The World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE!

Are you a fan of the iconic rock band U2? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see their photo shoot from the edge of space? Well, wonder no more because the world’s first U2 photo shoot at the edge of space has become a reality! The band, known for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, has taken their creativity to new heights – quite literally. In this blog, we’ll explore this groundbreaking event and how it came to be, as well as the stunning photos captured from the edge of space. Get ready to experience U2 like never before!

The World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE

The World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE

Blair Bunting’s Mission

Hey, I’m Blair Bunting. I’m going to go into a spacesuit inside of a cold war spy plane that’s going to then be chased by another cold war spy plane to the edge of space to do a photo shoot and then I’m going to land and drink.

Grateful for Access

Hey, it’s Chris Nichols here from Petapixel and we are here at Beale Air Force Base to document something that has never been attempted before. This project is only possible because of the right photographer Blair Bunting and the incredible access granted by the U.S Air Force.

Blair’s Training and Preparation

Blair has a harrowing journey ahead. It is dangerous and he has a lot of training to do. Let’s join him on his journey to make this happen.

The Photograph

Originally, the idea was to photograph the curvature of the Earth from the edge of space. But the idea of flying another plane up there and capturing formation flight got added to the mix. The altitude of the U2 allows for a unique view where you can see the bend and transition from black space to the horizon.

Danger of High Altitude

Going up that high requires a full pressure suit or spacesuit. Without it, there is a risk of explosive decompression, and above Armstrong’s line, blood starts boiling within seconds, leading to certain death. Blair has undergone extensive parachute and ejection seat training.

About the U2

The U2, originally designed by the Lockheed Skunk Works program, flies at altitudes above 70,000 feet. This project aims to capture the legacy of the U2 and Beale Air Force Base in a way that hasn’t been done before. It’s about honoring the aircraft and the people who support it.

The Journey

Blair has captured images in fighter jets before, but this project is different. The severity of the environment at the edge of space is what scares him the most.

Mental and Physical Preparation

This project has taken six months of preparation, with Blair experiencing both high and low points. He has been training and keeping his mental health in check to ensure he is fully prepared for the mission.

Spacesuit Fitting

Blair underwent a spacesuit fitting, which was a loud and intimidating experience initially. However, on the actual day of trying it on, it was peaceful, and he was able to breathe easier. The spacesuit came with its own set of challenges and restrictions.

Challenges and Trade-Offs

Blair has had to navigate the challenges of space photography, including fitting a camera into the spacesuit and the necessity of carrying water bottles for the ascent to prevent microstrokes.

Emotional Journey

Blair has experienced a range of emotions in the last few days, from excitement to anxiety. Seeing the Earth from the edge of space is expected to be a profound and emotional experience for him.

Final Preparation

The mission is now fully prepared, and Blair is ready to embark on this exhilarating journey to the edge of space for the world’s first U2 photo shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the Edge of Space?

    The World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the Edge of Space is a historic event where the iconic rock band U2 took part in a photo shoot at the edge of space, capturing breathtaking and unique images.

  2. How was the photo shoot conducted?

    The photo shoot was conducted using a specially designed high-altitude balloon that carried a camera to the edge of space, capturing stunning images of the earth and the band members.

  3. Why was this photo shoot significant?

    This photo shoot was significant because it pushed the boundaries of photography and technology, capturing images from a vantage point that few have ever experienced. It also brought attention to environmental issues and the importance of space exploration.

  4. Where can I see the images from the photo shoot?

    The images from the photo shoot can be seen on U2’s official website and social media channels, as well as in various publications and exhibitions.

  5. Are there any plans for similar photo shoots in the future?

    While there are no specific plans for similar photo shoots at the moment, the success of this event may inspire other artists and photographers to explore innovative ways of capturing images from extreme locations.

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