The Ultimate Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses (Sirui T1.2 Night Walker)

Are you tired of struggling with low light conditions when shooting breathtaking cinematic footage? Look no further than the Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses, specifically the Sirui T1.2 Night Walker. These high-quality lenses are the ultimate solution for capturing stunning visuals in low light situations, making them a must-have for any serious filmmaker or videographer. With the ability to effectively capture clear and sharp images in even the dimmest lighting, the Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses are a game changer for anyone looking to elevate their filmmaking abilities. In this blog, we will delve into the features and benefits of these incredible lenses, as well as why they are the ultimate choice for low light cinematography. Whether you’re shooting a moody nighttime scene or a dimly lit interior, the Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses are sure to exceed your expectations.

The Ultimate Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses (Sirui T1.2 Night Walker)

The Ultimate Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses (Sirui T1.2 Night Walker)

In today’s video, Victor showcases the best budget cine lens for filming movies. These lenses are designed for super 35 sensors or APS-C sensors such as the Sony FX30 and feature a T 1.2 aperture.

Image Quality

Victor finds that these lenses offer excellent image quality for their price, providing a clean look that is well-suited for corporate videos and product videos. They offer a clean slate for color grading.

Color Renditions

Victor notes that the lenses offer a slightly warm color rendition, with the 24mm lens having a warmer look compared to the other two lenses. He hopes that the warm tone issue will be addressed in the final production models.


Victor points out that manual focusing can be challenging, especially at T 1.2, where the depth of field is very shallow. However, the lenses have little to no focus breathing, which is a desirable feature for cine lenses.

Chromatic Aberrations

Victor observes chromatic aberrations at T 1.2, particularly in the highlights. However, these aberrations are less noticeable at T 2.8 and are almost gone at T 4.

Build Quality

Victor appreciates the lightweight form factor of the lenses, making them travel-friendly. He notes that the build quality is good overall but suggests that the focus ring could be more dampened for better precision in manual focusing.

Compatibility with Full Frame Cameras

Victor finds that the lenses can be used on full frame cameras, such as the A74, with some limitations. When using clear image zoom, the lenses cover the full frame without vignetting.


The lenses come in two different colors, with the black version being cheaper at $309 and the metal gray version at $349 per lens. The set of three lenses can be purchased for $899 (black version) or $989 (metal gray version).

Overall Thoughts

Victor concludes that the lenses are great budget options for anyone looking to enter the world of cine lenses. While they offer excellent quality for the price, there are some minor compromises, such as subpar minimum focus distance, to consider. However, he believes that they are a great value for their category.

As part of a giveaway, Victor invites viewers to share their thoughts on the budget-friendly cine lens set from Sirui for a chance to win his Sunset film pack.

FAQ about The Ultimate Sony FX30 Low Light Cine Lenses (Sirui T1.2 Night Walker)

1. What makes the Sirui T1.2 Night Walker lenses the ultimate low light cine lenses for the Sony FX30?

The Sirui T1.2 Night Walker lenses are designed specifically for low light shooting, offering a wide aperture of T1.2, which allows for exceptional performance in low light conditions.

2. Are these lenses compatible with the Sony FX30 camera?

Yes, the Sirui T1.2 Night Walker lenses are designed to be compatible with the Sony FX30 camera, providing a seamless integration for filmmakers.

3. What makes these lenses ideal for cine applications?

These lenses are built with cine applications in mind, featuring a smooth and precise focus ring, de-clicked aperture ring, and standard 0.8 pitch gears for follow focus systems.

4. Can these lenses be used for other cameras besides the Sony FX30?

While these lenses are designed for the Sony FX30, they can also be adapted for use with other cameras, making them versatile options for filmmakers.

5. What are the key benefits of using the Sirui T1.2 Night Walker lenses for low light cinematography?

With their wide T1.2 aperture, these lenses offer exceptional low light performance, allowing filmmakers to capture stunning images in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the lenses are designed with high-quality optics to deliver sharp and detailed images.

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