The Two Kinds of Photographers…

Have you ever wondered what sets professional photographers apart from amateur ones? There seems to be a distinct difference in the quality and composition of their photographs, but what exactly is it that separates these two kinds of photographers? The answer lies in their approach to photography and their understanding of the art form. While both types of photographers may have high-quality cameras and equipment, it’s their mindset and skillset that truly sets them apart. In this blog, we will explore the two kinds of photographers and discuss the key differences between them. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply have a love for beautiful imagery, this blog will provide insight into the world of photography and the different paths photographers can take in their craft.

The Two Kinds of Photographers

The Two Kinds of Photographers

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Location Scouting

Having just flown the drone around and got some nice pictures of the mist in the valley, the photographer is on a mission to find the kind of shots that would be perfect for bright sunny misty days. Scouting for the perfect location is crucial to capture the best shots.

The Categories of Photographers

The photographer reflects on the two types of photographers, those who primarily enjoy the experience of being out in nature and take photos as a way of documenting the experience, and those who relish the experience of taking photos over simply being out in the great outdoors.

Preference for Man-Made Elements

The photographer shares that they have recently become more aware of their preference for man-made elements in their photography, such as people, buildings, and roads, and how they are drawn to the vibrant pine needles along the road in the woodland.

GPS and Scouting Process

The photographer emphasizes the importance of using GPS on their phone for scouting, as it allows them to pinpoint exact locations for different types of conditions conducive to photography, such as fog, sunrise, and sunset.

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Two Kinds of Photographers FAQ

What are the two kinds of photographers mentioned in the article?

In the article, the two kinds of photographers are identified as technical photographers and creative photographers.

What differentiates a technical photographer from a creative photographer?

A technical photographer is focused on mastering the technical aspects of photography, such as camera settings, lighting, and composition. In contrast, a creative photographer prioritizes artistic expression, storytelling, and emotion in their photos.

Can a photographer be both technical and creative?

Yes, many photographers are a combination of both technical and creative skills. The key is finding a balance between the two and knowing when to prioritize one over the other based on the desired outcome of the photograph.

Which kind of photographer is better?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as both technical and creative photographers bring valuable skills to the table. The “better” photographer depends on the specific needs of the project or the personal preference of the viewer.

How can I improve my skills as a photographer, regardless of my focus?

Whether you lean more towards technical or creative photography, continuous learning, practice, and seeking inspiration are essential for growth. Consider taking workshops, experimenting with new techniques, and studying the work of other photographers to enhance your skills.

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