The NEW Sony 135mm 1.8GM | Is it better than the 85mm 1.4GM?

Are you in the market for a new high-quality portrait lens for your Sony camera? Look no further than the new Sony 135mm 1.8GM. This impressive lens offers a versatile focal length and a wide maximum aperture, making it perfect for capturing stunning portraits with beautiful background blur. But how does it compare to the popular 85mm 1.4GM? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the new Sony 135mm 1.8GM and compare it to the 85mm 1.4GM to help you decide which lens is the best choice for your photography needs.

The NEW Sony 135mm 1.8GM | Is it better than the 85mm 1.4GM?

The NEW Sony 135mm 1.8GM vs 85mm 1.4GM

What is up, he wants Manny Ortiz? He’s here with Julie, his model for today, to test out the newly announced Sony 135mm 1.8 lens. The big question on everyone’s mind is whether this new lens is better than the trusty 85mm 1.4 GM, Manny’s bread and butter.

Sharpness and Contrast

Shooting both lenses wide open, Manny finds that the 135mm is considerably sharper than the 85mm 1.4 GM. This comes as no surprise, as the 85mm 1.4 GM is known for not being the sharpest lens wide open. The 135mm also offers a good amount of contrast in the image, which is a plus for many photographers.


One of the drawbacks of the Sigma 135mm lens was the football-shaped bokeh in the corners of the image. The Sony 135mm lens, with its 11 aperture blades, claims to have a perfect circular bokeh. However, upon testing, Manny finds that the lights in the corners still do not form a perfect circle. This is a common issue with many lenses in this focal length.

Background Rendering

To compare the rendering of the background, Manny chose a busy background to highlight how the two lenses handle it. While the 85mm lens produces a softer and more pleasant background, Manny prefers the 135mm’s image and the way it compresses the features of the model.

Autofocus Performance

In dim lighting, the 85mm 1.4 GM is not the fastest lens, and this is evident in its autofocus performance. The 135mm, on the other hand, proves to be snappier and faster, making it a more confident choice for low-light shooting. In good lighting, the 85mm 1.4 GM improves but is still on the slower side compared to the 135mm.

Design and Features

The Sony 135mm lens weighs 33.5 ounces, 300 grams lighter than the Sigma version, making it a more portable option. It also boasts a minimum focusing distance of 2.3 feet, closer than the Sigma’s 2.8 feet. The lens features 11 aperture blades, an AF/MF switch, an aperture ring, focus hold buttons, and a focus range limiter switch. Additionally, it has a weather sealing gasket on the mount.

Pricing and Conclusion

If the Sony 135mm lens is priced under $2,000, it would be a big win, considering its competitive performance. Paired with a Sony body, it offers the best performance, especially in autofocus. If priced higher, it might face tough competition from the Sigma, which offers good performance at a lower price point. Manny hopes to get his hands on the lens soon for more in-depth content.

< h2 >FAQ About The NEW Sony 135mm 1.8GM< /h2 >
< p >Q: Is the Sony 135mm 1.8GM better than the 85mm 1.4GM?< /p >
< p >A: The Sony 135mm 1.8GM offers a longer focal length and slightly wider aperture compared to the 85mm 1.4GM. It provides a greater reach for shooting distant subjects and produces beautiful background bokeh. However, the 85mm 1.4GM may be preferred for closer portrait shots and low light conditions due to its wider aperture. Ultimately, the better option depends on your specific photography needs.< /p >

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