The only 2 Medium Format Portrait Lenses You Need

Are you a portrait photographer in search for the perfect medium format lenses to take your work to the next level? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the only two medium format portrait lenses that you need to capture stunning and captivating images. These lenses are renowned for their exceptional optical quality, versatility, and ability to produce breathtaking bokeh. Whether you are shooting professional portraits, fashion editorials, or even wedding photography, these lenses will provide you with the ultimate tools to create jaw-dropping images that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and viewers. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of these two exceptional lenses!

The Only 2 Medium Format Portrait Lenses You Need


Hey everyone, today I have a creative photo shoot behind the scenes video for you and I am so excited because I’m going to be using the medium format Hasselblad x2d 100c camera. Buddy, I have two lenses with me today. I have the 45 millimeter F4 and I have the 80 Millimeter F 1.9 lens. We’re going to start off on the 45.

The Hasselblad x2d100c

The Hasselblad x2d100c is a 100-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera, so we have some really detailed files to take a look at today. As always, I will be sharing a 100 crop Of the unedited photos so you can see all the details and afterwards a full view of my edited version.

The 45mm F4 Lens

I’m using the lightweight portrait kit which comes with a camera body and 45p and 80 millimeter lenses. Today’s model is Natalie and Dan is filming the behind-the-scenes. I’ll get to why I think these are the only two lenses you need for medium format in a moment, but first, I want to talk about this camera body because it’s the first time I’m sharing it on my channel.

Something interesting about this camera body is that it doesn’t have a mechanical shutter, instead, Hasselblad lenses contain a leaf shutter. I was able to go as low as 1 over 1 80th of a second during today’s shoot with no motion blur. The leaf shutter also lets you sync flash speeds much faster than mechanical shutters all the way to one over two-thousandth of a second. However, I won’t be shooting any flash pictures in today’s video. If you want to see this camera in a studio setting, please let me know in the comments.

The 80mm F1.9 Lens

Now, I’m switching over to the 80 millimeter F1.9, which is Hasselblad’s fastest lens. This lens is the full-frame equivalent of 63 millimeters and is a great focal length for portrait photography as you can create photos where there is a significant amount of background to foreground separation.

The files from the x2d 100c are absolutely beautiful. Like wow, first of all, they are clearer than my own vision. I love zooming into each of the images, and you can just see so much detail and clarity.

Colors and Skin Tones

The camera also uses Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, so I specifically wanted to shoot in spots where we are getting lots of green and yellow color casts from the location to see how it handles colors and skin tones. And I have to say, I really love the colors of these files straight out of the camera, and they give you a really great base to work with when it comes to editing.

The Small and Versatile 45mm F4 Lens

Switching back to the 45 millimeter F4 pancake lens, this lens is so small and only weighs 320 grams, making it such a nice lens to take with you on daily photo walks or doing street or travel photography. It has a full-frame equivalent focal length of 36 millimeters and, in my opinion, makes the perfect pairing to the 80 millimeter lens I’m also using today.

This 45 millimeter is extremely versatile as you can capture those establishing shots with an even emphasis on both the subject and the location compared to the 80 millimeter, which does a great job at isolating your subject. With this 45 millimeter focal length, I’m able to capture a mixture of full-body shots, mid-length portraits, and even close-up photos of my subject.

The images coming from this 45 millimeter are extremely sharp, and I found that it focuses well even in backlit conditions. For an F4 medium format lens, you can still achieve smooth background to foreground separation depending on how you work with your location.


In conclusion, these two lenses, the 45 millimeter F4 and the 80 millimeter F1.9, are the only medium format portrait lenses you need. They offer versatility, sharpness, and beautiful colors straight out of the camera. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or out in the field, these lenses will help you capture stunning portrait images. Thank you to Hasselblad for sending me this camera and allowing me to share my experience with these lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – The only 2 Medium Format Portrait Lenses You Need

Q1. What are medium format portrait lenses?

Medium format portrait lenses are specific lenses designed for use with medium format cameras that produce high-quality images and are commonly used in portrait photography.

Q2. Why are medium format lenses preferred for portraits?

Medium format lenses are preferred for portraits because they provide a larger image sensor compared to standard 35mm lenses. This larger sensor captures more detail and produces images with greater resolution, depth, and tonal range, resulting in stunning and realistic portrait photographs.

Q3. Which are the two recommended medium format portrait lenses?

The two highly recommended medium format portrait lenses are:

  • 1. 85mm f/1.4: This lens offers a flattering focal length for portraits and a wide maximum aperture of f/1.4, allowing for excellent subject isolation and beautiful bokeh.
  • 2. 120mm f/2.8 macro: This lens provides a versatile focal length suitable for both full-body and close-up portraits. It also features a macro capability, allowing you to capture intricate details with exceptional sharpness.

Q4. Can I use these lenses on any medium format camera?

Yes, these lenses are designed for medium format cameras with interchangeable lens capabilities. However, it is important to ensure compatibility with your specific camera brand and model before purchasing any lens.

Q5. Are there any alternatives to these lenses?

Yes, there are other excellent medium format lenses available for portrait photography. While the 85mm f/1.4 and 120mm f/2.8 macro are popular choices, you can explore different focal lengths, such as 50mm, 150mm, or even zoom lenses, based on your personal preferences and shooting style.

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