The World’s FIRST Livestream Photo Workshop On A Mountain Top! Sharing The Rockies: A Sony FX3 Film

Join us on an exciting adventure as we embark on the world’s FIRST livestream photo workshop on a mountain top! In our blog, Sharing The Rockies: A Sony FX3 Film, we will take you on a virtual journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, all captured through the lens of the Sony FX3 camera. Witness the beauty of nature, tips and tricks for capturing the perfect shot, and behind-the-scenes footage of our immersive workshop experience. Get ready to be inspired and learn from top photographers as we explore the world of photography in a whole new way.

The World’s FIRST Livestream Photo Workshop On A Mountain Top! Sharing The Rockies: A Sony FX3 Film

It’s really hard to describe with any amount of completeness the feeling that you get when you enter the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. The massive peaks and vast forests somehow manage to be powerful and intimidating while simultaneously being so still, silent and beautiful. And it’s something in that combination that gives me chills every time I cross the threshold into the Rockies. But one of the most amazing things about this area is the visual beauty. From afar you see a panoramic view of an epic mountain dusted with greenery, a lake at its feet fed by a massive glacier in the distance. But as you venture closer and closer, You see that each piece of that puzzle has its own smaller and equally as incredible beauty as well. As a photographer, the Rocky Mountains offer an endless amount of opportunity and inspiration. I just arrived last night into Canmore, Alberta, which is just outside of Banff National Park and I am so excited because today we’re gonna be heading up to one of the most iconic views in the province, up at the top of Sulphur Mountain, where we’re gonna be doing something completely unique And super exciting.

Meeting with Matt Scobel at Sulphur Mountain

Sulphur Mountain is named for its sulfurous hot springs, but it’s known for its amazing 360 degree view from the top. You can see six different mountain ranges. So when you get up there, no matter which direction you look, there’s something amazing and beautiful for you to see. And while you can hike up to the top if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take the famous Banff Gondola up the more than 2000 feet. And you’ve got amazing views the entire way. And speaking of that amazing view, that’s exactly why we’re here and why I’m about to meet with Matt Scobel And hop on this gondola up to the top.

Live Photography Workshop setup

My name is Matt Scobel. I’m a landscape photographer from here in the Canadian Rockies, the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta. It was just something about this area of the world. The Canadian Rockies obviously span from Alberta to BC, but this particular location with Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, I think just the magnitude of the mountains, just how much amazing back country we have here, it drew me in. And I moved to Canmore about five years now, and I’ve never looked back. With COVID, it’s unfortunate that a lot of people from across Canada and international, Haven’t had a chance to come to the Canadian Rockies, and specifically Banff National Park. So I kinda had this idea, how could I bring people to the Rockies in the best way possible without actually physically coming here? And I thought, hey, why not do a live photography workshop? I think this is a pretty cool spot to do a landscape photography workshop. So doing something like this is obviously a big challenge that the first people I reached out to was the team at The Camera Store. They were amazing. They offered to run this entire workshop, bring out the gear, run the livestream, get involved. And they’re actually gonna be livestreaming Back from Calgary at The Camera Store. I mean, so obviously livestreaming from the top of a mountain has a huge set of challenges. You could bring out your smartphone and go live on Instagram, but we wanted to kind of elevate this and that’s where Sony really came in. So Sony sent us out some cameras, and in particular, they sent us out a smartphone called the Sony Xperia 5G PRO. And what’s unique about this phone is it has an HDMI input, which allows us to actually send the signal from the mirrorless camera to the smartphone And then broadcast it out to the world. And that’s really our setup. We’ve got two cameras. They’re gonna be running a little bit of a wireless setup so that we can switch between the two of them. And then that’s all going to get fed through the phone, Sent back to the team at The Camera Store in Calgary. They’re gonna patch all that into their live feed. And then they’re gonna send that out on YouTube. So a lot of moving parts, a lot of challenges. We’ve got to deal with the cell phone signal right now, to make sure that’s solid. The guys are working really hard behind the scenes right now to make this work. And if we can pull it off, we’ll be live from the Rockies. If not, I don’t know, we’ll find out. And you’re a 100% sure there’s no setting configuration? – No. – We can’t change the bands Or anything stupid like that? – No. – Fix it? – Yeah.

Setting up for the livestream

Everything seems to be good on the signal, which was the big issue that we were having. But I think we got that solved and now we’re just sort of making sure that the audio is going through the cameras, Through the system. We’ve got both cameras working. If everything is working we can have this camera and that camera and me on live and I’ll actually have audio and everything will be great. If it doesn’t work, we don’t know what’s gonna happen, so. We need HDMI, you need one of mine, right? – Yes. Okay, we’re good now. – Okay. – Oh and now it’s gone. – Well we meant 7:00 PM Pacific Time, actually. You guys thought it was Mountain Time? I’m sorry. It’s actually Pacific. – Hold on, let’s try this. – The question is what are they gonna see? Sorry. I know I’m being a pain. My gut saying that’s super wide. What do you think? – It looks tight. – That’s good? Does that look good? – [Cath] This looks good. – This is a 35, that 35 is looking nice. – [Matt] Yeah, okay. Wait, this is out, that’s a little delayed. – [Gary] Yeah. – Okay, bring it up a little. Wait, am I? – [Gary] This is the frame now. – Bring it up a little bit and I’m good. Knock that over. Okay, so. – [Cath] Yeah, this is good. – Last second check. You guys, is everyone good? You’re talking to them, no problem. Gary, everything’s cool from your standpoint? – [Gary] We’re good. – I’ve got a live feed on here, So I can’t look through the viewfinder, but I got this. Audio is good? We’re saying audio is good. – Audio is good. – Okay, and we have approximately five minutes, do you think? 7:08? – Yeah, 7:09, 7:08. – Let’s do it. – We are gonna be virtually heading over to Sulphur Mountain. And so stay tuned for a couple of seconds as we transition over with the TCS TV live dream team, right over to Banff.

Welcome to Sulphur Mountain in the Banff Gondala in Banff National Park. First of all- All right, so that is it for shot number one. We’ve got a long way to go for shot number two. Do we wanna answer a couple of questions right now? All right, let’s do it. What do we got? It says “Turn your hat backwards and…


What is Sharing The Rockies: A Sony FX3 Film?

Sharing The Rockies is the world’s first livestream photo workshop that takes place on a mountain top in the Rocky Mountains. The workshop is centered around using the Sony FX3 camera to capture stunning landscapes and share photography tips and techniques.

How can I participate in the workshop?

To participate in the livestream photo workshop, you can purchase a ticket on the event website. Once you have your ticket, you will receive access to the livestream event and be able to watch and interact with the instructors in real-time.

What will I learn during the workshop?

During the workshop, you will learn how to use the Sony FX3 camera to capture breathtaking landscape photos. Instructors will share tips on composition, lighting, and editing techniques to help you improve your photography skills.

Is there any special equipment I need to participate?

While it is not required to have a Sony FX3 camera to participate in the workshop, it is recommended to get the most out of the event. You will also need a stable internet connection to watch the livestream on the mountain top.

Can I ask questions during the workshop?

Yes, there will be a Q&A session during the livestream where participants can ask the instructors questions about photography techniques, gear, or any other related topics. This is a great opportunity to get personalized advice from experienced photographers.

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