The Reckoning of GoPro

Is GoPro still a viable option for action camera enthusiasts? With the rise of smartphone technology and other competitors in the market, many are questioning the future of this once-popular brand. However, GoPro still offers durable, high-quality cameras designed specifically for capturing action-packed moments. Despite its setbacks and struggles in recent years, the company has made efforts to improve its product line and adapt to changing consumer demands. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the reckoning of GoPro and explore whether it still has a place in the world of action cameras.

The Reckoning of GoPro

Slurping any drink is fairly obnoxious I found if you’re literally with somebody and you’re at a cafe or you’re just hanging and then they were like I’ve started my truck what’s up everybody Peter McKinnon here welcome back to yet another video 2024 we’re talking action cams here’s Here’s the thing okay I’m going to come clean if you followed my channel for any amount of time you know I kind of don’t like them I kind of I think they’re great in their respective fields and athletes I’m not they are invaluable if you’re jumping out of planes you’re Snowboarding down a mountain you’re ripping a dirt bike through the dunes what you’re doing those things you need a damn good action cam and they are getting better and better and better and better and better and better as a cinematographer I’m more of a photographer but like someone that likes Cinematography and into film making and wants to make cinematic looking stuff where does a camera like this fit into my life fits and I find and I have found it doesn’t really it’s always been a struggle to find how to use one of these for me on a regular daily basis you’re Taking your backpack out you’re going outside it’s the middle of February and you live in Ontario that’s where I find myself today so what I did is challenged three friends take the insta 360 Ace Pro put it to the test and let’s see who can make the best video so we sent one of these to Dusty in B Alberta we sent one to Taylor in Las Vegas and we sent one to Kaden in Idaho that’s a nice spread mostly like a West Coast spread but east coast is kind of dirty right now as you saw I mean maybe unless you lived in like Myrtle Beach or something I used to love Myrtle Beach hey they got so they had so much Mini Putt in Myrtle Beach and fireworks you know black cats and thunder bombs we cut a football open once and stuffed it full of black hats and brought it over the Border my parents were so mad now what these three individuals Don’t know and they’re only going to find out when watching this video is that they’re all competing for a grand prize of $55,000 and that’s $5,000 I’m putting up so we’re going to watch all of these together you can leave your comments below who was your favorite but At the end of the video I’m going to pick a winner and we’re going to send him five grand let’s start with good old Dusty from [Applause] [Applause] Bamp [Applause] You’re my favorite shoest so far is his big smile in his truck that’s my favorite shot my favorite shots are all the non-action shots fun fact that little bail right there he cracked his rib on that I heard through the grape Vine all right so there you have Dusty’s sequin that is the quintessential action sequence fully wrapped with a little rib crack there that is textbook what you use an action cam for you’re getting it wet you’re doing back flips you’re skiing down Hills but you’re also using It to tell the story of the environment around you that’s why he put in clips of Po Lake clips from his truck driving I love seeing action cams used that way even more than I do on the end of a stick while ripping down a mountain it’s Great it’s impressive I could never do it but I I love the simple stuff next up

Taylor AKA grain Check

is she taking photos with this thing bro that’s a sick photo with that Motel I’m sorry that is a clean shot can you punch into that grain check wow day the reflection shots crazy El Cortez I used have a deck of cards from El Cortez bonus points There Also this is all done at night was it shot on the Ace Pro as well now this video is sponsored by insta 360 but for getting that for a second that looks good that’s the best low light looking footage I’ve seen from an action cam it looks Good yo side note let’s go to Vegas and shoot here D this looks Sick that was great I’m stoked on that that’s great I would never have thought okay you’re going to shoot a whole Vlog of taking pictures in downtown Las Vegas grab grab the R5 grab your cameras what would I not grab this that was a good test filming and Photography at night now again before we go into the last video I’m trying to show uh a mixture of these things so that if you’re someone that wants an action cam you can see that it’s it’s useful Beyond just that of base jumping all right next video Wow did you see see That that was that was damn good that was very very good I wouldn’t have expected that to be shot on an action cam I’m just saying they’ve got this what do you how do you say it how do you put it into words there’s this like predetermined idea that you have of an Action cam a new action Cam’s coming out and it’s like it’s so deeply encased in action cam you don’t think outside the box very often when it comes to these cameras even when you see them being announced when you see new versions coming out you really just attribute it To like what you’ve always known it to be so so these videos are are showing that it is way more than you think it is gone are the days of it only being something that just go on your head and you and you just that’s it it’s 2024 now I expect this to be awesome but the other details that I feel like are important that are usually overlooked because we all just go right to spec sheets like how big is the sensor what’s the stabilization is it 11k it better be 11k 12K is it 16 this is 8 an action cam Being 8K is absolutely unnecessary it’s ridiculous I’ll take it I don’t even know what to say about an action cam being 8K like that’s so many k 4K 120 obviously you know me and my past 120 all the things all the time always that’s very very high resolution what Gets me stoked on this and interested is the fact it says Leica on this it was co-engineered with Leica I’m in I’m I’m immediately in you pair that with good glass you’ve got a pretty powerful camera the Flow State stabilization and Horizon lock on this has always been Amazing I mean you look at Taylor’s video like this isn’t on a gimbal or anything not once did I think like uh like my my mirrorless camera has had more warp and Shake than than a tiny action cam that’s crazy waterproof giant sensor all the things you already know the Flips screen is nice it’s got these little tabs on it they lock so you can flip that up that does make it easy if you’re just going to Vlog every action camera from here on out should have a flip screen if it doesn’t I don’t know try again insta 360 are very very Excited about the new chip that’s inside this the processing power that this is doing in the background while you’re filming to make that footage look better by the time this footage reaches your computer that chip is already processed everything internally to make that footage look better so you have to do Less work to make it look how you would maybe imagine or want it to be again those are things that you’re spending money on that you don’t even know you’re spending money on right because everyone just goes to look to the basic specs you’re not really thinking about how the Camera…

FAQ about The Reckoning of GoPro

What is The Reckoning of GoPro about?

The Reckoning of GoPro is a documentary film that explores the rise and fall of the popular action camera company, GoPro.

Who is featured in the documentary?

The documentary features interviews with current and former GoPro employees, industry experts, and analysts, providing an in-depth look at the company’s history and the challenges it has faced.

What are some of the key themes in the film?

The documentary delves into the challenges of staying relevant in the rapidly evolving technology industry, the impact of competition, and the importance of innovation and adaptability in business.

Where can I watch The Reckoning of GoPro?

The documentary is available for streaming on various platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.

Is The Reckoning of GoPro a critical look at the company?

Yes, the documentary offers a critical perspective on GoPro’s journey, highlighting both its successes and shortcomings.

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