The MINIMAL Cinema Rig!

Are you tired of lugging around a bulky and cumbersome camera rig when filming on location? The MINIMAL Cinema Rig might be the solution you’ve been looking for. This compact and lightweight rig is designed to provide stability and support for your camera while still allowing for maximum mobility. Whether you’re shooting a music video, documentary, or independent film, this rig will help you capture smooth and professional-looking footage without the hassle of a traditional rig. Say goodbye to heavy equipment and hello to the freedom and flexibility of the MINIMAL Cinema Rig. Read on to learn more about this game-changing piece of gear!

The MINIMAL Cinema Rig


Hey guys Caleb here with DSLR video shooter and this is what I’m calling the minimal cine rig. It can transform into several different configurations in seconds, has a monitor that can be used directly on the camera or wirelessly, and the whole setup is powered off of One Battery type. In this video, I’ll show you the parts I used to create this and how you can build one for your own camera. This camera rig is perfect for anyone who likes to change up their rig on the go and needs to move fast. If you’re a one-man band or shoot a lot of documentary-style stuff, you’re going to love this kit. Before we dive into the parts list, I want to let you know this video is not sponsored, however, it is supported by those of you who have purchased my camera guides and LUTs. Check the link in the description to learn more and thank you guys so much for the continued support. It helps keep sponsors off of these videos.

Camera and Lens

You can use any camera or lens for this build, but I went with the Sony FX30 with the Sigma 18 to 50 millimeter F 2.8. This super 35-millimeter camera is an incredible value at $1,700 new and the Sigma 18 to 50 is compact, looks great, and has the most wild minimum focus I’ve ever seen. I covered it in a recent fx30 lens video that you can check out for more information.

Rig Parts

For the rig, you’re going to need several Ulanzi F-22 accessories. The first accessory is a five position quick release plate which can be mounted to the top of the camera. Next, you’ll need the F22 top handle which comes in two parts, the handle and the angled bracket. Finally, you’ll need a friction monitor mount which can tilt and rotate. To put all this together, simply follow the steps in the video.

F22 Top Handle

To mount the handle, remove it from the included L bracket, and grab one of the mini quick release plates from the friction monitor mount. Add it to the handle bracket to balance your rig, no matter how long your lens is.


The monitor used here is the Holly land M1, which is a 550 dollar 5-inch monitor that can transmit or receive a video signal with other Holly Land transmitters and receivers. Whether you need a wireless setup or not, you can simply swap this out for any monitor you want.


To power this rig, a little plate can be built to adapt Sony mpf camera batteries to any Sony f-style battery plate. Alternatively, you can get a bunch of Sony f-style batteries to power these devices, but you’ll have two different battery types to juggle.

HDMI Cable and Quick Plates

Another important aspect of this rig is the cable, which can be customized by Condor Blue. Additionally, the Kessler Quick Plates are recommended for a solid, rock-solid setup.

Filter Kit

An optional addition to this rig is a filter kit. Built-in NDS and fader NDs are not used, but straight ND filters can be added to enhance the overall setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about The MINIMAL Cinema Rig

What is The MINIMAL Cinema Rig?
The MINIMAL Cinema Rig is a lightweight and compact rig designed for filmmakers and videographers to achieve professional-level stability and versatility while shooting with their camera.
What are the key features of The MINIMAL Cinema Rig?
The MINIMAL Cinema Rig features a modular design, adjustable hand grips, a quick release system, and compatibility with a wide range of cameras and accessories. It also has a comfortable shoulder pad for extended use.
Is The MINIMAL Cinema Rig suitable for all camera types?
Yes, the MINIMAL Cinema Rig is designed to be compatible with various camera types, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and small to medium-sized cinema cameras.
How does The MINIMAL Cinema Rig differ from other camera rigs?
The MINIMAL Cinema Rig stands out for its minimalist yet durable design, making it ideal for filmmakers who need a reliable rig without added bulk or weight. It’s also easy to assemble and customize based on individual shooting needs.
Where can I purchase The MINIMAL Cinema Rig?
The MINIMAL Cinema Rig is available for purchase on the official website and select authorized retailers. It’s recommended to buy from trusted sources to ensure product authenticity and warranty coverage.

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