The Sony A6600 vs A6500 | Is the A7III hurting the Sony APSC market?

Are you struggling to decide between the Sony A6600 and the A6500? With the introduction of the A7III, many photographers are wondering if the APS-C market is being overshadowed. The A6600 and A6500 both offer impressive features, but which one is the best investment for your photography needs? In this blog, we will compare the two models and discuss the impact of the A7III on the APS-C market. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of which camera is the right choice for you. Let’s dive in and uncover which camera will elevate your photography game.

The Sony A6600 vs A6500 | Is the A7III hurting the Sony APSC market?

When comparing the Sony A6600 to the A6500, it’s easy to focus on the price difference and the few noticeable upgrades. However, there is a lot more to consider when deciding between these two APS-C cameras.

Comparing the Cons of the A6600 and A6500

The A6600 and A6500 have similar video frame rates, max shutter speed, and IBIS performance. While the upgraded features of the A6600 are subtle, they make a significant impact on the user experience.

Enhancements with the Sony A6600

The A6600 offers updated colors, better ISO performance, improved ergonomics, and double the battery life compared to the A6500. The flip screen, no recording limit, and built-in time-lapse feature are also notable additions. Additionally, the A6600 features improved autofocus performance, more custom buttons, better build quality, and a faster startup time. It also includes HLG color profiles, a headphone and mic jack, and a crisper EVF.

Is the A7III Impacting the Market?

One concern with the Sony A6600 is its pricing and limited lens options. When combining the cost of the A6600 and the non-stabilized 16-55mm lens, the total investment surpasses the price of the full-frame A7III with a comparable lens. This raises the question of whether investing in an APS-C system is worth it when a full-frame option provides more versatility. The limited lens selection for APS-C cameras may deter potential buyers, leading them to opt for full-frame alternatives.

Overall, while the A6600 offers several enhancements over the A6500, the pricing and lens limitations create a potential hurdle for the APS-C market. Nevertheless, the A6600 provides users with an excellent option for a high-quality APS-C camera.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony A6600 vs A6500

Q: What are the key differences between the Sony A6600 and A6500?

A: The Sony A6600 features a larger battery, better autofocus, and improved ergonomics compared to the A6500. It also has a higher resolution EVF and a flip-up touchscreen.

Q: Is the A7III hurting the Sony APSC market?

A: Some believe that the release of the A7III has affected the sales of Sony’s APS-C lineup, as the A7III offers full-frame performance at a similar price point.

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