The Lens NO ONE ASKED FOR: Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye REVIEW

Have you ever wanted to add a new perspective to your photography? The Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens may be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this review, we’ll delve into the unique features of this lens, as well as share our first-hand experiences using it in various shooting scenarios. From capturing stunning landscapes to creating artistic distortions in portraits, the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye offers a creative outlet that no other lens can provide. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to push the boundaries of your artistry or an amateur enthusiast seeking to experiment with new styles, this lens is sure to deliver unparalleled results.

The Lens NO ONE ASKED FOR: Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye REVIEW

Right before we jump into this video if you’d like me to send you a free guide to capturing Motion in low light situations just look for this Orange Box over on fros put your name email address in it hit send it I’m going to send you that guide for Free Jared poen fronos and this is a review of the sigma 15mm f1.4 DG DN art lens that is a fisheye that’s right this is a 15 mm 1.4 fisheye for the Sony e-mount as well as the M Alliance Alliance which still no one is ever going to use but This is an interesting lens and we’re going to get to who it’s for sample images where I shot it but before we get into all of that there are no other fishy lenses on Nikon Canon or Sony when it comes to mirrorless that aren’t the laas or the cheap $299 manual ones Nikon Doesn’t have a fisheye Canon doesn’t have a fisheye and Sony doesn’t have a native fisheye so this is basically the first of its kind and it’s a 1.4 just for size comparisons I want to break out my very own 16 mm 2.8 fisheye for the F Mount from Nikon that I used for years look at the size difference that’s a 2.8 this is a 1.4 this is a 15 this is a 16 just keep this in mind as we go through this video to determine if this might be the right lens for you or if it might Not be the right lens for you now Sigma says this is the world’s first 15 mm 1.4 fisheye uh full frame that’s diagonal now for those of you who don’t follow what fishe eyes are you have your regular fisheye which is what this is and you also have a circular fisheye Circular means it’s literally a circle Nikon and Canon both have an 8 to 15 mm lens I used to have that I did go ahead and sell that when I dumped all of the Nikon gear but this is a first of its kind the biggest questions I’m going to Try and answer in this video is do you need a fisheye or should you stick with something that’s a reti linear what is reti linear well this is a fisheye you can see the Boe and reti linear has the lines go the other way straight and Extends them out so it is not bowing but Sigma has a 14 1.4 which we reviewed the link is down below Sony has a 14 1.8 that we also reviewed which is down below as well and then there’s a 14 to 24 2.8 for those people that don’t have The ability or the need to have a specialty lens yet and might be looking for something wide this might be the option for you so where did I shoot the fisheye well of course I went to the art museum why because the stairs where Rocky ran up are perfect for testing out Wide angle lenses yeah with a lens like this at 15 mm you’re getting 180° field of view because it’s a fisheye you are literally seeing from all the way to the left all the way to the right and capturing that whereas a 14 1.4 that Sigma also makes is only giving you a 114° field of view so if you need more field of view maybe you’re an AST photographer and you want to cover the entire sky this might be an option for you to consider I then went inside shot some of the art shot my dad as well as Took it to a skate park because fishey lenses are known for shooting a lot of skateboarders or BMX bike riders and everything along those lines so we’ll get through those sample images but now let’s talk about the size and weight of this lens this is a chunky lens this Weighs in at 3 lb or 1360 G whereas the 14 mm 1.4 which is very similar in design to this Lens comes in at 2.5 lb or 1160 G but let’s take a look at the outside of the lens the first thing you notice of course is the bulbus front Element that’s right that is your fishee element there you don’t want to touch that you never want to touch it you can’t touch this so you may be too legit to quit or something along those lines on the side of the lens you’ve got a autofocus to manual focus switch you Have your AFL button so that’s one of those custom buttons you can set you also have a focus lock so if you want to override your focus you could set it to manual focus and set it to infinity and then you can just lock it in and it’s Not going to shift that’s always great on a lens like this and you also have an on and off for clicking or de clicking because you have an aperture ring which I think is still a big waste on lenses like this but this is a pretty nice Feeling lens I mean it’s heavy compared to my old school 16 mm 2.8 this doesn’t weigh anything at all and it’s super tiny and dainty and fits in the bag much nicer now this also has a lens collar you have your ARCA switch plate so you Can put this right on a tripod that is ARCA Swiss compatible and you can start shooting without any problems there now I personally like to take it off and sigma goes ahead and gives you the option you just have to line it up and You can take it off and pop it back on so it’s nice that you have that ability to take it on and take it off if you’re never going to use a tripod you don’t need something like this now with the lens cap it’s interesting to show you They did this also with the 14 mm is you have two places to store some filters now these are gel filters that go in the back of the lenses you can store them inside of the lens cap which is smart when you done you just lock it right Back up and you’re good to go and you can cover up your lens once again the lens also comes with a lens heater retainer it’s kind of like a rubber ring that you would put on the outside I’ve actually never used one of those heaters out in the wilderness but it does come With that retainer not like one of those girls in fourth grade who’s like I got a retainer this is my retainer how it sound do you like my retainer Johnny no I don’t like your retainer Jennifer let’s jump into some of the images first outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art now it’s very difficult to get your lines straight when you’re looking through the camera with the fishey because every line is bowed this one was shot at 1.4 in front of the Museum of Art I love that you can see everything from the left all the way to The right I tried to get the lines as best as possible now Sigma says that you have edgo Edge sharpness with a lens like this now I shot this one at 1.4 at 110,000 of a second with the Sony A1 the A1 allows you to go up to super high Shutter speeds because normally at 14 you couldn’t do that now with uh Astro photography you don’t have to worry about those super fast shutter speeds cuz it’s going to be really dark out and you’re going to go the other direction but is it sharp edged to Edge at 1.4 Well here I’m focused on the art museum stairs but if we look in the bottom corners well no it it’s not…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens?

The Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 15mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.4. It offers a unique fisheye perspective that can create dramatic and distorted images.

Is the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens suitable for everyday photography?

While the fisheye effect may not be suitable for all types of photography, the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens can be a fun and creative tool for experimental and artistic purposes. It is not typically used for traditional portrait or landscape photography.

What are some key features of the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens?

  • 15mm focal length
  • Maximum aperture of f/1.4
  • Fisheye perspective for unique distortion effects
  • High-quality optics for sharp and clear images

What are some limitations of the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens?

As with any fisheye lens, the Sigma 15 f1.4 Fisheye lens may produce significant distortion and curvature of straight lines, which may not be desirable for certain types of photography. It also has a fixed focal length and limited zoom capabilities.

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