Are you struggling to achieve the perfect sound in your audio recordings? Do you find yourself spending hours trying to tweak and edit your tracks, only to end up feeling dissatisfied with the results? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with mastering the art of audio production, but there’s one simple solution that can make a world of difference: compression. Compression is an essential audio effect that can help you achieve a more polished and professional sound. In this Quick Tip Tuesday blog post, we’ll delve into the world of compression and discuss why it’s the one audio effect you should know. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or a newbie to the world of music production, understanding compression can take your sound to the next level.


The ONE AUDIO EFFECT you should know!


All right today’s quick tip is a direct response to a few comments that have received about balancing a talking head audio track like this with background music and the difficulty that people have been having still being able to hear their talking head track while that background music track is playing.

Today’s quick tip is one very simple effect that you can put onto your audio track – to fix all of that.

Quick Tip Tuesday with David Manning

I’m David Manning back again with another quick tip Tuesday and before I thought they were only gonna be called quick tips but quick tip Tuesday is just so fun to say. It’s an alliteration or at least the second two words are in alliteration and I like alliteration. If you liked today’s video hit the like button but also subscribe make sure that you don’t miss any quick tip Tuesday’s in the future.

Using Premiere Pro

Today we’re gonna be jumping into Premiere Pro but this trick works for pretty much any audio program where you can apply audio effects. It works in resolve and Final Cut Pro as well.

Without Background Music

Here’s a talking head clip totally by itself first. This is an audio sample track of me saying words so you can hear me saying words and compare that to the audio track that’s below me with and without the effect. What do you think? Do you like the effect? If you do, hit the like button below on this video.

Adding Background Music

The first thing we need to do is bring in a music track. We’re going to head over to epidemic sound com and search for a suitable background music track.

Applying the Audio Effect

Once we have the music track in place, we need to apply an audio effect. We’re going to use a parametric equalizer to adjust the low frequencies and ensure the talking head track is clear and audible over the background music.

Frequently Asked Questions about The ONE AUDIO EFFECT you should know! – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

What is the one audio effect I should know?

The one audio effect you should know is compression. Compression helps to control the dynamic range of audio and can make your mix sound more professional and polished.

How does compression work?

Compression works by reducing the volume of louder sounds and boosting the volume of quieter sounds, resulting in a more consistent and balanced sound.

When should I use compression?

You can use compression on individual tracks, such as vocals or drums, or on the overall mix to help control dynamic range and make the audio sound more cohesive.

Are there any tips for using compression effectively?

It’s important to use compression subtly and adjust the settings to fit the specific needs of the audio. Experiment with attack, release, ratio, and threshold to find the right balance for your mix.

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