THE Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER? Join us at the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho December 12, 6-8pm

Are you a fan of The Beatles? Have you ever wondered what the greatest photograph ever taken of the iconic band is? Well, look no further! Join us at the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho on December 12th from 6-8pm for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view what many consider to be the greatest Beatles photograph ever captured. This special event will showcase a stunning collection of images that will transport you back to the height of Beatlemania and give you a new perspective on the band that changed the world. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience for any Beatles enthusiast!

The Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER?

THE Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER?

Harry Benson: A Reluctant Encounter with The Beatles

Glasgow-born photographer Harry Benson initially had no intention of meeting The Beatles. He had planned to cover a news story in Africa, but was assigned to photograph the iconic musicians in Paris instead. “I took myself for a serious journalist and I didn’t want to cover a rock-and-roll story,” Benson had scoffed.

However, once he met the boys from Liverpool and heard them play, Benson had a change of heart. “I thought, ‘God, I’m on the right story’,” he later recalled. The Beatles were on the cusp of greatness and Benson found himself in the middle of it.

The Unforgettable Photograph

Benson’s most famous photograph captures a pillow-fight at the swanky George V Hotel on the night The Beatles found out “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had hit number one in the US. The image freezes John, Paul, George, and Ringo in an exuberant cascade of boyish talent, and perhaps their last moment of unbridled innocence. It encapsulates the sheer joy, happiness, and optimism that would later be embraced as Beatlemania, providing a much-needed lift for America’s morale just eleven weeks after John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Exhibition at Staley-Wise Gallery

Harry Benson’s photograph of The Beatles has been recognized as one of the most influential images of all time. “100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time,” a book exploring impactful photography, highly recommends this iconic image captured by Benson.

For those looking to experience this historic photograph in person, the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho, New York City, is hosting an opening night reception for the Harry Benson exhibition on Thursday, December 12th from 6 to 8 p.m. Both Harry Benson and Claudia will be in attendance, and they hope to see all Beatles fans and photography enthusiasts there. This is an opportunity to witness firsthand the moment of unadulterated joy that has become known as THE greatest Beatles photograph EVER.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “THE Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER”?

    “THE Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER” is a curated collection of photographs featuring The Beatles, considered to be some of the most iconic and rare images of the band. These photographs capture unique moments and provide an intimate look into the lives of the legendary musicians.

  • Where and when is the event taking place?

    The event will be held at the Staley-Wise Gallery located in Soho on December 12 from 6-8pm. This exclusive event offers fans and collectors the opportunity to view and potentially own some of the most sought-after Beatles photographs.

  • How can I attend the event?

    To attend “THE Greatest Beatles Photograph EVER” event, you can visit the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho on December 12 between 6-8pm. It’s a must-see event for all Beatles enthusiasts and photography connoisseurs.

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