The ULTIMATE Sony FX3 / FX30 Handheld Rig – Ulanzi Falcam Cage Top Handle

Have you been searching for the perfect handheld rig to enhance your Sony FX3 or FX30 camera? Look no further, because we have found the ultimate solution for you! Introducing the Ulanzi Falcam Cage Top Handle, a versatile and reliable accessory that will take your filming experience to the next level. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an aspiring content creator, this handheld rig is designed to provide stability, versatility, and comfort, ensuring that you capture steady and smooth footage every time. In this blog, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Ulanzi Falcam Cage Top Handle, and why it is a must-have addition to your Sony FX3 or FX30 setup.

Article: The ULTIMATE Sony FX3 / FX30 Handheld Rig – Ulanzi Falcam Cage

The ULTIMATE Sony FX3 / FX30 Handheld Rig – Ulanzi Falcam Cage

What’s up everyone Vu of envo films and I am back with another YouTube d-bag video for you to watch and today I’m going to be talking about the ultimate Cinema filmic d-bag YouTuber handheld filmmaking trash kit for your Sony fx3 and fx30 links in the description below for you to buy and Make me money so I can continue to make these trash YouTube filmmaking tutorial videos for you to watch with that said I have an fx30 here and this is actually not the kit uh this is actually what most people would expect me to tell you that this is the ultimate handheld filmmaking Cinema D-bag kit that you could buy this is what you should buy this is what it should look like and I’ll be honest this kit that I have here is quite amazing great quality great features and it works as intended I have the handle somewhere to mount my monitor which is An atomos Ninja V plus I think that’s what it is I use it to try prores on my fx3 and I’ve never done that yet and I don’t even know if I ever will I just kind of have it because it makes me look cool and makes it look Like I know what I’m doing and generally and generally these handheld kits that is their immediate benefit when you show up to a shoot when you show up in front of clients it actually makes you look a little bit more legitimate it makes you look like you know what you’re doing it Makes you look like you’re professional it makes you look like you’re award-winning the fact of the matter is you probably have no idea what the heck you’re doing you’re probably gonna just shoot wide open have your fingers crossed exposed you know 1.7 over and uh I’m gonna grade with the typical YouTuber Lut and of course overuse Zoom whoosh transitions post Vertical on IG and try to sell a master class about how to become a cinematic filmmaker but the factor of matter is I actually don’t like doing this when I am in running gun shoots and filming handheld I actually do this

The Ultimate Handheld Running Gun Filmmaking Rig

Ladies and gentlemen or gentlemen that feel like they want to be a lady or ladies that want to feel like they want to be gentlemen whatever it is you want to call yourself these days this is my handheld running gun filmmaking rig. This is my ultimate rig for your Sony fx3 and fx30. And why is this the case? Well, I didn’t buy a camera like this to make it as big as an fx9, if I wanted something as big as an fx9 I would have bought an fx9. I got this because it’s small, it’s tiny, it’s what I’m used to handling ever Since I was a kid below the belt. Now this is what I do the most running gun filmmaking I ever do is at weddings and I do 30 weddings per year, that is more than the amount of corporate and Commercial shoots I do per year and obviously when I do these YouTube trash Videos it’s just sitting on a tripod so this is probably how I film fifty percent of the wedding day dollar fifty percent of the day I am on Gimbal and yes this is not a completely Bare Bones fx3 fx30 it does have a cage the One I use is the ulonzi falcam cage for your fx3 and your fx30 it fits both fx3 and fx30 there’s no difference between the mounting points and the overall size of the fx3 and fx30 so any fx3 cage will fit with your fx30 the other 50 of the Time I’m on gimbal I just take this and I put it on gimbal just like that and there you have it so now my gimbal is ready to go after I turn it on and to take it back off it’s just a simple clip and it comes right out so I Did buy a separate um quick release plate for my DJ RS3 it has the falcam quick release already built in and the cage also has the falcam quick release already built in it is actually molded onto the cage you can you know Mount another quick release Plate right here but I prefer having a built-in quick release directly on the cage and especially with all the mounting points that this cage is on the fx3fx30 and mounts in a total of one two three four five spots on this camera and that’s the beauty about the fx3 and fx30 If you mount it on like a Sony A7 S3 A7 you know for or you know what have you a lot of times you only get that one mounting Point down here and eventually over time the case you’re kind of wiggling you know it gets loose and you Got to tighten it back up I’ve never had to tighten this back up at all I just it’s stuck and the same goes to when it’s mounted on the gimbal a lot of times when you mount you know a quick release plate that is just you know Screwed on at the bottom and you put it onto your gimbal eventually that quick release plate gets a little bit loose and then you find yourself being a little bit off balance you see that your camera is kind of turned a little bit to the side because that quick release Plate got loose and then you got to take it back off you got to tighten it put it back on it’s a hassle so when you have a molded on quick release you don’t have to ever worry about re-tightening the quick release plate at the bottom of Your camera because the cage is locked in it’s molded to the cage you get the picture so then there’s a lot of you who are blind and cannot expose using this small screen and or just don’t know what you’re doing what have you I actually just have no problem using the screen on The Sony fx3s and fx-30s I’ve been filming just using this screen since 2014 when I started doing this camera vs so I just over time I just know what I’m seeing you know like the most challenging light situation especially like backlight or something I could generally have a good Gauge with how I’m exposing based on obviously what it says if the meter says plus 1.7 plus two that’s good that is Baseline good and the next thing I’d observe is how the image actually looks and how I am trying to expose this scene Am I trying to get a sunset am I trying to expose for for the sky am I trying to expose for the face every situation depends on what I love about the Sony fx3 and fx30 is I’m able to load in Luts so I load in my lot already pre I Already loaded my Luts you know for filming where you’re exposing you know two stops to the right and then so I know what image is going to look like right on this screen and you know I just based on my experience based on the fact that I’m Not blind I can see how it’s going to look and I’m good to go I don’t need like a big Monitor and a lot of times there might be a couple situations where it’s like super sunny and high noon and I need that monitor because it’s hard For me to see the thing it’s a very rare occasion and if you’re shooting outside in High Noon generally your footage is going to look like grade a trash anyway that’s not really ideal lighting for any footage so yeah it’s a very rare occasion where I’m I’m in High Noon Where I cannot see what I’m trying to film and even so a quick hand…

Frequently Asked Questions: The ULTIMATE Sony FX3/FX30 Handheld Rig – Ulanzi Falcam Cage Top Handle

1. What is the Sony FX3/FX30 Handheld Rig?

The Sony FX3/FX30 Handheld Rig is a comprehensive setup designed to enhance the usability and functionality of the Sony FX3 and FX30 cameras, providing improved stability, control, and versatility.

2. What is the Ulanzi Falcam Cage?

The Ulanzi Falcam Cage is a high-quality camera cage specifically designed to perfectly fit the Sony FX3/FX30 cameras. It offers a solid protective frame and numerous mounting options for accessories like microphones, lights, monitors, and more.

3. How does the Falcam Cage enhance handheld shooting?

The Falcam Cage provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to easily hold the camera for extended periods without fatigue. It also features a top handle, providing additional stability and convenience for handheld shooting scenarios.

4. What are the advantages of using the Ulanzi Falcam Cage?

Using the Ulanzi Falcam Cage enhances the Sony FX3/FX30 cameras by providing the following advantages:
– Increased protection against accidental drops or impacts
– Versatile mounting options for various accessories
– Improved ergonomics and comfort for handheld shooting
– Enhanced stability and control over the camera

5. Are there any additional benefits of the top handle?

Yes, the top handle included with the Falcam Cage offers several benefits, including:
– Easy handling and maneuverability while shooting
– Mounting points for attaching accessories like external microphones or monitors
– Improved low-angle shooting capabilities
– Quick attachment and detachment for easy setup and teardown

6. Can I use other accessories with the Ulanzi Falcam Cage?

Absolutely! The Falcam Cage is compatible with a wide range of camera accessories, including but not limited to external microphones, LED lights, external monitors, wireless transmitters, and more. You can easily customize your setup as per your requirements and creativity.

7. Is the Ulanzi Falcam Cage easy to install?

Yes, installing the Ulanzi Falcam Cage onto your Sony FX3/FX30 camera is a straightforward process. Simply slide the camera into the cage and secure it using the provided screws. The top handle can be attached by screwing it onto the cage’s designated mounting points.

8. Can I still access the camera’s controls and ports with the Falcam Cage attached?

Yes, the Ulanzi Falcam Cage is designed with precise cutouts to ensure easy access to all the vital controls, buttons, and ports on the Sony FX3/FX30 cameras. You can freely operate your camera without any hindrance.

9. Does the Ulanzi Falcam Cage affect the camera’s weight or portability?

The Falcam Cage adds a minimal amount of weight to the camera setup, ensuring an optimum balance between stability and portability. The added weight is negligible and does not significantly impact the overall weight or portability of the Sony FX3/FX30 cameras.

10. Can the Ulanzi Falcam Cage be used with other camera models?

The Ulanzi Falcam Cage is specifically designed for the Sony FX3 and FX30 cameras. While it may fit some other camera models with similar dimensions, it is recommended to use it with the intended Sony FX3/FX30 cameras for the best compatibility, functionality, and performance.

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