The Secret to Getting the PERFECT Background Music For Your Videos EVERY TIME!

Choosing the perfect background music for your videos can make all the difference in creating a captivating and memorable experience for your audience. Whether you’re creating a promotional video for your business, a vlog, or a personal project, the right music can set the tone and enhance the overall impact of your content. But finding the perfect background music can often be a daunting and time-consuming task. In this blog, we will explore the secret to getting the perfect background music for your videos every time. From understanding the importance of music selection to tips for finding the right track, we’ll cover everything you need to know to elevate your video content with the perfect soundtrack.

The Secret to Getting the PERFECT Background Music For Your Videos EVERY TIME

The Secret to Getting the PERFECT Background Music For Your Videos EVERY TIME!

Video is brought to you by Track Club. Use the link in the description to get one month of music for your videos completely free. It is official, choosing music for your videos no longer sucks because Track Club came up with a way to make it so that you can get the perfect song so much easier and it’s called MixLab.

Identifying the Problems

If you’re a content creator, filmmaker, video person—whatever you want to call it—you have most definitely gone down the endless time suck that is trying to find the perfect music. The three main problems that lead us to spend our evenings and weekends banging our heads against our desks unable to find the sound that we want are:

  1. Music on the platform is not great in terms of quality.
  2. It can be hard to find what you’re looking for even if the music is decent.
  3. There may be issues with one or two elements in the music that end up making the whole thing unusable.

Solving Problem Number One

Track Club has a hyper-curated, high-quality library of great music that you would actually want to listen to. There’s no cheap-sounding, goofy bank telephone hold music here—these are thoughtfully picked songs that you could listen to for any occasion.

Solving Problem Number Two

Track Club has made it super easy to find exactly what you want within their platform in a couple of different ways:

  • Discover tab for recommendations
  • Curated playlists based on genre, mood, and themes
  • Search and filtering system that makes it easy to narrow down search results

Solving Problem Number Three

Track Club’s MixLab allows you to solo, mute, and change the volume of different stems and stem groups right on the platform. This means you can customize the song to fit your needs without having to use multiple audio tracks in your timeline or load them into a separate audio editor.


By using MixLab, songs that may not have worked initially can be adapted to fit your video perfectly. This feature makes the Track Club library infinitely more useful, as it allows for customization and flexibility in selecting the perfect background music for your videos every time.

FAQ: The Secret to Getting the PERFECT Background Music For Your Videos EVERY TIME!

What is the importance of background music in videos?

Background music has the power to set the mood and tone of a video, enhance the viewing experience, and evoke emotions in the audience.

How do I choose the right background music for my videos?

Consider the theme and purpose of your video, as well as the emotions you want to convey. Look for music that complements the content without overpowering it.

Where can I find high-quality background music for my videos?

There are various royalty-free music libraries and websites that offer a wide range of music tracks for video content creators. Some popular options include Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and Audio Jungle.

What are the legal considerations when using background music in videos?

It’s important to ensure that you have the proper rights to use the background music in your videos. This might involve purchasing a license or using royalty-free music that comes with the necessary permissions for commercial use.

How can I effectively integrate background music into my videos?

Pay attention to the volume levels and timing of the music to avoid overwhelming the other audio elements in your videos. Experiment with different tracks and edit them to fit the pacing and transitions of your video content.

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