The NEW Filter Every Photographer NEEDS In 2024 (behind the scenes & examples)

Have you ever struggled to capture the perfect shot due to difficult lighting conditions or unwanted reflections in your photos? As a photographer, it can be frustrating to deal with these challenges, but fear not – there is a solution on the horizon. In 2024, a revolutionary new filter is set to hit the market that will completely change the game for photographers everywhere. This filter promises to enhance image quality, reduce glare, and improve overall clarity in photos like never before. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes and provide examples of how this groundbreaking technology will revolutionize the world of photography.

The NEW Filter Every Photographer NEEDS In 2024 (behind the scenes & examples)

The NEW Filter Every Photographer NEEDS In 2024

So this little filter right here combines two of my favorite effects in photography into one and for 90% of photographers this is a filter that will never leave your Camera.

Behind the Scenes of a Recent Photoshoot

Throughout the video, I’m going to show behind the scenes footage of a recent photo shoot I did using this filter. The shoot was with my friend Marco at a car shop, and it was a lot of fun. The photos made during this shoot were made possible with the everyday filter.

The Everyday Filter Collaboration

The filter is called the everyday filter, a collaboration between Polar Pro and Short Stash. Short Stash, also known as Garrett, is an amazing photographer who I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago. The everyday filter combines a polarizer and a promist filter into one, eliminating the need to stack filters and dealing with color casting or quality loss.

If you’re in a scenario where you want to capture a film nostalgic look, the everyday filter is perfect. It removes glare with the polarizer, adds a subtle mist effect with the promist filter, giving your images a unique and character-filled look.

The Benefits of the Everyday Filter

The subtle mist effect in the filter makes it a must-have for most photographers. It adds a touch of character to your photos without being overwhelming. The everyday filter is designed to be versatile and can be used in almost any scenario.

One drawback of the filter is in low-light situations where the polarizer may darken the image slightly. However, overall, the everyday filter provides protection to your lens while enhancing your images.

Favorite Photo and Rating

My favorite photo from the shoot was the brown Bronco in the fence. It has a nostalgic old look to it, reminiscent of film photography. With the added mist effect from the everyday filter, the image stands out. I rate this photo a 3.8 out of 5 when combined with another photo to create a set.

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The everyday filter is a game-changer for photographers in 2024. Its combination of polarizer and promist effects makes it a versatile tool for capturing unique and stunning images. If you haven’t tried the everyday filter yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot.


What is the new filter every photographer needs in 2024?

The new filter is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the quality of photographs by adjusting colors, contrast, and clarity in real-time.

How does the filter work behind the scenes?

The filter uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the composition of the photo and make adjustments to enhance its visual appeal.

Can you provide examples of the filter in action?

Sure! Here are some before and after photos with the new filter applied:


Before photo


After photo

As you can see, the filter dramatically improves the quality of the photo by making colors more vibrant and details more defined.

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