reviewed. From faulty straps to unreliable memory cards, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual hobbyist, it’s important to know which camera gear to avoid at all costs. So sit back, relax, and let us reveal the camera gear nightmares you should steer clear of.

The WORST Camera Gear We’ve Ever Reviewed

Santa came yeah he did but it’s not as nice as you think look he left a letter and basically Santa is saying Dear Chris and Jordan uh we’re on the naughty list we know why I don’t know I’ve been an angel oh I know why oh well thanks a lot so he Says in Li of Cole I’ve given you something even worse to teach you a Christmas lesson uh basically he’s given us this substandard photo gear I don’t know it’s off of like wish do I don’t know I don’t think he even had his El make it anyways he’s saying that if we Want to get back on the nice list uh we have to review this stuff properly and and learn our lesson Santa’s being A

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Gear Review

Okay so let’s see what we’re working with I got A light Dow 420 to 800 mm F 8.3 to 16 at least it’s a fast lens F16 yeah the case is nice so it says for all SLR cameras but I’m looks like e-mount to me so I’ll put on A7 R5 that’s what Santa gave me Last year when I was good boy let’s see if this will resolve 60 megapixels okay what did you get well I guess I got to film you on this it just says 4k camera there’s no branding they’re ashamed to put any kind of brand on this it says the best scenery in Memory that’s nice. I that means at least yours is digital the instruction man just say digital camera instruction man okay huh uh 5 mm f24 perfect basically I think we have a smartphone in a big camera body perfect well I hope it records audio the brand is NBD no big deal all right let’s just get this over with maybe it’s a great deal

Lens Review

Welcome back petapixel viewers it is Chris Nichols here and we are at petapixel Park we’re here to play with this piece of 420 mm 800 mm lens I’m I’m skeptical if the results that I’m going To get will be sharper than 8 bit Graphics but let’s get to it so before we go any further in case you haven’t been able to tell already Jordan is shooting on his no big deal 4k digital camera it has no audio control so he’s recording separately onto a Separate audio record recorder we’re doing claps you know so we can sync our audio just old school style it’s got I believe like a fixed 28 mm fullframe equivalent it’s a tiny tiny sensor like a smartphone sensor point and shoot garbage but it does say 4K for my lens Here I mean this is pretty simple right I mean it’s just a push pull Zoom f8.9 to F16 420 to 800 mm equivalent although I don’t think it’s actually F a.3 when I did my lens star start chest I I was I would say there’s probably like a stop Of exposure difference from the 800 to the 420 I think it’s more like f11 to F16 everything on this thing unscrews I mean if I rotate here it unscrews in the t- mount if I rotate here this unscrews the actual Zoom mechanism itself uh and then if I manually focus it will often Unscrew my uh Zoom anyway so it’s exciting it’s fun it’s very tactile I do like the manual focus that’s quite smooth now because this lens attaches with a T2 adapter I could theoretically put it on a whole host of cameras slrs mirrorless cameras sky the limit super versatile the lens collar uh Unfortunately no cutouts for ARCA Swiss style tripod what the hell okay so we’re going do a little walk and talk test here which will push the no big deal cameras limits when it comes to autofocusing and rolling shutters so have a look out for that I’m sure it’s exciting you know what doesn’t look beautiful is on this lens I actually get a ton of chromatic aberration purple color fringing you can see it all over the place here I mean it adds a festive color to everything but it’s sapping detail I don’t even know I’m going to get rid of it in post I have no idea but yeah it’s a serious issue so maybe everything black and white today I don’t know I haven’t decided Yet all right so I don’t know what possessed me to do this but I thought why not put this lens through the test chart treatment as well right or reviews or reviews so let’s take a look here at 420 mm it is going to be wide open cuz There’s no other apertures on this thing so at supposedly 8.3 you know if it was going to be somewhat sharp anywhere I guess it would be the center here it’s okay but it’s not bad look at all that purple color Frenching just gross but the corner fall apart completely which I Mean they look really soft and blurry but let’s now go to 800 mm so you can see of course heavy vignetting in the corners everything getting dark everything looks garbage I mean even the center here at F-16 not sharp at all I mean I we’re getting defraction we’re Getting all sorts of I have no idea it’s really rough but I would absolutely try to shoot this at the 420 mm range as much as possible anytime you push further it just gets worse and worse and worse so I’m again really struggling I mean it’s got this locking collar which Is supposed supposed to lock the zoom and keep it but when I manually focus it it starts to unlock the zoom and then it’s not manually focusing so this is definitely a two-hand job I I just want to F oh my God my camera ran out of Focus too okay it’s coming off the t-mount adapter I don’t know I need Super Glue to make this lens work oh Jordan what’s the low light going to look like in here I’m sure it’s exciting you know one thing I’m struggling with it’s cold out and This Ring the manual Focus it was nice in my house where it’s warm but now the grease is getting all gummed up and I can barely focus without unscrewing anything and it’s actually a really arduous process so this is a fair weather lens for sure so I’m trying to keep my shutter speed up faster but of Course with such a slow aperture in most cases my ISO cranked up it’s not a very bright day today so that’s a struggle not that I really should be worried about anything being like sharp or in Focus anyways one thing I will say though about this lens on a positive Note the bouquet is actually quite beautiful I mean

FAQ about the WORST Camera Gear We’ve Ever Reviewed

1. What types of camera gear do you consider the worst?

We consider camera gear that consistently underperforms, malfunctions, or is poorly designed to be among the worst we have reviewed.

2. Can you provide examples of the worst camera gear you’ve reviewed?

Some examples of the worst camera gear we’ve reviewed include poorly constructed tripods, lenses with severe distortion, and camera bags with faulty zippers.

3. How do you determine if camera gear is the worst?

We evaluate camera gear based on functionality, build quality, reliability, and overall user experience to determine if it qualifies as the worst.

4. What should I do if I already own one of the worst camera gear items you’ve reviewed?

If you own one of the items we’ve labeled as the worst, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for assistance or seeking a refund or replacement.

5. Can I suggest a piece of camera gear for your review of the worst?

Absolutely! We welcome suggestions for camera gear that you believe deserves to be labeled as the worst and will consider it for future reviews.

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