The FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 | Straight MAGIC!

Are you looking for the perfect combination of camera and lens for capturing breathtaking, high-quality images? Look no further than the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2. This powerful duo is a game-changer for photographers, delivering stunning results with every shot. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 is sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your photography to new heights. In this blog post, we’ll explore the impressive features of the FUJI XT4 camera and the 200mm F2 lens, and explain why they make the perfect pair for capturing straight-up magic through your lens.

The FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 | Straight MAGIC!

The Fuji XD for 200 millimeter f2 the cream of the crop for Fuji. Today, they will be photographing Elizabeth Whelan with the new Fuji XT4.

What’s New About the Fuji XT4

The Fuji XT4 now has an articulating screen with a resolution bump, IBIS with 6.5 stops of stabilization, and a much bigger battery. It can shoot up to 240 frames per second at 1080p and still does 4k 60 video like the xt3.

Portraits with the Fuji XT4

With a equivalent of 350 millimeters, the photographer takes some portraits of Elizabeth with the bridge as the background. The AF and IAF have been improved in the XT4, making it stickier and more reliable. There is a slight improvement compared to the XT3, making it a lot easier to work with.

Backlit Portraits with the Fuji XT4

Shooting backlit portraits offers interesting lens flare and lighting effects. The photographer showcases how the XT4 handles backlighting and creates stunning images with the new camera’s features.

Ibis Comparison: Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7 III

The Fuji XT4’s IBIS outperforms the Sony a7 III, with improved stabilization and footage quality, especially when looking towards the corners of the frame. The XT4 offers impressive stabilization for hybrid shooting, making it the best hybrid camera in early 2020.

Final Impressions

The Fuji XT4 boasts powerhouse specs, making it the best crop sensor camera on the market. With its 4k 60 capabilities, improved IBIS, and faster performance, the XT4 is a dream camera for crop sensor enthusiasts. The photographer acknowledges their preference for full-frame but recognizes the XT4’s potential as a top-tier crop sensor camera.


Frequently Asked Questions about The FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 | Straight MAGIC!

  1. Is the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 a good combination for photography?

    Yes, the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 combination is highly regarded for its image quality and performance, making it a great choice for photography.

  2. What makes the 200mm F2 lens magical?

    The 200mm F2 lens is known for its exceptional sharpness, beautiful bokeh, and fast autofocus, making it ideal for capturing stunning images.

  3. Can the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 be used for video recording?

    Yes, the combination of the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 is also well-suited for high-quality video recording, providing smooth and professional results.

  4. Is the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 suitable for low light photography?

    With its wide aperture and excellent low-light performance, the FUJI XT4 + 200mm F2 is perfect for capturing sharp and detailed images in low light conditions.

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