The Photography Mistake I Always Make.

Do you find yourself constantly making the same mistake when it comes to your photography? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, it’s not uncommon to have a recurring mistake that affects the quality of your photos. The good news is that recognizing and addressing these mistakes can greatly improve the overall outcome of your work. In this blog, we will discuss the common photography mistake that many people, including myself, often make and provide a solution to help you avoid making the same error in the future. So, if you’re ready to elevate your photography skills, keep reading to find out how to overcome this common mistake.

The Photography Mistake I Always Make

The Photography Mistake I Always Make

Um I’m not a coffee snob but that is not good anyway morning everybody and uh welcome to a scene but i’m kicking myself about a little bit to be honest because a couple of weeks ago that would have looked much better would have been more orange essentially i think but uh It doesn’t really matter too much because i’m not here for that shot here for a shot that’s over there Well this has very quickly gone from a shot to a scout on the basis that it’s nowhere near as atmospheric this morning as i thought it would be you would think that i didn’t look at weather forecasts but trust me i do and this morning i was hoping it was going To be moody atmospheric maybe a bit frosty maybe a bit of mist and um well as you can see no anyway yes a scouter is and a good excuse to test out my new wellies there you can see that oh that’s terrible flexibility uh yeah a couple of Weeks ago i spent an entire week in iceland with just arctic water in my boots so i thought i’d get some new wellies oh also actually while we’re on the subject of new stuff i got myself one of these which is a garmin inreach mini uh i Should have got one years ago really but basically it’s a gps satellite sos tracker thing you can basically hit a button if you get into trouble where there’s no phone service and somebody will come and get you anyway waffling on today the aim has very quickly become uh Get the exact composition that i want for when the conditions are good here and who knows how many times i’m gonna have to come here before that happens but uh if i find the composition then most of the work is already done uh right so what i’m looking for is really Quite simple basically i’m thinking that i want a straight on shot straight on to the barn that is and i want a relatively clear foreground i mean i don’t mind some detail in the foreground maybe some of this but uh not so much that it obscures the um The barn i was going to call it a cottage but that’s very clearly not a cottage now i suppose high up gives me the best chance of a relatively clear foreground and and this might be it trouble is i’m not exactly straight on here i need to come down here and Then the further down you go the uh the more obscured the foreground i’m thinking a bit harder about this stuff than i usually do at the moment because this week i’ve spent a lot of time editing about four and a half thousand photos that i took in iceland and Whenever you have an intensive period of photography like that basically what’s that i don’t know seven 800 photos a day you tend to find that when you go through those photos you end up spotting patterns the kind of compositions that you go for the kind of focal lengths That you’re drawn to the mistakes that you make and i at the moment seem to be going through a little bit of a bout of something that i’ve suffered with on and off throughout my entire career which is not paying enough attention to the stuff that’s around the subject and in my case Often that’s just because i get distracted by a really cool subject or sometimes you have like a really bright subject that you’re exposing for and therefore everything else in the frame is dark and it’s only when you get back home in post that you notice that the shadows are full of distractions but Whatever it is it’s annoying and therefore i’m trying to actively pay a bit more attention to all the other stuff that’s in the frame aside from the subject at the moment need a little mound just there right then gopro on and actually before i start you might Think that this is a terrible choice of trouser it’s sort of light brown while you’re walking through wet woodland but um i live my life terrified of ticks so when you wear trousers like this you can sort of see them better than squash them anyway this i think somewhere around here Is a decent place to start what i’ll probably do is end up with i don’t know five to ten different compositions hopefully that i think potentially could work and then i can just sort of pick through the best ones or or work through the best ones when i next come But from here with this one this is what we get at 35 mil very bright enough to turn the self timer off now and then if we go into aps-c crop this is what we get at roughly 50 mil which actually i think is quite a lot better i mean not today But when conditions are good 50 mil looks pretty nice particularly now that all the color has gone off of those trees check for ticks i think we’re all good so i have been trying to think of ways that i can combat this bad habit that i seem to Fall into every i don’t know six months or so and i think i might have a solution which is basically reading the frame or the composition or the photo whatever you want to call it and basically that’s exactly as it sounds so when you look at a book or a page in a Book that’s full of words you don’t start in the middle or just focus in the middle you read it left to right line by line and i’m wondering if that’s how i need to try and look at my photos left to right line by line don’t know how many lines i need to Split the photos into maybe three because that works quite well with the rule of thirds guide on my camera i’m wondering if that or the habit of that will force me to look at everything in the frame and therefore be able to spot and discount distractions a bit more easily I remember having this problem a lot when i was a beginner anyway here we are five years into this being my full-time job and still making that mistake these conditions are rubbish oh yeah there um there isn’t quite a view of the barn that’s completely unobstructed Between these two trees so i’m at 75 mil ish maybe 80. and it’s okay but there definitely are still some obstructions let me show you so on the right hand side we’re dealing with this little selection of branches here and on the left hand side we’re dealing with these Branches here i don’t even already see my finger with this lens but if i go either side by kind of a foot it just makes the other worse so i’ve basically got to choose which of the two branches is least offensive you know the more time i spend up here The more i’m convinced that compression is the answer for this scene i just like that it brings in the trees on the hill in the background and shooting at 135 mil which actually as you’ll learn from next week’s video is becoming one of my favorite focal lengths I think it looks pretty good it also gives me the opportunity to get rid of some of the messy grass to the right of these rocks down here so on the next frosty misty atmospheric morning i think this may be the place that i come it’s not this morning I will go and have a look just up there just to see what what’s possible well this is the straight on view which i’m not sure how well you can see on the gopro let me just get a shot of it stay uh so yeah not…

FAQ – The Photography Mistake I Always Make

What is the most common mistake in photography?

The most common mistake in photography is poor composition. This includes not paying attention to framing, leading lines, and overall balance in the image.

How can I improve my composition in photography?

To improve your composition, consider practicing the rule of thirds, paying attention to the background, and experimenting with different angles and perspectives.

What other mistakes should I avoid in photography?

Apart from poor composition, other common mistakes in photography include bad lighting, incorrect exposure, and relying too much on post-processing to fix issues.

How can I avoid making the same photography mistakes over and over again?

To avoid making the same mistakes, it’s important to practice consistently, seek feedback from others, and learn from experienced photographers through workshops, tutorials, and online resources.

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