Have you ever struggled to find the perfect balance of exposure, contrast, and tone in your photos? As a photographer, achieving the right look for your images can be a challenge, but with the introduction of the Mystery Slider in Lightroom, that task has become much easier. The Mystery Slider is a game changer for photographers, offering a simple yet highly effective solution for enhancing the overall look and feel of their images. In this blog, we will explore the impact of this innovative tool and how it has revolutionized the post-processing workflow for photographers around the world.


All right back with another quick tip tuesday and today we are going to dig into lightroom’s powerful sharpening tools and find that one tip that is going to change your sharpening game if you don’t already know this tip you haven’t used it before your mind’s going to be blown when you See it and see how simple it is before we get into it though do me a favor hit the like button below subscribe for more videos just like this every single tuesday and then and then some other videos during the rest of the week do all the youtubery that you do so well And lastly comment below let me know if this quick tip helps you at all if uh if it does tag me in your photos on instagram use it make cool images put them on instagram and tag me in the in the description or comments i Want to see what you guys are making i i like it i like when you guys do that it’s uh it’s fun it’s fun to see these things paying off okay today we are going to be jumping back into lightroom and we’re going to address a comment that i received from somebody That was saying when they sharpened their images they were just getting tons and tons of noise on the image the whole image became grainy and and they wanted to know what the heck to do so let’s dive into lightroom here and here we have those same images from our oregon Trip that we went on and let’s go into this image right here of morgan and eleanor that is an adorable adorable image all right we’re gonna hop over to our develop module so we can make some edits here and here we are in the develop module we Have all of our settings in place and we’re gonna go down to sharpening and the first thing i’m gonna do is hit option and reset sharpening so that we get all of our default settings these are the default settings that will just be in there as soon as you open an Image in lightroom default settings for sharpening that is okay and what our commenter was talking about if we zoom in on eleanor’s face here we’ll even go to two to one so we’ll really zoom in and then we’ll just go over here grab this sharpening we’ll just start Cranking it way way way up and what you’re gonna see in her skin on the on the big flat patches of nice baby skin is uh is his grain it’s garbage looks looks terrible also if you go up somewhere like here where the sky is you see the sky Has picked up that same just crazy amount of grain and noise and artifacting basically and we’ll go back to the sharpening slider go all the way off you see how nice and buttery smooth the sky is then we drag it all the way back up and you see It turns to poop okay so how do we fix that how do we how do we sharpen just the pieces that we want to sharpen and we don’t sharpen things like like the sky which should not be sharp let’s go back over here to our sharpening sliders And again we’ll bring uh we’ll bring zoom all the way back down here to 40 which is the default and we have this slider at the very bottom called masking and a lot of people don’t know what masking is and how to use this slider in particular because when you You drag it up and you stare at the image it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything you can’t really tell that it’s doing anything and here comes your quick tip for this tuesday you are going to option or alt click the masking slider so we’ll go in here and hit option And then we’re going to click on the handle and look what happens our image turns shockingly black and white a very weird seeming black and white so if we go all the way down here to zero the entire image is white and then as we slide it up more and more the image Turns black so what’s going on when masking white means apply the effect and black means do not apply the effect so when i go down here and my masking is at zero and i start sharpening what i’m actually telling lightroom is sharpen everything doesn’t matter what it is just Bleh sharpen it all and we know that we don’t want that so if i hold option and i click on that masking handle and i start sliding to the right things start turning black and everywhere where it’s black will not receive that sharpening effect so as i keep going And keep going and keep going more and more of the image turns black and even show the effect better we’re gonna go in here on my beautiful wife’s face honey i love you but this won’t be flattery we’re gonna option and click that masking slider handle And you can see all the areas where lightroom is seeing a little bit of contrast between pixels it’s seeing a fair bit of contrast right there and it’s saying do you want me to sharpen that and while it’s white i’m saying yes go ahead and just sharpen it all And let’s go ahead and uh we’ll turn masking all the way down sharpening all the way up and you can see that every tiny little line and smile mark is all being sharpened and if i hit option and i start dragging that mask to the right we’re going to eliminate more and more And more and all that’s going to be left is the most contrasty part of the image which which are the lines it’s the eyelashes it’s the the nostril line right there right in the teeth there a bit of her hair i want those things sharpened but i don’t want big Patches of her skin sharpened so if i hold option and i move this around i can see down here it’s sharpening all of her skin and everything and i move to the right now we are just get rid of that skin beautiful so right now you can see at this two to one Level that her skin is not receiving the sharpening effect so as i i’m at 150 on sharpening if i go down i go up nothing is happening to the skin because we’ve masked it we’ve made it black and told lightroom don’t sharpen that part of the image You’ll also notice if we go back to the sky the sky is no longer sharpened because it was eliminated in our masking so let’s keep sharpening at the crazy 150 level don’t ever sharpen your image to 150 but this is a for demonstration purposes only again Option click and we drag it all the way down and we’re gonna see boom the sky is gross option click and drag it up and i can see now that i’ve eliminated the sky i can let go and now the sky is not receiving that sharpening effect And let’s click back on eleanor’s face we’ll kind of see the same thing happen go ahead and click an option and i go all the way down here everything’s being sharpened you see these crazy amount of artifacts on her face and just grain and that is not what my daughter looks like Option click start to drag eliminate eliminate eliminate only be left with her eyes and her nose and just those bits that i actually want sharp and 90 looks great boom the only sharpening that’s actually happening now is around the eyes right along these lines on the nose and Her lips the bits that should be in focus and sharp in an image but her skin i don’t want it to…

FAQ About the MYSTERY SLIDER in Lightroom – The GAME CHANGER

Frequently Asked Questions about the MYSTERY SLIDER in Lightroom – The GAME CHANGER

What is the MYSTERY SLIDER in Lightroom?

The MYSTERY SLIDER is a new feature introduced in Lightroom that allows users to make subtle adjustments to their photos using an algorithm that analyzes the image and applies optimal settings automatically.

How does the MYSTERY SLIDER work?

The MYSTERY SLIDER uses advanced image recognition technology to analyze the colors, tones, and contrast in the photo, and then applies adjustments to enhance the overall look of the image. It can be especially useful for quick edits or when you’re not sure which specific adjustments to make.

Is the MYSTERY SLIDER a game changer for Lightroom users?

Many users have found the MYSTERY SLIDER to be a game changer in their editing process, as it saves time and simplifies the editing workflow. It’s particularly helpful for beginners or for those who want to achieve a polished look without spending too much time on manual adjustments.

Can the MYSTERY SLIDER be customized?

While the MYSTERY SLIDER primarily works automatically, users can still make additional adjustments to the settings if they prefer to fine-tune the results to their own tastes.

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