The Truth About Youtube Reviews – Video and Photo Gear…

Are you tired of sifting through countless YouTube reviews trying to find the perfect video and photo gear for your needs? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which products are actually worth your time and money. In this blog, we’ll uncover The Truth About YouTube Reviews for video and photo gear, providing you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your purchases. We’ll discuss the common pitfalls of YouTube reviews, how to spot biased content, and techniques for finding reliable and trustworthy reviewers. By the end of this blog, you’ll have the tools you need to navigate the world of YouTube reviews with confidence.

The Truth About Youtube Reviews – Video and Photo Gear

The Truth About Youtube Reviews – Video and Photo Gear

Types of Youtube Reviews

What’s up everyone vue of andrew films and i am back with another idiotic video for you to watch in today’s video i’ll be talking about youtube reviews the truth about youtube reviews and as you can see with my massive following of under 10 000 subscribers um I know a little bit about what’s going on with these youtube reviews um there’s quite a few different types of reviews that you will see out there there is the youtube trash douchers like myself who have to one buy my own stuff like let’s say i bought the sony a7s3 And i used it and i review it for you on this trash channel then there are the ones that get sent stuff um you know sony be sending all these guys stuff jared undone maddie hapuja manny ortiz jason vong all those 100 000 plus subscribers get like these Cameras and they review it and they give it back that’s another type of view that you see um then you get the ones where you get sent stuff and you get it and you get to keep it like these smaller type i don’t know for example Holly land send me their mic for review and i get to keep it um then there are those sponsored reviews where like sony or canon or dji some of these bigger name brands would sponsor youtuber and they will review the product of course there’s always that ethics right how can you trust these Reviews and in my opinion the ones reviews that you could trust the most are the ones where the person bought it themself and decided to and love the product and decide to review it those are the ones that you can absolutely trust the rest i don’t know you know you could just Kind of toss it in the air like i would say sponsored ones are just sponsored ones are like advertising just imagine you going into a job interview and they ask you what is your greatest weakness and you say some like oh my greatest weakness is man i just work too hard sometimes Is that really a weakness but you could present it as such and if you look at sponsored reviews they’ll say well these are the negatives of this camera it just has such great dynamic range you don’t know what to do with it of course you want to take that Information with a grain of salt and as a viewer you have to rely on these reviews before you buy something you know and you just have to make a common sense decision on what these youtubers are presenting you with um and the reason why i even come up with this is That to be quite honest i do review videos because i like the tech okay um and if i bought something and i feel like i really loved it and i feel like it would be great value to you i would make a review of it You know i just buy you know i bought stuff i tried out and i make a review of it uh and as a youtuber ever since i started getting like four or five thousand subscribers companies do send me stuff they uh like holly land for example they send me stuff Yulonzi says these are holy land is a pretty big brand but like some of these smaller uh lesser known like chinese made brands and let’s be honest every brand no matter how big it is have some connection with china whether it be aperture lume cube sony fujifilm They make stuff in china if not you know we’ll probably not be able to afford half of these things that are made for videographers dji china made in kung pao chicken china all of it so you know with that being said as a youtuber as a videographer who also does youtube I am a youtuber but as a videographer that also does youtube uh i don’t really need stuff you know i already have everything i need to be a filmmaker for the videographer for what i do uh and anything they send me they don’t pay me to do the video they just send me The product to review on here um it gives me some content but to be honest my views on stuff that i do randomly like videos like this probably is a lot better than me reviewing some one-off item from some random chinese company when i do do reviews Because it’s kind of like a promise right they say hey if i send this would you test it out and review it i’m like if i look at the link they send me and i’m saying like i might want to take a look into it just try it out See how it works and i’ll do it and i’ll make a video of it right so there is really no monetary benefit for me excuse me i promise that it’s not the rona sneeze it’s not the roanokes where you cough i think it’s allergies but let’s be honest here Youtube is not a really big strong there’s not really a much income for me i make my money doing videography for clients whether it be commercial work uh corporate work or wedding work that is my income this is just kind of for fun this is for me to do whatever the Heck i feel like and so when companies send me stuff and i decide hey i’ll try it out i review it i know i’m probably like 300 views on the dang video and uh it’s cool will i be able to resell this 200 unknown name mike probably not i Probably end up just giving it away at my once i reach 10 000 subscribers i’m gonna do some giveaway i make upwards of 200 250 plus an hour on client videography youtube reviews on random mics and stuff from companies you know these mics are 199 dollars can I resell them maybe maybe not it just sits there and collects dust because i have everything i need like i said i have all the gear i need to ever you know to produce videos the cost for these companies to have me make a video Is just the cost of it for them to produce and ship it to me so for them to produce a microphone kit that cost you know that retails for like 200 bucks it probably cost them like maybe i’m going to be generous probably 50 to produce right they’re spending 50 dollars For Me to tell you about their product so when i get these things i kind of just do it on my own because i’m i’m busy i have personal life and business life and business life is 250 an hour plus this is not me showing off this is just me telling you straight Facts of the matter and i take that as priority then reviewing random crap for youtube right so they be sending me stuff and most time it’s whatever i do it on my own time but this one particular company recently reached out they asked me to do this video for them And i said hey you know it’s interesting mike i’ll try it out and they emailed me asking me what the status was and uh i told him i’ve been busy i’ll get on to it as soon as i can and they told me hey it’s been like two Months since you received the mic you need to do this asap kind of pissed me off uh first of all it hasn’t been two months it’s been like a month and i even told you it’s gonna take me a while because i’m busy before you send it to me and uh secondly Your product is not gonna do anything for my channel if anything you’re using me for exposure for your product so…


As a viewer, it’s crucial to be aware of the various types of YouTube reviews and to consider the potential biases or incentives of the reviewer. While sponsored reviews and those where the reviewer receives the product for free can still provide valuable information, it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt and consider multiple sources before making a purchasing decision. Additionally, for content creators, it’s essential to maintain honesty and transparency when reviewing products, and to prioritize the interests of their audience over potential perks from brands or companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Youtube reviews?

Youtube reviews are videos created by content creators to showcase and provide their opinions on various video and photo gear products. These reviews typically include product demonstrations, comparisons, and honest feedback.

Are Youtube reviews trustworthy?

While some Youtube reviews are honest and reliable, it’s essential to remember that not all reviews are unbiased. Some content creators may have partnerships or sponsorships with the products they are reviewing, which can impact the authenticity of their opinions. It’s crucial to research and cross-reference multiple reviews before making a purchasing decision.

How can I determine if a Youtube review is genuine?

One way to gauge the authenticity of a Youtube review is to look for content creators who disclose their partnerships or promotional relationships with the products they review. Additionally, reading comments and seeking out other reviews can help provide a well-rounded understanding of the product.

Can Youtube reviews influence purchasing decisions?

Yes, Youtube reviews can greatly impact purchasing decisions. Many consumers rely on honest, informative reviews to determine if a product is worth buying. This is why it’s important for content creators to be transparent about their partnerships and provide accurate and unbiased opinions in their reviews.

Should I solely rely on Youtube reviews when making a purchase?

While Youtube reviews can be a valuable resource, it’s essential to consider other factors when making a purchase. Researching customer reviews, product specifications, and seeking advice from professionals can provide a well-rounded understanding of a product before making a decision.

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