The Most UNDERRATED Lightroom Secrets (changed my life)

Are you looking to take your photo editing skills to the next level? Do you want to unlock the full potential of Lightroom and discover its most underrated secrets? Look no further, as I have compiled a list of game-changing Lightroom secrets that have completely transformed my editing process. From hidden tools to lesser-known shortcuts, these secrets have revolutionized the way I approach photo editing in Lightroom. Join me as I reveal the most underrated Lightroom secrets that have changed my life, and how they can elevate your editing game as well. Get ready to take your photo editing skills to new heights with these incredible tips and tricks.

The Most UNDERRATED Lightroom Secrets (changed my life)

The Most Underrated Lightroom Secrets (Changed My Life)

Inverted Subject Mask

One of the most underrated Lightroom secrets is the ability to invert the subject mask in the new version of Lightroom. This enables you to edit the background independent of the subject, creating a greater separation between the subject and the background. To achieve this, simply select the subject mask, right click on it, and then press invert.

Resetting Settings with Alt/Option Key

Another powerful secret in Lightroom is the ability to reset an entire section of settings by holding the Alt key (or Option key on Mac). This allows you to reset specific settings without affecting others, saving time and effort in the editing process.

Adjusting Opacity of Adjustment Layers

Changing the opacity of adjustment layers can greatly impact the overall effect of your edits. By selecting the mask and using the amount slider, you can easily increase or decrease the effect of the adjustment layer, providing fine control over the adjustments made.

Fine Control for the Curves Tool

For those who frequently use the RGB curves tool, holding the Alt or Option key allows for fine control over the control points, enabling more precise adjustments without the curve bouncing all over the place.

Lights Out Mode

When you’ve finished editing your photo and want to thoroughly examine it, the lights out mode in Lightroom can be incredibly useful. By hitting the ‘L’ key, it dims the rest of the screen, allowing you to focus solely on your image and notice details that may have been overlooked.

These underrated Lightroom secrets have the potential to transform your editing workflow and enhance the overall quality of your images. By incorporating these tips and tricks into your editing process, you can become a more efficient and skilled Lightroom user.

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FAQ on The Most Underrated Lightroom Secrets (changed my life)

What are some underrated Lightroom secrets that can change my editing experience?

Some underrated Lightroom secrets include using the “Range Mask” tool for precise adjustments, creating and using custom presets, and using the “Dehaze” tool to enhance photos in a unique way.

How can I learn more about these underrated Lightroom secrets?

You can learn more about these underrated Lightroom secrets by watching tutorials on YouTube, reading informative articles and blog posts, and experimenting with the features in Lightroom.

Will these secrets really change my editing experience?

Yes, these underrated Lightroom secrets can greatly improve your editing experience by giving you more control and flexibility in your edits, saving time, and creating more unique and impactful images.

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